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  1. Any candidate is better than a police puppet...….
  2. Hello people of Altis, It has been confirmed today by the supreme court that I will not be able to run for a third term. I would like to thank the people for the support that was given to me and I hope in a small way I was able to help make things slightly better. Before my final days are over I will be aiming to Complete a treaty negotiation with APC and HAVOC Sign in a new judicial system and most importantly thank all of you for your support and time, it has been a real pleasure serving you. Regards Governor Finch
  3. As I am prevented from running for a third term I would ask all people to support @Lewis Jones the right candidate for the island
  4. GMT. So dependant on where you are please adjust. I believe your nordics so +1
  5. Hi All, I honestly don’t mind how you vote for me or against me. I would ask that you are engaged and you come and talk. I will holding a open session at Kav Gov HQ at 9:30 tonight. If you have a question come and ask. Only by working together do we win. Governor Finch
  6. @Jakob Boyden thanks for the kind words. If the right person was running who wasn’t so pro police and anti everyone else I wouldn’t contest the election. However the prospectus for the candidate is ignoring 80% of this island. I have to speak for them.
  7. Thanks to the NHS and the brave people who save lives every day!
  8. Cool best of luck with your election alienating 80% of the islands population. You might get police but the rest of the island might not see things the same way. Especially when the police are increasingly unpopular with the people. People want a free state not a police state. Your numerous desires to remove elected officials and to enforce your prospectus speaks volumes.
  9. What’s HAVOC political aim? Do they have one or was it long forgotten what this war is about. The reason I stand for office is to prevent people like you and your candidate having blinkers on and ruining this island for people. This war can end, only with being fair to all parties and finding a new way.
  10. 1. Police command is not combatting police failings. It is failing. When I spoke to the people 90% of complaints were on police. I will take this to the Supreme Court to ask permission to set up the judicial system above police. To protect the people. 2. And the current police solution of a zero sum game is genius? We have to find new ways. Also they are rebels not terrorists. Suitable difference. 3. I thought Ben was the candidate not you? If you have a foreign policy you are pushing does that mean Ben is just a police puppet?
  11. Nope my support is for the people who voted me in. I advocate finding a better solution that hasn’t been tried before. One of which is going to be the formation of a Judicial system that will have oversight over the police for their abuses of power. Which I am going to also ask HAVOC to agree to. Meanings everyone will be held to account on the island.
  12. Hi, I welcome alternative views and different ways of doing things. I am not trapped in the past. I see a island improving and allowing all people to prosper not just those who agree with my viewpoint. I encourage discussion and view points. Finch
  13. In regards to this, I believe we have a great island that is set up to weather the storm. I have prepared by making ground breaking deals with HAVOC to open up new safe trade routes for us. Meaning the great and amazingly varied material wealth in the island can be harnessed. We are strong enough together to stand up to the EU which bullied us almost as much as I was by the APC. I stood up to the latter and I will stand up for the people, rather than the few.
  14. Your part of his cabinet. I would hope you were voting for him.....
  15. People of Altis, I hope that I have served you all in well in my two terms, after consideration I would like to announce I am standing for a third term. Pledges: I will continue to do my best for the island Maintenance of current policies Continuing to stand up for people of the island, as shown by my recent rebel conference and the great progress we made My final policy will be to bold, 'I will not bow to the pressure from groups and continue to do what I have done. I will make laws to make the island fairer for all' I hope I can count on your vote, Regards Dr R Finch Governor Of Altis
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