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  1. Time Submitted: 11:45:13 AM | 10/21/19 Submitted By: Dmitry (5283) Your In-Game Name: Russian Bear Who are you reporting?: Sync Time/Date of event: 21.10.19 11:00 A.M. Rule's Broken: 1.2. RDM; 3.4. End of Initiation. Explain what happened: During an early morning restart me, Sync and some other guy have been mining diamonds for quite some time. At one point I've changed my Blackhawk for a Huron to make runs more efficient and I did not see any threat from the people I have been mining with, as Sync said himself that "he is not looking for any trouble today and wants some peaceful runs". We spoke about some basic stuff in-game (i.e. collecting gems for further processing) shorlty after what Sync and his friend seperately initiated on me (as they are in different gangs). I complied. Sync stripped me of my communications and gear, asked me for the keys to the Huron. I complied once again. Then they have zip-tied me again and placed me into the Huron. Sync flew the Huron to the Chopshop, whilst his friend followed us in Sync's Blackhawk. He then chopped the Huron, placed me into the Blackhawk and then flew me to the Airport. Throughout the flights and the chopping Sync has been speaking to me, mostly trying to justify his own actions. I have been somewhat hostile during those talks as I was rather frustrated. During the flight to the Airport we have discussed how I have seen their faces and I will be able to remember them. To the questions "Will I remember their faces" I've answered honestly - "Yes". Not once have they said that they would let me go if I was to "forget their faces". Sync took out a Huron from his air garage, placed me in front of it, shot me and executed me. Between original initiation and the execution more than 15 minutes have passed. Rule 3.4. "End of Initiation" of Altis Rules clearly state that after a period of 3 minutes initiation ends if there have been no shots fired. As there have been no shots fired and we were not in any type of a "vehicle chase" Sync's original initiation has ended. Breach of rule 3.4. proves the presence of RDM in this case as there was not valid initiation at the time of the execution. Being a hostage and being a hostile target are two different things and should not be mixed up. If the 3-minute period ends I am still a hostage (as I am still restrained), but I should not be counted as an enemy, as I have followed all of the demands given to me and I pose no threat, thus I should not be fired upon and executed. If I was to be initiated upon again and if I would not have followed the demands - I understand why I could have been killed. However, there was no initiation and I have also followed ALL demands made by Sync. I have disputed Sync and came to the Support as required. From the beggining of the support case I have voiced my intention to escalate the case to a player report as I cannot ask for compensation in this case. My Huron and gear were lost to a valid initiation and I cannot do anything about it. However, Sync decided himself to execute me (somebody who is posing no threat to his life and who has followed all his demands) after 3 minutes have passed ultimately breaching the RDM rule. I was simply minding my own business, trying to make some money during the morning. I did not bother Sync, nor his friend. I think most community members would agree that this community has an unwritten rule: not to rob or bother anyone during early morning restart, as it is the time when people are looking to make money, not searching combat or any other stressful situations. Sync went out of his way and disregarded that unwritten rule, simultaneously ruining my pleasant stay on the server. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Case ID #18452 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74dsNV8x04U (BEWARE of the earrape at 4:05). Constant "hello" (he has said it to me about 50 times before 4:05) from Sync drove me mad and his last "hello" with a raised voice made me snap. Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: TrueWade
  2. Time Submitted: 07:03:05 PM | 10/19/19 Submitted By: Dmitry (5283) Your In-Game Name: Sergey Lavrov Who are you reporting?: Igor black Time/Date of event: 19.10.19 7:30 p.m. Rule's Broken: Invalid initiation Explain what happened: I was staying at the CP with my tractor waiting for HAVOC to come back so I can roleplay. During that waiting time 2 rebels pulled up. One of them asked me to turn the engine of the tractor off as it is "loud", which I did and then tried to roleplay with them. They started telling me that they cannot hear me as if my mic was not working (pretty sure it was as 10 minutes ago everything was just fine). After about half a minute of that one of them asked me to give him my glasses, which I refused to do. He proceeded to say that "or something will happen to your head", after what he started counting down from 5. He never said what will happen to me, thus never actually threated my life. I've disputed Igor twice and he did not show up to the Support channels. I would also like to point out lack of roleplay from Igor and his friend, but unfortunately I do not have the recording for that. I am not reporting him for RDM as I do not have a 3-minute video (ty ReLive from Radeon). Nevertheless, I'd like to see the person punished for invalid initiation. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Case ID #18436 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfSfEIG23fE Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Sam Applefield
