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  1. spodre

    Me RoE Tage <3

    found a better version
  2. spodre

    Police lost there marbels

    my hellcat now
  3. spodre

    Black Hellcat For BM Rebels

    The green hellcat looks really ugly and giving BM rebels the option to purchase a black hellcat would be pretty cool
  4. spodre

    Booky - PhoenixRP - #1

    cool frogs
  5. spodre

    Zobari | PhoenixRP | First

    E X T R E M E F R A G G E R
  6. spodre

    Opinions on the DMS

    The server has tried dms' twice and both times it negatively affected rp. So "statistically" speaking it negatively impacts RP
  7. spodre

    Opinions on the DMS

    The RP standard rule isnt really a disputable rule its for admins that are spectating to have a reason to ban poor RP over the course of a day , week or however long they must do research on said person or gang for their RP standard. RP standard also cant really be proved from a single situation and has to be watched closely in order for action to be taken. The dms also basically cancels out rp as you cant proximity voice chat with your opponent from 1.5km out
  8. spodre

    Opinions on the DMS

    theres no need for the dms if you are skilled enough you can snipe with the arco. If someones 1km out there is no chance of rp whether if you are in a close quarters fight you can rp or shit talk lol
  9. spodre

    put back dmts

    -1 dmts are hard to attack and easy to defend. The command centres that are now there in place of them bring more balance to attacking and defending
  10. spodre

    Opinions on the DMS

    add nukes
  11. spodre

    This video explains the title

    lmao +1
  12. spodre

    Server issues..

    The problem is with a low player base you get practically no RP because you cant find anyone to RP with. If we give people the combat but still keep the server RP based (obviously) we can regrow the player base by the combat and keep the player base by the RP. There is no RP when theres no one to RP with because nobody joins the server anymore. We need the combat to regrow the player base and therefore with a big player base more opportunities to RP
  13. spodre

    Server issues..

    im the greatest roleplayer of all time