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  1. I don’t think it’s just HAVOC, for me it’s RP dying on the server. It became just one continuous gun fight. I can do that on a wasteland (with tanks). The opportunity for RP fell off a cliff, the loss of a faction is a big thing. However you can trace a gradual drop off as it became more and more toxic. Also beat someone in a fight, 2 hours in support. Is kinda sad. If you talk of modernising I would also say come up with ways of encouraging RP. Would be great to see RP events not just lets shoot some more. Appeal to both player bases. Also clamp down on revenge reporting and general culture of support first before anything else. Another way of encouraging RP is allowing the police to allow majors if the rp situation is solid and stop the silly approval process of a RP bank. It’s mental to think people Pre-decide a bank is allowed. Final point, stop rushing decisions. Then have a several month gap where there is nothing. Ie the HAVOC sit. Any logical approach would have been have the second faction ready then decommission HAVOC. It’s a firm history of rushing things and not thinking them through.
  2. What ever happened to judges starting up and legal to stuff. Just asking as second faction wooo but put the RP back 😀
  3. occam's razor @Ted I expect better of a educated man like you....
  4. @Sanjib Punjabi you should run again now HAVOC is gone
  5. In the old days @Montgomery Piftiffin 2nd When I and @Proxy Smoxy were CMOs we took down a governor who messed with medic money. Strike and getting people to bring their dead to the governors residence as a emergency field hospital. Just floating the idea 😀
  6. Onsite reporter - Onsite at the fight for HAVOC independence and the APC's attempt to stop terrorism. First hand footage. (Some viewers might find this upsetting, but we doubt it)
  7. Not saying it’s ideal bud just giving you a way out of it. Gun out they can’t tase
  8. You can run outside get a cop out and lethal? Cops have no advantage then. Or keep your guns out then they can’t tase?
  9. Simple debate and point of view. Unless that isn’t allowed? You have a counter point of view? Our Governor has not outlawed that yet?
  10. The argument is simple 1. it’s a unjust law which is open to abuse of the population. 2. The Governor is not in a position to make laws. 3. With no legal recourse it’s a elected dictatorship
  11. By your own admission there is no current judicial review nor interested parties review. Ergo it is a illegal legislation. Based on separation of powers the executive (you) can not create and impose legislation with out a checks and balance system. The current Governor regulations actually do not approve any legislation as that is done via the Supreme Court. So by your own statements you have no right to create legislation. As that power resides with Supreme Court. Unless they have officially devolved that role to the Governor with out public announcement??? it is also worth noting the APC would be profiling people based on weak information (or as on the island referred to as metagaming) on who is a member of which group. Which would open up the police to multiple police complaints commissions. Which I would advocate and support for illegal stop and search, based on profiling. In addition no actionable reason other than a flimsy legislation. Reconsider this foolish action that has no grounds nor constitutional right. My organisation has been asked to involve HAVOC in discussions for potential responses if this course of action to enslave the population to illegal and unconstitutional legislation. To whit you have no right to implement unless the Supreme Court introduces. Regards, Dr R Finch Human Rights Advocate
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