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  1. I say you create star again mr simmo 😉
  2. I Like this idea, trying to flee from an armed hellcat in a orca or hummingbird is quite hard if they're a good pilot
  3. Hasn't been a very successful takistan server in a long time +1
  4. Cheers for that, didnt even know that, perhaps adding a new drink would be a bit more convineient though
  5. Time Submitted: 12:42:10 AM | 02/17/20 Submitted By: Balenciaga~ Forum ID: 5435 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Redgull Speed Effect What Is Your Suggestion: reverting the redgul effect from reducing aim sway to an increase of speed for 3 minutes
  6. You frag nerds on a laptop?? fair play lad
  7. what fov you playin gamer?
  8. Seeing more Weed activity on the server would be cool, it's quite quiet and is an area which could involve good rp and gunfights if the run price was doubled perhaps?
  9. +1 staff team are doughnuts, why was this changed
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