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  3. Sorry I missed the reply If you're still looking I'll sell you mine for a bit below normal?
  4. Do you want to buy a Ghost hawk?
  5. The struggle of maintaining a balance between combat and roleplay seems to be an extremely difficult task and I applaud the staff's efforts this far. Combat is obviously a huge draw and an exciting and important part of gameplay to a large proportion of the community (me included) but just as equally, with it being a roleplay sever, people are duly entitled to expect a minimum level of RP (me included) Trying to be totalitarian on either sides of these aspects of gameplay is never going to work. I've spent in the region of 400 hours on this server, made donations for the upkeep (when I can) and feel somewhat invested in the server's progression. From playing as Cop for the last 80+ hours, there's a core group of gangs that constantly and repetitively bait and attack cops, bleed out at first opportunity and go again. Sunday just gone was such a sh*t show, I've never been so close to quitting the server. My two cents on a few things from my experience as playing as a cop ( I'm speaking for myself and not all cops) ; Baiting Problem; A HUGE part of my time is consumed by having to chase illegal vehicles that blatantly bait cops. This mostly happens at NPAS HQ/Air garage and at some Police Departments. I Personally won't chase after them if they're baiting, but other cops will often give chase and you'll be inadvertently called in to pursue said vehicles. Usually ending in the baiter driving to a set up location or near other gang members and then you're into combat. With there being a garage right next to a frequently used NPAS/APC spawn point , you constantly see people either spawning illegal vehicles or driving them to and through NPAS HQ ,circling or loitering. When approached they have an excuse like "I'm waiting for friends, hands up or die" or just "hands up or Die" just outside the HQ. Also with the nature of the baiter being in a vehicle or being masked, it's difficult to ID said players to report them and obviously when Admins are busy they can't be there to spectate. Possible solution: Rather than moving NPAS HQ, the garage or air garage, restrict the spawning of illegal vehicles at garages next to police stations. Add specific garages to spawn illegal vehicles. in addition to the above implement a rule that states that unless in an initiated situation, you cannot bring an illegal vehicle within a certain radius of a Police Department, or it's classed as baiting. In general this will further highlight the issue of baiting being against the rules as some players seem either oblivious to this or wilfully oblivious. Similar could be implemented to brandishing or having an illegal firearm on ones back within a certain radius of a PD. This would potentially and drastically decrease the amount of admin/staff work surrounding the baiting issue and cut down the laborious player process of having to report someone, gather evidence and sit in support etc. Bleeding out Again from my experience as playing as a Cop. There's a core group of combat hungry gangs that hunt down or bait cops at every opportunity. The vast majority once incapacitated will bleed out at the first opportunity to avoid RP and further consequences such as ticketing process or jail time. You'll often come across the same gang member a matter of minutes later doing exactly the same thing. Recently a more and more common thing I hear cops saying is "Don't even bother waiting for the player to be revived, they'll just bleed out" which rings true a huge amount of the time. This is a really concerning issue because I feel that it encourages constant fragging and combat with little to no consequences and undermines the core RP value of this server. The above statement doesn't just apply to the gangs, it's a tactic that is widely used and somewhat contradicts the 'value of life' rule. Possible solution: If an incapacitated player is within a certain radius of a Cop/Havoc they simply cannot bleed out. The Cops/Havoc will RP by stabilising the incapacitated player until the player is revived and the RP can begin. *Note - Not applicable in Redzones This will encourage Rebels to call the authorities to a combat situation or aftermath to make sure their aggressor is captured and justice can prevail. Again from a cops perspective, yes there are combat orientated APC departments, but not all cops choose to be in said departments and can be on hand to RP and process the suspects while the specialised departments continue their operations. It will quickly become clear that there are higher consequences to killing someone on the island and it will also add another level of challenge to the aggressor to not get caught. This will provide more RP for other players such as Lawyers and potentially create new RP roles such as prison guards etc. Redzones/Normal lands I think Red Zones are essential and having a large variety is key. If the above suggestion of bleeding out was implemented it would discourage combat hungry players from flippantly killing others in normal lands. At the end of the day, a lot of the current combat in normal lands consists of geared players picking off easy targets and that frustration is becoming more and more apparent on the forums. The suggested bleedout rule would potentially drive more combat into the Red zones, but this would require more objectives to entertain said players. I'm in no way poo-pooing what has already been implemented in red zones but i fully support the introduction of some more time tested, successful legacy based ARMA combat objectives/mechanics. KOTH, convoys, time sensitive loot objectives such as the shipwreck but land based etc. I'd be happy to hear peoples opinions on such activities. Also: Many servers have occasional pop-ups during sessions. If the above was implemented, a message could state that combat is encouraged in redzones and warn that any captured criminals in 'normal lands' will face full prosecution. ----------------- TLDR: - Reduce ability to bait cops - Remove Bleedout mechanic for incapacitated players when authorities (Cops/Havoc) are on scene, helping justice prevail and increase value of life. This will give higher consequences to initiating and players will need to RP after revive. Higher RP all round. - Promote combat and Increase combat based activities in Redzones ------------------- There's my two cents on what I think could help the community. I'm far from the most seasoned player here and I'm sure some veterans and staff may see some very obvious flaws in my suggestions and I'd be happy to hear some constructive criticism. Ultimately I know it's hugely important to further tweak the balance to accommodate peoples play styles and so far it's been a really enjoyable ride, I just think there's building frustration within the community and want to help alleviate that.
