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  1. Time Submitted: 10:50:19 PM | 08/13/18 Submitted By: princiipee (5442) In-Game Name: Oliver Chang Steam / Player ID: 76561198127816875 Administrator who issued ban: Jackk Date of ban: 08/09/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: because of the right reason; i was cringy like i told because they attacked my esports team everyday in sidechat, so i became cringy; and than i said well cheerse i'm gone i go to USG Taki so banned for advertising What reason was given for your ban? Advertising i think it was Why should you be unbanned? well i know it was foult and i had to say well i go to another server cheerse instead of i go to usg taki, so i know i was foult and i spook with staff after the ban worst i was cringy but then i came back and talkd with them to sort everything out What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  2. princiipee

    Donations for the server

    i alot of runs its not for me 😛 im not wasting money for that
  3. princiipee

    Donations for the server

    i'm doing runs all day 😛
  4. princiipee

    Donations for the server

    i can tell you i was in a community where they did it
  5. princiipee

    Donations for the server

    maybe an idea, make some donation packages for in game money ? it will help to keep the server updated etc, i saw this on a few communitys, you will be supprissed how much people buy these money packages to have in game money and help the server
  6. princiipee

    Kells Blackwater -- Application Are Open

  7. princiipee

    Kells Blackwater -- Application Are Open

  8. princiipee

    Kells Blackwater -- Application Are Open

    in message ?
  9. princiipee

    Chop Shop

    maybe add more Chop shop's at police land because at havoc there are 2 chop shops and policeland 1 maybe add one at the gangbases ?
  10. Kells Blackwater.. What we do? As a group we do a wide range of activity's. To raise our reputation we will be ready to help hobos with protection runs at the diamonds or illigal activitys, We focus ourself on the cartels to make our name big and create a reputation, we stop gangs for robbing hobos Ranks Gang ranks are important as it show's new recruits who to listen to and who's orders to follow. General Major colonel Private First Class Private Trial Private Our roster can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oz9z_esRh2SrbG72g6o6lVQjtFSSEYHSfMwPl3PIbM0/edit?usp=sharing Rules Our rules must be followed at all times and if you break them you will be punished, however there is not many rules to follow 1: Don't rob hobos. 2: Help out our gang members when needed 3: Don't spam your mic 4: Roleplay to the best of your ability in every situation 5: Never attack your own team mates 6: Never rob your own team mates Requirements MUST have a working microphone MUST have rebel license MUST have over 600 hours in ArmA MUST have Teamspeak Application Template In-Game Name Age Why do you want to join Kells Blackwater How many hours do you have on Arma 3 Good luck with your application. If you get rejected you must wait 24 hours to re apply thanks for reading!
  11. princiipee

    medic vs havoc

    i heard there was an option to combine medic with havoc ? so maybe have some havoc medics
  12. princiipee

    medic vs havoc

    i can
  13. princiipee

    medic vs havoc

    I was ams chief before and if i look into mine handbook and the handbook they use, No thank you i'm good as civ 😛
  14. princiipee

    medic vs havoc

    like today there are 20 havoc's and only 4 medics, maybe we need more medics and less havocs ?
  15. princiipee

    Police clothing

    stop crying man even when you setup an outpost and stopt everyone at diamond trader you didnt wear uniforms so you gonna tell me my record lys to me rofl, i recorded the whole situation you are protecting them while you know it is bullshit because everything is on record we even didnt lose anything wow you took 1 spar-16 ? thats 100k 😛 for 7 people