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  1. Ben.


    Would also be very nice to skin the caeser in a spitfire paint. Could also have a skin like a Messerschmitt BF-109 as well so not everyone is flying the same skinned plane. There is endless possibilities and if this goes through I’m sure the graphics team could do a great job.
  2. Ben.


    hell yeah
  3. Ben.

    NLR Rule

    +1 this one
  4. Ben.


    What a boy n1
  5. Ben.

    Resigning as PM

    shut up roleplayer
  6. Ben.

    Unbanathon/ Leniency on Appeals.

    +1 allowing people to make a new account on the forums and try and get unbanned through the forums should be a thing, it’s done on many servers and people can actually get unbanned and not have to wait months on end for a reply, it also allows people to like that persons post ect showing they think that person should be back in the community, as when they do come back it might be something that effects the server as a whole. The leniency thing I think depends on what they did, sometimes I feel like people get com banned for certain things which are bs, sometimes I don’t know the problem coming up to the ban which may be more serious but then atleast if it’s on the forums as well people can actually see the things that person did. So +1 for the leniency and allowing community banned players to appeal on the forums.
  7. Ben.

    Resigning as PM

  8. Ben.


    Don’t read it then..
  9. Time Submitted: 11:21:05 PM | 02/08/19 Submitted By: Ben. (5234) In-Game Name: Ben Steam / Player ID: 76561198119558045 Date of Event: 02/08/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://stats.phoenixrp.co.uk/player/76561198119558045 https://gyazo.com/533ca345f01a5f577b53d8f4a9842cc0 Details of Event: Bought black market when you could a few months back, then it was removed, when this was discussed on doing this on a live stream a few months a go they said they would comp everyone who bought it, so it would be pretty nice if I could get my money back. Compensation Amount: 15,000,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  10. Ben.

    goodbye kiddos - ryan aazim

    Mpu roleplayer
  11. Ben.

    Mass Unban?

  12. Ben.


    Don’t think anyone has 120 hours lol. good meme
  13. Ben.


    3 kit kats and a kinder beuno