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  1. Time Submitted: 01:56:37 PM | 10/26/19 Submitted By: mark8k8k8 (5297) In-Game Name: Chickens bum bum Steam / Player ID: 76561198281953637 Administrator who issued ban: proxy somoxy Date of ban: 10/25/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: so what heppend was that there was a fight at cp and there was my gang (aX), fighting with havoc and then in the middle of the fight there is a heli parashuted a cop in witch we thought it was a havoc member since we dident see the helicopter with in the parashuting so we dicided to shoot at him and kill him since it was a massive active gunfight with havoc witch later on desputed me and resolved as a copm as stated on the rules that if there states in the rules if you are in an active sit and get shot with out knolage thats the opposit gang you shlould give comp witch we did so but then the support member decided to put a warning in my fórums witch i wasent informed of and witch i got banned for low reputation on the forums What reason was given for your ban? bad rep in the forums Why should you be unbanned? i think i should be unbanned because it wasent me that shot at the first cop when parashuting in ,it was Hayden witch is a gang member that shot at him because we where having a massive gang fight with havoc as i said , Hayden gave me the order to shoot as we dident identefie the helicopter but he ended up shooting first and getting the kill from the parashuting cop, and due to this support case i got the warining witch wasent warned by the support members that then got me banned , later we disscused this with the support members and said that they couldent do nothing because the support case was ended allredy witch then told me to do a bann apple . i wanna get unbanned aswell because iv been playing in this community a long time witch i think is over a year and a half and tbh its really good in my opinión because its got al lot of stuff like the havoc Destroyer witch a lot of servers dont witch it makes it special as the people in the community is really nice and its a nice server to play on and i dont really want to loosit all because of a misstake. aswell iv been putting a lot of time on the server witch makes it even more worth it to make this bann appele and i have lots of Friends on the server witch make me a bit geluse that im banned. nex time i Will identefie the target im shooting befor shoot and this Will never hapen again. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): none
  2. someone is a bit angry because i ruiend his day roaching in pethkas looool 500m btw
  3. heard mk18 gunshots after we already sent 2 messages saying we are going to stop shooting then a havoc member decides to shoot for some odd reason which we then had to start shooting back as we thought they are not gonna stop shooting and we didnt want to die because we would of died if we didnt shoot and they kept on shooting, and about me initiating whilst my gun was comming out im pretty sure it was fully out when i intiated, but i mean next time when we send a dispatch to you about not shooting at us then dont shoot after 5 seconds with a mk18
  4. i will join if hood joins cuz yhe
  5. ApplicationName :just be like /how you doing?/ chickens Fanny /hoodhas3pubesSteam ID :12322332243Hours On Arma :2.5kPrevious Gangs :sins divinity your nan hmmmmm titan but 5that was long ago thats betetr ik
  6. am i getting in aaahhhh btw my name is just be like 1 sec let me do it again
  7. ApplicationName : your man donny /markSteam ID :2237347834783Hours On Arma :2.5kPrevious Gangs : sins divinity mafia init
  8. its halerius because you say that you read the rules but in this video you call me the r word. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAo_5MuDlmg how is that ?? how is this a maked up thing ????
  9. you say no bullets were fired in my direction but you literally aim above my vehicle and shoto wtf is the point of shooting in my direction iif there is no warning shots in a car this situation is just fully messed up
  10. Sorry about this situation but as i heard a shot directly towards me i thought it was a rdmer as he was just in the back of the offroader with a MXC and just randomly shot a bullet to my direction its not a normal thing to do as there are no warning shots for ground vehicles, once again i am sorry but i dont get why he shot a bullet at my direction just really looked like he was a rdmer.
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