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  1. Ben Watkins

    Buying DMS or any sort of sniper scope

    An Ironsight - Any gun and a kinder bueno (easy snipes)
  2. Ben Watkins

    Event | PhoenixRP Art Contest

    https://imgur.com/gallery/z9LwxGk This should be used it’s a master piece
  3. Ben Watkins

    Stats Page Suggestions

    Oh is it, never realised, but maybe it could be just under the vehicles name if possible
  4. Ben Watkins

    Stats Page Suggestions

    Maybe a latest vehicle that the person has bought or maybe the loadout the person has had latest to be able to find where you can spawn and what faction that loadout was with for example, like a mk1 loadout which you bought as havoc if that makes sense.
  5. Ben Watkins

    Achievement Suggestions

    become a medic main +1
  6. Ben Watkins

    Altis Life - Development Feedback

    good meme
  7. Ben Watkins

    Low Detail Mode

    been declined before
  8. Ben Watkins

    Taser initiation

    well then you say if they try and tase you they will be shot, and run
  9. Ben Watkins

    Taser initiation

    Counter taser initiate by saying if you try and tase me or if you tase me you will be shot, I believe.
  10. Ben Watkins

    Iniation Rule

    -1 current initation rules are good because you can soft initiate and they have to value there life and it stops unnecessary gun fights imo.
  11. Ben Watkins

    Reviving System

    make sure to get rasta removed from medics before incase he overdoses someone "by accident" and they loose a full loadout lmao
  12. Ben Watkins

    ¬ | Silence

    +1 this from the medic main himself
  13. Ben Watkins

    Faction Impounding

    Personally I think we should have it so it's just an impound button but a way we can still get the vehicle. There has been many times where I have crashed my car and due to arma being arma it blowing up meaning I'm stranded if Im the only medic online, meaning I have to find either someone in police, havoc or a civ thats feeling nice to give me a lift or find a random abandoned car that I can use to get to the hospital quickly. So we should be able to impound without keys for xp but still have the option to use the vehicle if needed like I said above.
  14. Ben Watkins

    SFG xD

    Not even sfg lmao