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  1. mark8k8k8

    Arcus P.M.C. [ARCUS] - Recruiting

    TEMPLATEIn-game name: Mark Age: 12 Do you have a microphone (yes/no): yes Previous gangs you've been in: BA Tell us something about yourself: hey my name is Mark and i was looking fouerd in to the server by applying into medic and stuff then one day i saw that there was a lot of people online as ARCUS then is sed to myself what if i apply, had a reason to be in as a civilian/rebel. Why do you want to join?: its a reason to be as a rebel and have some fun, aswell im a verry good RP player What do you think about Arcus?: its a good gang and makes a lot of monny and there is a lot of people there so that makes it good and scerry Do you have any previous warns or bans?: yes i have been baned fore being to young withch is not longer a problem because i have parental permission Goodluck and we might see you on the field,
  2. mark8k8k8

    BA | Black Angels [Applications OPEN]

    Application Template: In game name?: mark8 Age?: 12 SteamID?: 76561198281953637 How much money do you have?: 20 million How many hours do you have on the server?: roughly 275 How many hours on ARMA III?: 508 How long have you played the server?: 4 months In your thoughts rate your skills within Combat, Movement, and Comms: Combat - 7 Movement - 7 Comms - 8 Why would you want to join Black Angels?: because i want to be in a gang and look for a purpose while i am playing as a civilian because a lot of the time i play as a medic. Have you had any previous bans?: yes i have it was because I was too young to play on the server but i applied with parental permission so that was fixed.
  3. mark8k8k8

    TCA | The Child Army (Recruiting)

    Name | mark8 What is the reason for which you received those bans, and how many times have you been banned? I had been banned because I was too young which is no longer the case. I´ve only been banned once.
  4. mark8k8k8

    TCA | The Child Army (Recruiting)

    Application Template Name | mark8 Reason for application | illd like to have a gang Have you been in any other previous gangs? | yes the Kavala caffe gang withch my friend joe created it What is your reason for this application? | im looking fouerd to the server and, i have all my friends are there Have you received any bans? (If so what for) yes How many hours do you have in Arma 3? | 428