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We have completed a Mass Unban, find more information here.


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  1. harvey price lookalike
  2. ok drafts ok drafts ok drafts ok drafts
  3. allowing "stomp" gangs to stay would invite challenge, maybe gangs from other servers would come over to prove their gang to be better. Gang rivalry keeps the combat between them in the redzone and stuff. Leaving roleplay gangs to have fun with the factions and fellow roleplay gangs. The problem with this server is there is no red line in the sand, GTA has conflict for endgame gangs, Reborn has its caps. Phoenix doesn't have a endgame unless it involves factions leading to big gangs targeting hobos and creating an imbalance
  4. i used to love this server but they seem to just not appreciate the active chunk of the player base and prefer to ban them than help them
  5. have fun roleplaying with no one because the server is dead lawl
  6. turbosperg


    i believe two of the most vital @'s are missing
  7. mass unban doesnt apply to com bans so its pointless

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    2. Giz Us A Tennerrrrrrr
    3. DylNN


      appealing by email is pointless ahahaha

    4. Scarso


      I can agree that the Community Ban appeal process is not the best (Being through email is the biggest issue with it imo) but don't believe that a mass unban is pointless just because they're not included and I don't believe they should be included.

  8. are you playing with your elbows?
  9. servers dead because the rules are horrible and a majority contradict eachother
  10. i applied two weeks ago and it hasnt been responded to
  11. community board have let the server down cba
  12. cb dont do anything now that connor and theo are gone
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