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  1. mala

    V get in the bin Frags #1

    stop bein toxic boys, no need
  2. ngl owen thats a bit hypocritical 😎
  3. mala

    Izinganekwane - INVITE ONLY

    honestly i do not want to help people, i love it!
  4. I think that there is not enough clothing items when you unlock Black Market Dealer, sure you get some good guns but I think there should be some good clothing items too like the stealth balaclavas with combat goggles and more helmets like the grass combat helmets for example. If you have any more suggestions for clothing just leave them here.
  5. mala

    Vanquish on mission

    best hot drop in the world
  6. mala

    The Server Is dying

    u moma
  7. mala

    SAINTS | Open

    In game name - my name jeff Steam ID - 76561198225612004 Age - 6 Arma 3 hours - 30 minutes What can you bring to the gang - I can great combat to gang as fight for oil ships daily with bredrin on banana boat i hunt goats for family with bow so skilled sniper man i am i saw bear once and ran to my village and we fragged it Any Previous Gangs - gucci gang and koruboor dsala tribe 😎
  8. mala

    Server issues..

    more events would be good but the last event we had was a shambles, it was so poorly organized and all over the place, what if the next event is just going to be as unorganized and that's what i meant by the management not giving a toss as nothing was put into place of to check if everything would run smoothly, it was just thrown at us
  9. mala

    Server issues..

    i understand that it is a roleplay server but if people want to frag then i don't see what the big deal is, of course, there should be roleplay there but i mean people who like fragging are just seen as "combat hungry" and then get told to go to a combat server but the thing is (in my experience) i have always preferred combat on altis life as there is actually something on the line if you die not just respawn and go again
  10. mala

    im an epic stunt man

    not quite as good as me yet
  11. mala

    Server issues..

    it was a half-ass response and i couldn't agree more liam
  12. mala

    Server issues..

    no offence to kevin like but in the response, he gave it came off to me that he hadn't taken any of the points Liam made originally into any consideration
  13. mala

    Server issues..

    idk it is what it is at the end of the day but i do believe this server can become as populated as it was as it has the potential to be
  14. mala

    Server issues..

    ye it just feels that if the server was to fully die they wouldnt give a toss