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  1. Preface This document will outline the the basic information needed to obtain entrance into the Sicario Cartel. Originally founded on Tanoa's underground market, the Sicario Cartel expanded exponentially to cover every aspect of life on Tanoa. From controlling the exportation of drugs to ensuring political leaders bent towards their heed, the Sicario Cartel had completely dominated the island. Despite them being such a dominant organisation, all of their influence could not stop war coming upon Tanoa. With war on the horizon, Diego Sicario and his most closest advisers fled the Island in search of a prime target for exploitation. Landing on the beaches of Altis, through illegal immigration of course, Diego Sicario settled the infrastructure for a new upcoming crime syndicate. His two closest advisers, Felipe Sicario and Josué Sicario, both set up the institutions that will later become the three pillars of the Sicario Cartel: - Security - Finance - Intelligence With these three pillars being an impenetrable offensive to infest and corrupt the Tanoa government, it's next text was Altis. Requirements The Sicario Cartel followed a strict adherence to command and as a result required only those that were dedicated to the task. Through experience and analysis the following criteria must be reached before the applicant is able to be reviewed. The individual be at least 14 years old, or higher. The individual must obtain a level of English that is understandable. The individual must maintain a level of respect within the Community. The individual must not have been banned in the last 3 months. The individual must be experienced in both Altis Life and this server. The individual must have financial stability, no leaches. If the following criteria has been met, you are welcomed to then file an application to be reviewed. If the application has been accepted, a customary interview will be held at earliest convenience. If all is passed you will be added to the roster. Applications are OPEN.
  2. Time Submitted: 08:32:36 PM | 06/03/19 Submitted By: Earth Overlord Unverified (5417) In-Game Name: Unverified Steam / Player ID: 76561198105218374 Date of Event: 06/02/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/6abddcd82032dd9d42767d04bd1b20b5 Details of Event: Tried to transfer all my money, it got an Error: No Unit. Compensation Amount: 1,050,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  3. I, the Supreme Overlord UnverifiedKaddin, and my magnificent space army fully support Finchuck in his noble quest to conqueor Altis. Long live Finch and Supreme Overlord UnverifiedKaddin
  4. My next piece of legislation will be the designation that Ben Sewell is indeed scientifically recognized as an ant!
  5. Good day all! I am your supreme overlord of Altis Unverified! As I am the Supreme Overlord it is without a given that I have the ability to wipe out all of you. As a pity the lesser creatures of the earth I have decided to launch a "governor" campaign. My first order of business is the total and utter destruction of Israel in an attempt to undermine the shills that is HAVOC! We'll draw out these rats and put them down as we did back in 'nam. My second order of business is to diagnose the gang supposedly called "Divinity" as a mental health crisis and deploy NHS members to follow Divinity around to offer them help in their illness. I will also permit the execution of anybody that runs around in these so-called "flip flops" as they are an abomination to humanity. I will also rename the office of Governor to the title of Supreme Overlord of Altis. Now that I've outlined my political campaigns main goal, I will provide you my policies on minor issues: - Every Sunday will be a Praise the Gods Day, where everyone will meet in a church and conduct mass sacrifice to praise the ones who provide us compensation! - I will legalize ecstasy, cause that shit's fun yo - Dragz will be accompanied by 4 heavily armed guards since he can't shoot for shit and he is always kidnapped. - I, your Supreme Overlord, will be transported through a modified Hummingbird which will be equipped with a megaphone shouting profanities at passer bys aswell as propaganda - Saturday is cookie day, no killings pls - We'll also establish an Altis Police Children's Daycare Centre where the police of Altis will be required to fulfill 3 hours of daycare duty a week to make sure the future generations know who's boss, me. That basically wraps up my plans for a prosperous future of Altis! Praise your Supreme Overlord, Unverified!
  6. As I've mentioned before, I attempted to initiate on you but you did not hear the initiation. I don't think you've really read my post because my response clearly outlines and clarifies the problems you've brought up.
  7. In hindsight, I can see the implication of my actions. The context surrounding the videos can in some way justify my rash actions, I was recently in combat with another individual and at the time I believed he was apart of the Divinity. Upon reflection, the individual was not apart of Divinity. I attempted to tell Cracoon beforehand to stop or be killed within Direct Comms as you can see 00:37 but he was too far and I didn't know at the time he didn't hear of such. To recap, at the time I was already in another combat situation and as a result, I was under the belief he had friends who were coming for me. I attempted to initiate but I did not realize that he did not hear the initiation, then when I pulled up with my car he pointed a gun, and in the video, he intentionally prepared to shoot at me with his gun being aimed at me. I did genuinely believe he was going to shoot at me and preemptively shot thinking that he was firing the first shots. The execution was utterly unintentional, I was incapacitated with Cracoon and as a result, I could not have executed him. I wouldn't have executed him as I'm not the type of person, I don't like executing people and I rather leave them to be healed and I leave them. The situation was a complex yet avoidable one with there being a miscommunication on both ends. I sincerely apologize and I hope to look back at this situation and learn from what I could have improved on.
  8. If you take a look at the aforementioned evidence it contains gifs of me with my items and me losing connection whilst I was down. I believed that was sufficient and because I'm extremely low on space I wipe my videos folder every day and as a result, I sadly haven't got the video anymore. I'm extremely sorry...
  9. Time Submitted: 12:36:39 AM | 05/25/19 Submitted By: John H Wikkins (5417) In-Game Name: UnverifiedKaddin Steam / Player ID: 76561198105218374 Date of Event: 05/01/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/189f9a3dc68798535128cf7aa424e400 | https://gyazo.com/f927d7dad0b3bb57e4e8caa12e6ee703 | https://gyazo.com/6af93f0c1f4e155e75c7d798ff7ece73 Details of Event: We were attacked within the HAVOC Checkpoint and I died, the server then crashed before intended reset times and as such lost all my amount. Compensation Amount: https://gyazo.com/d553ad0d89d1c24e9b7bb87b2f049456 250K. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  10. Name: UnverifiedKaddin Age: 16 SteamID: 76561198258721144 Hours on Arma 3: 623 Rebel/Advanced? : Advanced
  11. (I'm Unverified) The reason for the supposed VDM was a complete accident, they were on the road and I attempted to swerve and as you can obviously hear at the beginning I was beeping to try and get their attention however it was to no avail and I ran over the person. I attempted to return to apologize and fix the situation but I couldn't as they then shot at me and killed me and so I just left it at that.
  12. The video provided would take me hours to upload and I haven't got that time to put aside sadly. If there's anything you would like to see that isn't "clear enough" please tell me and I'll provide to the best of my ability.
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