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  1. Can't do it today, so we will have to do it someday later. @Ted are you going to be free tomorrow, so we can do this all together?
  2. I would be glad to host a public forum on the issue. I doubt it is going to be quick one and I don't have too much spare time today, so how about we do it tomorrow at 18:00 BST?
  3. Hello? Like where are you getting this from? Are we going to just come up with lies now? Cops arrest / kill them as well. Not only rebels do that. My definition of broken is "pays out the amount of money that does not make sense in terms of original intent or current server position". The fact that you think the question is pointless just proves that you yourself don't take the "were all those runs so much better or is it just that when you nerf 1 run, people are forced to move on to a diferent one until you nerf that one too ?" question seriously. You can't answer my question because you know perfectly well that nerfed runs were paying out too much and I don't just nerf everything that I see. There are numerous possibilities to make large sums of money on the server right now. They require investing - something you are probably not used to, they will be more risky because of the vehicles you have to use, but ways to make money are still there. Denying that is simply ignorant.
  4. It is against EULA. Server will be shut down if this gets implemented back in the way you are suggesting it. Yes, so let's make a publicly available place where everybody can spawn and get the gear they usually get in the redzone or in a place that sends out server notification everytime it is captured! Why not go ahead and make it so people can purchase weapons on their spawn screen? This has to be a place that is expensive. If people are not ready to pay for it - they can go and buy the houses you've mentioned. Some people will be still using the feature for 200k. In that case call people that are from the same place as you "Dimitri". I am from Russia and I am called Dmitry. As far as I'm concerned - it is a different name. If you are going to call me out by my name - use my name, not something else.
  5. You don't have to. Either way I am telling you right now - vehicle prices are good as they are right now and I will not be touching them. The only vehicle-related changes that are bound to happen are upgrade-related. Cops are limited in their numbers and you can't expect them to be everywhere. Chances of them busting you during an illegal run are still there. In the redzone, however, they are lower. Stop twisting my words. Run's location in the redzone still affects the payout. It is just not that strong of a parameter to make it the best run on the server (reasons have been explained in the previous replies). I don't know who was in charge of market prices before and I don't know how the prices were decided upon. What is clear, though, is that certain mistakes have been made. Uranium that payed out 6+ million per run; same with diamonds; 10+ mil meth runs - all of these are payouts that were never supposed to happen. Same goes for cigarettes. When I was calculating the payout I accidentally did not take into account that they only require 1 tobacco to make a cigarette, which caused the payout to be twice as big as intended. When those runs get nerfed - they get nerfed to be in a position where they are supposed to be. Rich people might stay rich, but the amount of those rich people does not increase drastically - and that is one of the important things for this economy. It is not bad for the new people. If they just came and were able to make 3+ mil straight away - that kills any progress and is ultimately bad for the server. New people should have a stable money-earning curve that rises with their time spent on the server and broken runs make that curve a straight line. Name me one dominant run that was nerfed in the past month or two which was not broken. That was balanced compared to the other runs. Go ahead, I'll wait.
  6. How much money do you have? Don't think you are the "1%" but even you have too much money. If you want access to an overpowered feature - be ready to pay for it. Try to spell my name correctly next time.
  7. Prices are not going to be increasing "all the time". Vehicle prices are not going to change anytime soon, nor will weapon/gear prices. Money from the runs goes down because people are making amounts of money they are not supposed to be making. If we have kept market prices the same as they were 2 months ago - economy would be hella more broken. Having runs that have incredibly high payouts kinda defeats the purpose of having money. At that point you can just give everyone 100 mil as their starting money. Yes, moonshine is arguably the riskiest run on the server. However, the chance of APC busting you are very slim, as only a handful of cops are allowed in the redzone, if the most popular run is in the redzone - it lowers the amount of roleplay that is going to happen on the server as you don't need to initiate. That is why I am against making moonshine the best paying run - it does not promote roleplay in any way. At the same time moonshine does make you over 2.5 million in one run. That is one of the ways that things can be balanced and that is the option that was chosen. Yes, I removed the money that people were not supposed to be able to make in the first place. It is not done at the cost of the players as the money you could have already made before the nerf is not being touched. You are simply encouraged to move on onto other runs. It is your choice to buy the best gear set available. Nobody forces you to buy Mk1 loadouts. If it only lasts you a few hours you might have to consider playing a bit more carefully or buy cheaper loadouts. No. Right now there are runs that give you more money but take up more time and there are faster runs that have lower payouts. There is not one absolutely dominant run for one simple reason - the payouts are calculated based on the GBP per minute parameter, so when the runs are done in the most classic way - they pay out the same. That is why I always tell people - get creative. Use Hurons, sling-loading and other game mechanics to maximise your profits. Because most of those things are not broken and are intended features. Moonshine pays out more than 2.5 million per a HEMTT run. What you just proposed, a "more balanced state", is to make the payout equal to 10,780,000 GBP. Me and you have a very different understanding of the word "balanced". I said maximising your payouts is not supposed to be easy. Does not mean it is supposed to be hard. There is a lot of room in between those two words. MXC is not that much worse than an MX. Making the MX price the same as a 5.56 or 5.8 weapons is not the smartest thing. ------ I can see that there is clearly an outcry towards run payouts. I will talk with @Ted and other available Management members to see if the payouts should be slightly increased. I do not believe they should be, but it is clear quite a few community members beg to differ.