  6. Time Submitted: 06:46:55 PM | 01/23/19 Submitted By: Big Potato (5477) Your In-Game Name: Big Potato Who are you reporting?: James Pulse Time/Date of event: 18:20 23/01/19 Rule's Broken: RDM Explain what happened: We were patrolling weed field and came across a group of guys farming weed. We apprehended 2 of the guys with James Pulse leaving the scene. Whilst Rp'ing with the suspects James Pulse shot and killed me with no initiation. I disputed him and he logged off straight away. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZI2Cf3vLuM&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: I waited in support for 20ish minutes but there was very few admin members on and nobody came to the support channel.
  7. Time Submitted: 05:40:20 PM | 10/23/18 Submitted By: BigPotato (5477) Your In-Game Name: Big Potato Who are you reporting?: -Abyss- O'Connor Time/Date of event: Approx 6pm 23/10/18 Rule's Broken: VDM Explain what happened: I was reviving a number of patients and -Abyss- O'Connor started hitting me with a vehicle, I asked him to stop and he continued until I died. I disputed and he didn't come to TS Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVOKe8KB-qk&t=159s Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Proxy Smoxy
  8. Time Submitted: 01:30:31 PM | 08/24/18 Submitted By: BigPotato (5477) Your In-Game Name: BigPotato Who are you reporting?: [FS] DEN VITA MANDELA & Fishmeister Time/Date of event: 24/08/18 time 13:05 Rule's Broken: 1.2 3.1 Explain what happened: I was at cocaine field and a Heli was flying by, I took out Binoculars to see if it was player or police, while looking I heard a faint voice, then I realised he was saying surrender or die. I went to exit out of my binoculars and put my hands up. But they shot me before I had a chance. Bare in mind that I wasn't brandishing a weapon at the time just looking through binoculars. I tried to exit out of binoculars and put my hands up.But they shot me in a little over 3 seconds. I tried (nicely) multiple times to ask both parties to come to teamspeak support, but they wouldn't. Also My equipment and vehicle (which they robbed) totals 593,000 Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/0j80mhqD_p8 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Cyberfreak
  9. Time Submitted: 02:25:34 PM | 08/19/18 Submitted By: BigPotato (5477) In-Game Name: BigPotato Steam / Player ID: 76561198101471783 Date of Event: 08/19/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://youtu.be/YSlHgMgXYLI Details of Event: I'd finished my runs for the morning and was flying my Hellcat back to the Airgarage to store it. As I was approaching the landing pad I was kicked off the game randomly. (I'm not currently or have ever been banned). I was off the game then for a period of time, researching my next heli purchase. I logged back on and headed to Altis internationals to look at heli prices. After a while I went back to the airport air garage and noticed a Hellcat, sitting and spun up. I presumed someone was in it. After storing my car, I approached the Hellcat to see why it hadn't moved. I was surprised to realise it was mine and had been sitting, running for 20ish minutes, it was damaged from the fall (I presumed it'd blown up). I repaired it and hopped in to move it the 20 meters to the air garage. I hopped in but the engine stopped and wouldn't start. I thought this was a bug so called an admin (nobody responded). Turns out that it was out of fuel at this point, then 2 guys arrived and held me up and robbed the Hellcat. TDLR: I was kicked off the game mid air, presumed heli was destroyed, returned about 25 mins later to find it intact but out of fuel then I was robbed for Heli. Compensation Amount: 4,000,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  10. Can Confirm Andyp's series of events, I'd just finished showing an Admin where there was an invisible object in the road by stadium fuel which was causing accidents. The admin had just left his helicopter as I was pulling away and Andy's truck desynced into me. I'd just been promoted in AMS and relogged prior to this so my game recording software had stopped recording, so unfortunately I have no video evidence.
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