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    Why did i get declined
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    Name?:Lille_izak SteamID 64:76561198181250563 Hours?: 6 days Why do you want to join?:Cuz i know u guys and i want an Active gang Previous gangs?:EDF DARE Do you have anyone who can vouch for you?: 
  3. Time Submitted: 10:34:25 PM | 07/25/18 Submitted By: lillleizak (5440) Your In-Game Name: Lille_izak Who are you reporting?: Bob raynold Time/Date of event: 2018 07 25 22.54 Rule's Broken: They killed me in green zone kavala Explain what happened: We where at the police station in Kavala to talk about a Bounty and then i took a a illegal gun from my truck and shot me in the head 4 times and later on i walked back to talk to the police about it (I know i false rped) Evidence (Video/Screenshot): i talked to a medic called joni and he Heard the gun shots Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: