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  1. @Rasta Jetski fight gang base bidding please
  2. Ben.

    tiger #2

    You cant say much
  3. Time Submitted: 08:58:15 PM | 09/03/19 Submitted By: Ben. (5234) In-Game Name: zerg Steam / Player ID: 76561198119558045 Date of Event: 09/03/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/c45994bbd48be6f9d284b9e31dea911b Details of Event: Did destroyer, crox gave me 1 mil and i didnt recieve it, got evidence on my side if you need. Compensation Amount: 1 mil Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. Ben.

    Apex | Recruitment Open

    accepted, josh is a mong, msg someone for ts
  5. Ben.

    V-Items stay on person

    add on to this when it stays on your body you can still access them by clicking t
  6. Suggestion is pretty simple, stop v items dropping when you die, keep them on your body until you bleed or are executed.
  7. Ben.


    You left the forum group you cant do this smh
  8. You know what fuck my original idea, remove every combat unit, make them make a gang, give them money to start the gang up and then people actually fight then people come over and do banks, I'm a fucking genius you know
  9. Just give every cunt 762 on the server then you'll get players
  10. Ben.

    Rules feedback

  11. Beef on arma 3, you lot are pathetic if you post videos of you killing someone in a hummingbird to "prove a point" haha
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