  8. If it was solely up to me - 7.62 prices would have stayed the same. Why they were reduced back - because they were increased by 75k, not by 10k like with the Spar-16. Following your logic, we should probably also revert the 140k ADR price decrease, MXs prices decrease, Promets prices decrease, 45k Spar-16S price decrease, 50k Car-95-1 price decrease. The 10k price change does not make the weapon unaffordable. What it did is it balanced the price out compared to similar weapons (aka Car-95). You still do. It's just the discount is not that big. How do you suggest we adjust them then? Make all the payouts on the similar level as those that give "too much money" so all of them do? That is simply not a viable option. People should not be able to make too much money. 2.5 - 3 million per run is enough to set you for a few days. When diamonds was the best run it simply did not make sense. It was a legal run (both in HAVOC and APC), which did not go through red zone and which did not require any investing. It was simply unreasonable for such a run to be the best paying one. Yes, you will say that people were doing it and people were robbing the run - but they can do the same with some other runs which are illegal, for example. That way APC will also come into consideration. And I don't expect anybody to do apples for money. I expect you to do Uranium, Heroin, Weapon Parts, Ecstasy. Nobody stops you from maximising your profit, you can still use Hurons, sling-load additional vehicles, etc. Possibilities are numerous. You just want it to be the easiest way possible. And I say no to that. If you want to maximise your profit - don't expect it to be easy.
  9. I love this idea. The payout will have to be tested to see how much money you get per minute spent on the run, but other than that I totally agree. We could use some new runs, as well as relocating existing runs!
  10. Thank you for your opinion, but I completely disagree with you on this matter. The reasoning was already given to you and other IZR members numerous times, but I will repeat it. 10% increase in the price does not make the gun unaffordable. However, the same increase balanced the prices of the guns out - the prices now gradually increase with the caliber and weapon's special abilities. Spar-16 price should not be lowered back to what it used to be or even further because it can be used as a Spar-16S, which is a considerably more expensive weapon. And people do use it like this - they buy basic Spar-16 and use it as Spar-16S. Mid-class can easily afford a 10% increase. Lower-class can also afford the Spar-16 and mags with new pricing. Why were 150Rnd mags increased in the price? Because of the mag's cost per bullet. 30Rnd 5.56 Mag price did not change. It was 600 and it stayed 600. What did change is the price for 150Rnd 5.56 Mag. It was 1000 and was increased to 2500. Let's count price per bullet. 1) OLD prices: 600/30=20 GBP per round (30Rnd Mag); 1000/150= 6.6 GBP per round (150Rnd Mag). 2) NEW prices: 600/30=20 GBP per round (30Rnd Mag); 2500/150= 16.6 GBP per round (150Rnd Mag). In other words: previous prices allowed you to have advantage in combat and pay less, new prices give you the same opportunity, but it is less OP. Cigarettes were not a "good run", but a broken one. It was a legal run that made you significantly more than any other run. Making money is not hard. Uranium will make you 2.9 mil in 30 minutes. All drugs will make you over 2.5 mil in ~25 minutes with all Drug Cartels captured. As I have said numerous times before. People got used to broken runs and don't look at the value of the payout, just the sheer amount of zeros in the number.
  11. 1. Ted did not "roll in". You tagged him - he responded. 2. If you really think that all that map developers do is place items on the map - you must be clueless how Arma 3 servers get developed. 3. I am in my position because I researched the issue, came to Community Board and offered them specific solution, which was backed up by the said research. They were thankful for a suggestion that is specific and offered me to work with them on the matter full-time. I do not get anything from this position other than the hate from numerous community members for the changes that I have made. I do not get special whitelisting on the main server, I don't even get any tags on TeamSpeak. There is no "high horse" to be on. 4. The only reason map developers and in this instance me are asking for community's opinion is because the same community made it clear that they want to engage in the decision making, have a say on certain issues, make the bases more combat-appealing and fun. We provide those opportunities. We can do all of that by ourselves, but we choose to give the community a voice on the matters as it makes everybody slightly happier. 5. Most of your suggestions have been thought through properly. They do not offer any specifixlc solutions, only more problems. 6. Once again, if you get that easily frustrated and you can't refrain from making unneeded personal comments - refrain from engaging in these conversations. That said, thank you for the suggestions you've made in this thread, I do think it will get used to certain extent. From now on I suggest we go back to discussing the economy. I will not be responding to any posts unrelated to the thread topic.
  12. It was implied and I thought I made it clear. Apologies if it wasn't. What I find amusing is that we were having a constructive discussion, but at some point you decided to get aggressive. If you cannot keep the conversation civil, I think it would be better that you don't engage into any conversation at all. Thank you for your patience, we are working hard on it.
  13. It could help to certain extent, but I would say that it should not be a license. I would say a better way would be if you had to pay for each time you want to use the shop (every restart and every death). So it should not be 50 mil, but like 100-200k per use.
  14. Don't worry, I feel the same right now. You are still missing my point. Let's continue with your example. We have increased payouts and loadouts by 5 times. Now it takes the Player B 100 hours to catch up to Player A. I am saying that we should wait those 100 hours and then revert the 5x increase. Only after that do we divide everything in the economy by 50. Why revert the 5x increase? So the numbers don't get to large amounts quickly. Basically, we are talking about similar approaches which are slightly different.
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