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  1. willkerr


    is this happening lately
  2. Time Submitted: 01:01:02 PM | 08/10/18 Submitted By: willkerr (5373) In-Game Name: [GG] GM. Will Kerr Steam / Player ID: 76561197961234567 Date of Event: 08/09/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): N/A eye witness accounts Details of Event: after the server was constantly going down i was able to spawn at my house in kav, i went into the room where i had 4 crates that had gun, uniforms and a few other things but this time when i spawn in kav my crates seem to have been deleted, i was outside the green zone due to the fact i had illegal weapons in the crate i had no notification that i had been robbed but that wouldn't matter anyway because they cant take crates. i believe that only admins are able to delete such objects honestly its like they were just wiped if you guys are able to check what ive bought on the server Compensation Amount: 1x hacking device 350k 1x picklock 1.5k 1x tactical bacon£75 1x spar 16s 160k 1x cmr 1.6k 1x type 115 (black)160k 1x mk14 dmr 360k 1x mk200 750k 1x katiba 130k 1x mxc 160k 1x mxm 180k 2x bergen backpack 200k 3x CSAT swim suit 25k 3x nato rebreather 20k 120ishx 6.5 stanag mag 156k 50ishx 5.56 mag 65k 20ishx 6.5 mag 32k 8x mk200 mag 108k 12x 7.62 mags for mk14 120k 4x arco sights 40k 1x erco sight 10k 1x sand csat bipod 1k 1x black bipod 1k 1x 9mm suppressor £500 2x 6.5 suppressor 80k 5x toolkit 7.5k 8x faks 2k 1x ga carrier rig 95k 4ish random uniforms 40k 4x carryall backpacks mtp 40k 4x large crates 600k 12ishx 6.5 20rnd mag 50k 1x tactical vest 10k probs more im unable to remember due to the fact i have no screen shots of my arsenal total= 3,881,696 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.