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  1. Certainly didn't feel like that. Regardless, I think allowing CSAT and APC to attend Gang Wards would be a nice change of the dynamic. This Friday showed how fun it can be. Obviously, there should be some restrictions as to how many faction members can be in the redzone at the same time, as well as which places should be avoided (all Rebel Outposts). With those rules in place, I'm pretty sure everybody will be happy.
  2. Because you were set up at the gang base with Zafirs. We literally couldn't get anywhere close.
  3. Pretty sure I was the only one roaching. And even other CSAT were calling me boring. Most of CSAT were constantly pushing top-right with their Katibas. Also I wouldn't say APC weren't roaching. Just ask Sano and Fulton 🙂
  4. To be fair, as CSAT Command, I am against this 👀 If you die - you die. Wait for the next cartel. We do them regularly either way.
  5. Which one of the two - that's the real question! But regardless, thank you for the kind words @Veticus! CSAT is always here to help you out!
  6. Nah, that's fine! Free advertisement for Tanoa Mining Corp 😎
  7. Wait a second, is that a TMC HEMTT? 🤔
  8. So basically you are suggesting to manually change each faction weapon whitelisting every 1-2 weeks? That is too much manual labor, believe me. Automating this system is kinda hard right now due to the lack of developers.
  9. 6.8 mil to the first person who can film a public execution of [DC] @Mike Sano

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. TeddyBear


      I can admin restrain him for 5 million:)



      does getting absolutely shat on count?

    4. Dmitry


      @TeddyBear only if it is followed by an execution! @CRACCOON nah, just post a fraggie for that

  10. Dmitry

    Wong Out

    Sad to see you go Charlie, you were one of the real ones 💔 All the best to you in the future!
  11. Should we try to take over the Governor's residence in protest of COVID-19? 

    1. F L E M I N G O

      F L E M I N G O

      The Serbians have already done it 

  12. Dmitry

    Altis Life Suggestions - Paychecks/Runs balance

    You might have to read it again, as: I was not the one who made the suggestion, yet you still say "stop trying to nerf runs" to me; The suggestion in itself offers a compromise between increased paychecks and decreased run payouts, something that has not been discussed in any topics before But you have not explained why they cannot be decreased if in return people get higher paychecks. In your post you haven't even said anything like "as I have previously explained, runs should not be nerfed". You only called me an enemy of the people and suggested that I am mad at rich people. -- As this is no longer a discussion of the suggestion, I will not be making any further responses.
  13. Dmitry

    Altis Life Suggestions - Paychecks/Runs balance

    My post was made over a month ago. Instead of explaining why the idea is bad and how you would do things, you call me an "enemy of the people".
  14. Dmitry

    Altis Life Suggestions - Paychecks/Runs balance

    Those were questions to the community on what they think will be the best option if they had to trade run payouts for bigger paychecks. You need to start reading the threads you respond to. Also I'm going to kindly ask you to stop constantly targeting me on the forums.
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