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  1. Congratulations @Jack Knight
  2. Sorry this term I have been a bit distracted with new police unit launching. Sorry to let people down @Ninj Dr Finch
  3. For this week I will take donations to put up advertisements as announcements.
  4. Theo they have been broken for as long as I have been in the server. I don’t think it’s a high priority unfortunately.
  5. Thank you for showing faith in me returning to office. I have lowered the tax to 1% as a celebration. I might have to raise it based on threats etc. But will keep it as low as possible for as long as possible. Will be announcing some sweeping changes shortly to change things up. Once I have established a cabinet. I will also be restarting the gang outreach ASAP. Yours Dr R Finch Altis Governor 3rd term
  6. R Finch

    Bye, again.

    Sorry to see you go. Who do I give old man advice to now.... all the best Sean
  7. Erm everyone complains about this. Tbh leave gangs to have one thing that factions can’t do.
  8. Don’t get paid, also HAVOC have their own Governor soon 😀 Also our group of political prisoners didn’t actually break any laws since the Governor was on the island on the first day and never returned.......
  9. Hi, Following my inability to run in the last election as I am not allowed to serve for more than 2 consecutive terms. I will be running to replace Ben for the middle of this month. My main promise is I will be here and accessible to people as I have been before, you will see me. You will be able to talk to me unlike other Governors..... Promises: I will be around as I was previously - Here to talk to you Regular engagement with the people of Altis. Weekly state of the island meetings as we did last time Faction engagement and helping all peoples enjoy life more Reward hard work - NHS and our skilled workers should be paid more Lower taxes - Operate on 3% Base line Balanced economy with benefits for all Fair engagement with all peoples - HAVOC / APC / NHS / Rebels / Workers Hope I can count on your support Former Governor Finch / Leader of the Rebel Alliance
  10. R Finch

    Cop bank

    I believe it’s @vxd.icu 💊 🐍 🔫 and @Scarso
  11. R Finch

    Cop bank

    This was quite a eloquent solution to cops not being allowed to play rebel. Having a separate account totally separates the lives. When you leave police you get the money sent to you. Like a pension pot. it means cops can play rebel with 10+ and means we don’t have players that can’t play when cop slots are full
  12. Ok, since I believe your group isn’t getting it. Let me be clear. 12 gangs and one faction. (Welcome new people) representing 172 people. Are opposing the government. For the first time we are all allied and working in conjunction. Our objectives are to overthrow the government. Which in our view rigged the election by: 1. Introducing rules preventing 3rd term 2. Blocking HAVOC people from voting To that end we are rebelling. I know your retort. We just don’t view a democracy as being able to change people’s voting rights on the eve of a election. Therefore we declare it void. You oppose which is your right. However we have a agreed objective and goal for our Alliance. We’re not going to back down now. Thanks for asking or telling us the same thing repeatedly. Your helping with recruitment 😀
  13. I am on police holiday and Dr R Finch is not chief of NIU and a Commander. He is former Governor. As per police rules, I have to treat the both as separate lives 😀
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