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  1. Yup was shocking the APC wouldn’t negotiate for the Governors life. Or so a friend told me...... APC doesn’t help the people!
  2. He was good. Also don’t believe the lies of the ‘supreme court’ Paddy’s criminal links were not arrested 😀 Fake news let’s see some arrest sheets or confessions from the criminals. It’s just corrupt police trying to rule the island! Vote Paddy! Let’s help the farmer from big police!
  3. Hey, So rather than elect someone new I say vote for Paddy again. Let’s show the APC they can’t overthrow governments with out the people rising up. Regards Dr R Finch
  4. I Sir Reginald Holmsworth have evidence the Governor and SO1 are in fact Lizard people! I recorded this on my go pro after being saved from brain washing by HAVOC. Word of warning only the mind shields can protect you!
  5. Sure will have to upload tomorrow prior 3 minutes involved me spawning in and getting load out. Will upload tomorrow
  6. Time Submitted: 09:46:39 PM | 07/23/19 Submitted By: R Finch (5443) Your In-Game Name: Finch Who are you reporting?: Reece Time/Date of event: 23/07/19 22:40 Rule's Broken: RDM Explain what happened: Told the suspect to surrender, he hid his weapon I then taser initiated, he opened fire with a pistol killing me. The other officer tased him. Had him in restraints then he disconnected Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVAu8UYuF8g Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Ewan
  7. Power of the zerg! 😀
  8. Congratulations @Jack Knight
  9. Sorry this term I have been a bit distracted with new police unit launching. Sorry to let people down @Ninj Dr Finch
  10. For this week I will take donations to put up advertisements as announcements.
  11. Theo they have been broken for as long as I have been in the server. I don’t think it’s a high priority unfortunately.
  12. Thank you for showing faith in me returning to office. I have lowered the tax to 1% as a celebration. I might have to raise it based on threats etc. But will keep it as low as possible for as long as possible. Will be announcing some sweeping changes shortly to change things up. Once I have established a cabinet. I will also be restarting the gang outreach ASAP. Yours Dr R Finch Altis Governor 3rd term
  13. R Finch

    Bye, again.

    Sorry to see you go. Who do I give old man advice to now.... all the best Sean
  14. Erm everyone complains about this. Tbh leave gangs to have one thing that factions can’t do.
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