  3. Time Submitted: 01:49:51 PM | 10/17/19 Submitted By: Dmitry (5283) In-Game Name: Daddy Putin [SDND] Steam / Player ID: 76561198048940514 Date of Event: 10/17/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2hFay9Y6uA ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoJsshp-jSg Details of Event: Was flying an Orca, crashed, got picked up by a medic, found my money, but couldn't pick it up as it was stuck in the wall. Compensation Amount: 2,069,040 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. I love the audio from a random Russian dashcam video
  5. Time Submitted: 07:42:57 AM | 10/08/19 Submitted By: Dmitry (5283) In-Game Name: Dmitry Steam / Player ID: 76561198048940514 Date of Event: 10/08/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrPKt2WsV-U&feature=youtu.be https://gyazo.com/f3e640c214ed996e157118c26922f59f Details of Event: Data did not sync, lost 1.6 million (Cut Diamonds x 173) Compensation Amount: 1.6 mil Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  6. No 50% bonus 😥
  7. Just wondering, why are donations made for August even though August donation goal has been reached ages ago? https://phoenixrp.co.uk/donate/donations/
  8. Diversity. Having some action in HAVOC lands for once is nice, but it is not good for civilians to be forced to do only one run. The current situation is literally the same as with Meth. The only change is that people now have to cross the border for the best run. I am not asking to nerf Diamonds or to make it "not the best run". I'm asking to buff other runs to some extent so that people can actually choose what they want to do.
  9. The runs are just not balanced at all. Doing anything except Diamonds is practically a waste of time. I tried to work on a suggestion with new prices/weights for every run (so everything is balanced) but don’t have enough time for that right now. When the devs have the chance to rework the balance it would be nice to see some changes.
  10. 1. Start responding to dispatches. Even if you can't show up to the scene - just message the person stating that. 2. Roleplay. Rebels are committing a crime? Take that as an opportunity to roleplay, to see why they are doing this. Don't just roll up to initiate straight away. 3. Don't metagame gang tags or any other information. Use roleplay to get valuable information. If you don't get it - play fairly and let the person go (if the situation requires). Do not take those point in a wrong way - not everybody in APC is a "combat hungry player who doesn't roleplay". Although there are some individuals who most definitely could improve. Strictly enforcing the 3 points made above could benefit your faction.
  11. Best of luck to you. And thank you for all your work on V2. It definitely will never be forgotten.
  12. Dmitry


    Well, it would be nice if such events would be carried out a bit more often Yes, unfortunately you cannot create RP with a script, but you can create possibilities for it. The more time people spend at runs / not in red zone - the more possibility of roleplay there is. Might as well delete Mk200 and Long Range scopes from Advanced Rebel and make it so they can only be crafted. Will create A LOT of demand for Crafting Site. MAR-10 is worse than LRR, so why can't we craft mags for it? Sure, just make them expensive, but you still should be able to get them one way or another that does not involve admins and auctions. I mean, that's true, but it is not a necessity. Just looks kinda stupid, but once again, that is my personal opinion
  13. Dmitry


    MAR-10 could have been acquired via Airdrops in V1. I've got one myself that way. Even if the ammunition is more valuable (hypothetically) you should still be able to purchase the ammunition itself. I understand that and I see your point of view. However, ultimately ability to craft valuable items creates roleplay. People are forced to do different runs, drive/fly around the island collecting all the required stuff - all of that creates possibility of a roleplay. As of now you can only buy those items at Advanced Rebel (which is a redzone) or get them at Airdrops (also redzone) which means no roleplay (obviously unless I am there). Developers and Community Boards should prioritize creation of new RP possibilities over restriction of combat. I still think the price should be around 1/2 of the market price as you are forced to do multiple different runs to create the item itself. You will honestly waste more time on collecting the required items than on grinding money to buy it for full price. I agree - this is very arguable topic. But yeah, thinking about it once again - Plutonium-239 for LRR and Unmarked Gold Bars for MAR-10 make sense. I get this as well, but just think about it - it is a feature that no one will ever use. It honestly just takes up unnecessary space at the Crafting tablet. For me personally it is very annoying haha At the moment there is nobody who uses the Crafting site. My goal is to make it more appealing to the people Items which are not valuable will not attract anyone to it, only if there is stuff that is very limited and very expensive will people go there.
