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  1. Ben.

    Mar 10 [SOLD]

  2. Ben.

    cartel fixes

    So with the new system of cartels making it that you cant capture a cartel without a weapon there have been two problems that i have noticed and there may be more so you can put it in the comments. But the issues are - You can capture the cartel with range finders and binos - You can also sit in the cartel with a gun on your back and then run behind people and kill them all and it doesn’t tell the person you are in the cap zone these are both annoying so it would be useful to be fixed.
  3. Ben.

    Lack of roleplay by police

    Take it to pcc
  4. Ben.

    Gendarmerie beret for sale

    1.25 for a beret lmao
  5. Ben.

    Selling CSAT Fatigues

    Steal a pair from the people you teach
  6. Ben.

    Selling CSAT Fatigues

    and a pair of skis
  7. Ben.

    AAF Uniform Template

    yes ill send you a link in PMs, atleast of the skin i think you want.
  8. Ben.


    IGN: Ben Egger Age/Country: 14 // Wales Bank balance: 16 Million Previous gangs/Faction units: TFU Hours on Arma *screenshot: https://gyazo.com/cfacf4795db20a354c13eacf4cb7baf1
  9. Ben.

    Bagg First | Phoenix 1

    atlas bagg my boy
  10. Ben.

    Woodzy | Phoenix #4

    good shit
  11. So first of all some people within TFU who can pull Hunters were attempting to pull them and it tells you that you don’t have the required license or something along those lines so hunters can never be pulled and with the TFU Stealth Balaclava the full night vision does not work, have tried many things like reskinning, putting on other masks logging off ect and it never seems to work. This is only happening to the stealth version and the normal balaclava with full nvg works fine.
  12. Ben.

    I'm kinda pissed

    i mean you clearly are trying to be funny and no ones sees the humour and if you are for some reason being serious not the best place to ask is it.