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  1. because he had enough with a shitty command who just want to remove people because of accidents, nice.
  2. him and jesse had an argument over a punishment of someone accidentally executing an officer, he disagreed with Jesse and said that a different punishment should be given, Jesse is self righteous and loves power and doesn't listen to anyone and Sean knew this so told him he would leave, it is bullshit to be blacklisted because you say you're going to leave on a fucking roleplay server on a dead game. Simply put. Sean has done more for that cop force than anyone in command previously. Sean, the one basically ran that cop force says he is going to leave if a punishment goes through and get's blacklisted, its complete horse shit and Jesse should be removed, he is a power hungry person who doesn't have any consideration for the man who ran his cop force for him. Imagine if Sean was Commissioner, this wouldn't happen, that cop force wouldn't loose their Gold Command who ran everything, you wouldn't loose people who literally made that cop force have full slots with atleast 15 of us at times. Sean knows what he is doing with in both Combat and Roleplay and can make sure everyone in that cop force has a fun time rather than an inactive Commissioner who sits in Agios for 1 Hour a week AFK to not get removed, its bullshit and he should be removed.
  3. Ben.

    Ifrit doors

    -1 just stupid, adds server lag (big fucking problem right now), and then a 1.5 million vehicle being lost like that because someone goes to unlock to decamp and gets sprayed through an open space, its just pointless and not needed.
  4. they never left they simply said if the punishment goes through hes leaving today, meaning he was going to put in his one week but Jesse took that as he was leaving right away and blacklisted him which just shows how bad this servers faction command are right now. Doesnt even speak to him or anything and just assumes hes leaving right away.
  5. Ben.


    In a bit mate
  6. Ben.


    I like free gear though
  7. +1 could be incredibly useful for situations where you cant land your heli and need to be able to eject over somewhere.
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