  14. Dmitry


    Add following to the Crafting site: 1) 338. LM 10Rnd Mag. Reason: there are still MAR-10s on the server and just like with LRR there should be an ability to craft mags for them. The recipe does not involve materials from Major crimes as this is not the weapon we are crafting here, we are crafting mags. Whilst weapons themselves should be limited, severe limitation of mags in unreasonable. Suggested Recipe: 30 Cut Diamond; 20 Iron Bar; 5 Cut Sapphire; (~350,000£). 2) Mk200. Reason: ultimate roleplay weapon. But in all seriousness, it is an expensive weapon and people should have more ways to acquire it other that purchasing it, stealing from AirDrop/Armoury/Evidence Locker or by robbing other people. Suggested Recipe: 15 Iron Bar; 10 Cut Diamond; 1 Unmarked Goldbar (~383.750£; current price is 750,000£). 3) DMS; AMS; LRPS. Reason: scopes should be craftable. Adds possibilities for everybody on the server. Creates need in certain resources, additional job for HAVOC, actual use from Crafting site. Suggested Recipe for DMS: 10 Cut Diamond; 15 Copper Bar; 5 Glass; 1 Cut Opal (~125,625£; current price is 250,000£). Suggested Recipe for AMS: 15 Cut Diamond; 10 Aluminium Bar; 5 Glass; 1 Cut Ruby (~174,000£; current price is 350,000£). Suggested Recipe for LRPS: 20 Cut Diamond; 3 Weapon Crate; 5 Glass; 1 Cut Emerald (~253,000£; current price is 500,000£). 4) Hacking Device. Reason: it is an expensive virtual item and diversity of ways to obtain it would not hurt anyone. Suggested Recipe: 10 Aluminium Bar; 10 Glass; 5 Cut Diamond; 5 Silicon (~102,750£; current price is 385,000£). 5) Industrial Drill. Reason: it is an expensive virtual item and diversity of ways to obtain it would not hurt anyone. Suggested Recipe: 10 Cut Diamond; 10 Iron Bar; 1 Fuel Canister (~121,000£; current price is 330,000£). Change following in the Crafting site: 1) .408 7 Rnd LRR Mag. Reason: current requirements are absurd. Plutonium-239 is incredibly hard to come by. The recipe should not involve materials from Major crimes as this is not the weapon we are crafting here, we are crafting mags. Whilst weapons themselves should be limited, severe limitation of mags in unreasonable. Suggested Recipe: 15 Cut Diamond; 5 Iron Bar; 5 Weapon Crate; 5 Cut Emerald (~305,500£). Remove following from the Craftin site: 1) Toolkit; Night-Vision Goggles; Pickaxe, Shovel, Lockpicks, Empty Fuel Can, Full Fuel Can; Morphine; Fentanyl; Saline; First Aid Kit; Medikit. Reason: all of these are incredibly cheap items and you have to be insane to think someone will ever craft any of them. 2) Zubr .45 ACP; Vermin .45 ACP. Reason: both are incredibly cheap items and no one will ever craft them.
  15. Dmitry


    There is not image for corn (in virtual inventory). Because of that I even got an Arma notification about missing asset.
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