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  1. Exactly! BANG ON! Don't let the corruption and CLEAR TERRORIST-SYMPATHIZER manipulate anyone else!
  2. Another supporter, another fighter! Good on you to back the very democracy that we strive to protect!
  3. Further proving the irrevocable FACT that you aren't here to negotiate. You said my statement was correct, you aren't here for negotiations you want him gone.
  4. You're exactly the reason why the Governor should never talk to such irrational thugs! You don't want change through peaceful means, you want to bring about a horrendous and illegitimate change to the democratic institutions of our time!
  5. Absolutely ludicrous! Despite the absolute mess that happened, and sadly resulted in the deaths of 4 people, it was clear to see that the situation was an incredibly dangerous and volatile one. The Governor should not have ever appeared to the hostage situation or even handled negotiations for such. Negotiations are left purely on the APC, it should not be the Governors duty to negotiate with such blatant terrorists. It is clear that ARES is purely out for political gain and isn't actually looking for any sort of resolution to the ongoing hostilities. Governor Montgomery has been one of, if not the, best Governor Altis has seen in an incredibly long time. His incredible speeches has touched the hearts of hundreds across Altis and his policies have boosted Altis' GDP far beyond what was expected in his first days of office. His life should not be put into danger and he should not waste his valuable time and talent on a terrorist organization who cannot be negotiated with.
  6. I'm looking to test some of my editing skills, as some of you already know, I'm shit at combat so I can't get any good clips lmao. So I was wondering if anyone has any good clips of their own combat, anything that looks slick and clean. I'll amalgamate all the videos into a nice edit for the community to enjoy. If you have anything that you might think looks good send me the clip on discord (I'd appreciate at least around 1 minute prior to the killing just to give me editing room but any will do) Unverified#0416 is my discord. Thanks!
  7. Preface This document will outline the the basic information needed to obtain entrance into the Sicario Cartel. Originally founded on Tanoa's underground market, the Sicario Cartel expanded exponentially to cover every aspect of life on Tanoa. From controlling the exportation of drugs to ensuring political leaders bent towards their heed, the Sicario Cartel had completely dominated the island. Despite them being such a dominant organisation, all of their influence could not stop war coming upon Tanoa. With war on the horizon, Diego Sicario and his most closest advisers fled the Island in search of a prime target for exploitation. Landing on the beaches of Altis, through illegal immigration of course, Diego Sicario settled the infrastructure for a new upcoming crime syndicate. His two closest advisers, Felipe Sicario and Josué Sicario, both set up the institutions that will later become the three pillars of the Sicario Cartel: - Security - Finance - Intelligence With these three pillars being an impenetrable offensive to infest and corrupt the Tanoa government, it's next text was Altis. Requirements The Sicario Cartel followed a strict adherence to command and as a result required only those that were dedicated to the task. Through experience and analysis the following criteria must be reached before the applicant is able to be reviewed. The individual be at least 14 years old, or higher. The individual must obtain a level of English that is understandable. The individual must maintain a level of respect within the Community. The individual must not have been banned in the last 3 months. The individual must be experienced in both Altis Life and this server. The individual must have financial stability, no leaches. If the following criteria has been met, you are welcomed to then file an application to be reviewed. If the application has been accepted, a customary interview will be held at earliest convenience. If all is passed you will be added to the roster. Applications are OPEN.
  8. Time Submitted: 08:32:36 PM | 06/03/19 Submitted By: Earth Overlord Unverified (5417) In-Game Name: Unverified Steam / Player ID: 76561198105218374 Date of Event: 06/02/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/6abddcd82032dd9d42767d04bd1b20b5 Details of Event: Tried to transfer all my money, it got an Error: No Unit. Compensation Amount: 1,050,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  9. I, the Supreme Overlord UnverifiedKaddin, and my magnificent space army fully support Finchuck in his noble quest to conqueor Altis. Long live Finch and Supreme Overlord UnverifiedKaddin
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