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  1. I'll go and uninstall and reinstall since nothing else worked. Thanks for the tip
  2. Thanks for the advice ill try that out. And yes ive been on the server for a while but stopped for a small time.
  3. So for the past few days i tried joining the server and everytime i join and select as civilian, press start and then when im downloading the map stuff it kicks me of the server. It simply says "you have been kicked" and thats it. I dont know if theres something on my end or something where i get autokicked. Maby ive been banned but thats unlikely since it does let me join the server and select a class just not load the map, and it would say ive been banned.
  4. I did turn around planning to simply honk at them, i knew that they would have enough time to get of the way but somehow i blew up i have no idea hat happened because i didnt hit anyone or anything. I just promise (even though you probably see this a dozen times before) i simply wont do it again. It would be devastating to me to be banned from such a good server, espacially because my summer vacation started yesterday and i have so much spare time the next six weeks to play on the server with my two friends that also play on there since a few days ago. I will definitly re-read the rules now and just make sure i wont break any rules so blaintly. PS. Sorry that i didnt respond as quick as you did it was around 3:30 in the night for me and i fell asleep straight after i submitted the appeal.
  5. Time Submitted: 12:57:40 AM | 07/21/18 Submitted By: skipper (5399) In-Game Name: ~PMC~ Skipper Steam / Player ID: 76561198094299976 Administrator who issued ban: Fleur Knight Date of ban: 07/21/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i was being dumb and mass vmding in kavala square with a zamak running people over and then if i wouldnt die i planned to walk up to them and yell at them for standing on the street What reason was given for your ban? mass VDM in GZ Why should you be unbanned? I was being a dumbass and obviously breaking the rules in result i got banned straight away after talking to an admin for 2 minutes. I dont got much else to say that i see what i did wrong and i give my word even thought it doesnt obviously assure you guys i will never do it again. I really like the server and i feel like an idiot now thats all. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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