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  1. spodre


    IPPC is a great place and instead of crying on the forums take it to the Public Police Meeting which is soon and voice your concerns. All of the points within this post are incorrect or massively bias. Theres is 15 people within TFU and this is balanced because rebel gangs have 0 rules or restrictions and can have 30+members on if they try. NIU are drug focused and rarely go to the redzone unless it makes sense within their unit objective of weapon seizure and drug busting. Keep in mind only 2 people in NIU have access to 7.62. TFU is a counterweight to rebels and without them every rebel would have free reign over cartels and make free money. I have said it time and time again don't go to a redzone if you are not prepared to die. Redzones are the endgame of the server and one of the best ways of making money. It is TFU's objective is to stop illegal activities and therefore goes to redzones to stop illegal activities. Only TFU Marksmen+ can authorize redzones which is fair IMO. It is no-ones fault the unit is incredibly active so there is a lot of redzone stuff. Also keep in mind TFU members and people who have reached the rank to acquire 7.62 have worked hard to attain them and why should it be taken away from them. This is just a blatant rage post as you put this up just after TFU killed you for being in a redzone. If you have a problem with APC take it to Police Board or anyone in a command position to see what we can improve . But this post does nothing to better the server and just seems like someone crying because they died in a KOS zone
  2. spodre

    Move HM again

    I personally love this bank. It is hard to attack making it defendable for rebels. I also get much better than zaros fps
  3. witch hunts are sick ya know

    1. Adam Sparrow

      Adam Sparrow

      helo i lok to by cheat for friend with no caught, can you help men?

    2. Lester


      wish i could be witch hunted 24/7


      oh wait i already am

  4. spodre


    Don't go to KOS zones if you don't want to be killed xd
  5. spodre

    ckj | Phoenix 1

    smh hacker hehe
  6. As the title says its pretty aids when people immediately know your position because it comes up in chat
  7. spodre


    this could be optional for extra money
  8. spodre

    Advanced reble

    and the shitposting begins hehe
  9. potter has been freed

    1. Stefan♦


      best day of your life hm

    2. crzd


      y u shoot hazu heli man

    3. Stefan♦


      cuz hazu is useless. only thing he can do is trade 😕

  10. spodre

    Some Ideas That Could Help The Server

    and havoc regularly take the entire faction to cartels with mk200s and mk1s
  11. spodre

    Some Ideas That Could Help The Server

    cops dont pay for gear due to them having limited freedom and gear