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  1. Not a bug, it’s a HAVOC defense mechanism
  2. Massive +1 Although, I would also add that APC members should be allowed to play as rebels whenever they want to just by changing their name (as it is for HAVOC)
  3. Time Submitted: 11:15:09 AM | 05/03/19 Submitted By: Dmitry Frey (5283) In-Game Name: Dmitry Frey Steam / Player ID: 76561198048940514 Date of Event: 05/03/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): Will provide to the Staff member dealing with the request Details of Event: 1. I was doing a weapon part run as the server restarted. Managed to sell half of the weapon crates, but no all of it. From usual 3.6 million I've only got 2.1 -> 1,400,000 for lost goods due to the restart 2. Tried a moonshine run, but apparently the moonshine dealer is not working. So the whole run (117 moonshine) did not bring me any money. I've parked the HEMMT and got rid of the moonshine in order to get money through the compensation request. -> 117*20,000 = 2,340,000 As the videos contain locations of my houses, I'd like to send them to Staff member dealing with the matter personally. Compensation Amount: 1,400,000 + 2,340,000 Total: 3,740,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. Didn't hear that Locked&Moved, I guess
  5. Patrol Mission destinations need to be fixed so that they would match new locations of some runs (might be just Weapon Parts Proccessing).
  6. £11, take it or leave it
  7. Time Submitted: 12:09:19 PM | 03/16/19 Submitted By: Dmitry Wolff (5283) In-Game Name: Dmitry Frey Steam / Player ID: 76561198048940514 Date of Event: 03/16/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): Got video for both occasions, but they show the location of my houses and I'd rather avoid making it public. I will gladly pm the link to the staff Details of Event: 1. Got kicked from the server, because of that some items duped and some disappeared. With help of on-duty Staff member (Ace Boyden) duplicated items were deleted, however the vest (CTRG Plate Carrier Rig Mk. 1 Light) I've put on just before getting kicked was lost. 2. Due to the bug where you can't place another storage unit in your house, I had to repurchase the house (again with the help of Ace Boyden). Lost some money while selling and buying it again and also lost Mk20 that was in the crate. Compensation Amount: 1. CTRG Plate Carrier Rig Mk. 1 (Light) - 80.000 2. Mk20 5.56 - 50.000 3. House - 775.000 Total: 905.000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  8. Because me asking for compensation would be absurd, and apology is not enough. Offences should be punished, simply saying "sorry wont do that again i promise" is inadequate.
  9. <I believe anyone who isn't intellectually bankrupt would understand that> pleased to see such beautiful words coming from Staff member. Regarding interpretation - every law, by-law and rule requires interpretation, no matter how straigh-forward it is. Determening plain meaning of a text is also interpretation, just as statutory, historical, phylological and other types of legal interpretation. js I will agree on one thing with you, we should leave it for Staff to decide on this whole case.
  10. Every law and rule is interpreted in one way or another. Literal understanding is still a type of interpretation. I believe staff are allowed to interpret the rules, as they don’t specify outcomes for every possible situation. My interpretation can be looked at by competen Staff+ and if they disagree, it is alright. However, I believe original intent of this rule was close to my interpretation.
  11. I will repeat myself once again: case was never resolved. I am procedurally obliged to take you to TeamSpeak Support. My intention from this report was to bring to Staffs attention the breach of the Altis Rules and to enforce adequate punishment. You say you came to CP because you were killed in your previous lifes, yet NLR (5.1) clearly states: You may not use your knowledge of what happened to influence the new situation. Yes, it is not a server rule to obey HAVOC laws and rules. However, complete disregard for them shows your true "RP intentions". There are numerous cases in which disregard for HAVOC laws creates decent RP, but in this situation it is simply not the case. As to your initiation: I believe bullet #2 of Rule 3.1 only proves that you are in the wrong. Having your weapon out and having it visibly pointed at someone are two completely different things. If you are not pointing your weapon at the player you want to initiate upon, how is that player supposed to know you are initiating on him and not someone else? My interpretation of this rule is that you have to visibly and verbally threaten someones life for it to be called valid initiation. Two examples to prove my point: Example #1: Four people standing in a circle. One of them draws their weapon and says "Put you hand in the air or you will be shot". Out of 3 people with him, who did initiate on? Probably the one he was pointing his weapon towards. Example #2: Two people, on is standing still, another one is moving towards the first one with his back pointed to him (moving backwards). The second one take his weapon out without turning towards his target and says "Put you hand in the air or you will be shot". Is that valid? I do not think so. I prefer we wait for Staff+ members decision.
  12. 1. This was not resolved in TeamSpeak, as I said that I do not need neither apology or compensation. 2. Whilst you initiated, you turned your back towards the Pvt., not pointing a weapon at him. So technically, when you initiated Pvt. was the one with his gun pointed to your back, and you were thee one with the gun pointing opposite direction. I believe this cannot be counted as valid initiation, as there is no direct threat presented to Pvt, nor is there value of life (as you turned your back to the guy with a weapon you initiated upon). 3. Rule 4.10 states: <You can also not initiate on a HAVOC member at the Checkpoint when there are less than 5 HAVOC members at the checkpoint>. This rule is clearly broken due to one simple reason - there never was 5 HAVOC members at CP. Simple apology does not justify death of 2 HAVOC members. If you are to attack HAVOC CP - it is your obligation to be sure there are at least 5 members present. If you do not do that - apology is not enough. 4. Breaking all HAVOC CP rules, pushing into restricted area, I wonder what you wanted from that situation? RP? Doesn't seem so. You undoubtedly wanted to fight. Your actions were clearly meant to provoke Pvt. to initiate. I only come to the server on Saturdays and Sundays as I do not have a lot of time to play. And when I come to the server and have to deal with "roleplaying" like in this situation - it pisses me off. You want to fight? Go to the red zones. The main point of the CP is the opportunity to roleplay with other Phoenix members. Later that day 4 civs came to the CP and started messing around, but they at least provided some great roleplay. So just as I said previously - I do not tolerate behaviour like in this whole sitatuion and I want to see it punished.
  13. To be fair, I should not have put Sadie as a person who is being reported, as he was not the one to initially break rules. Either way, blatantly pushing for a good combat position and pretty much avoiding RP is still not good. So yeah, he did not break rules 3.1 and 4.10.
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