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    Yea I’ve seen this, so a cop I know recently executed someone because of the same problem, which almost caused some big shit because of it, so this defo needs to be fixed if possible, like yes you could easily read the kill log to see if you killed them but if it’s a big gun fight you forget about who you killed as you’re focused on surging and killing others. So this defo needs to be fixed if possible. Probably doesn’t make sense knowing me
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  4. Ben Watkins


    I don’t think anyone has the name so you can go to settings on the forums and change nickname or something along those lines
  5. Ben Watkins

    Virtual Gangsters

    oof maybe @Lord Pepe
  6. Ben Watkins

    Virtual Gangsters

    good luck
  7. Ben Watkins

    Bring Back Lightning Mcqueen

    Yes please
  8. Ben Watkins

    A lazy introduction. . . .

    Welcome, have a nice time
  9. Ben Watkins

    Teletubies Intelligence Agency [OPEN]

    Yes Andy is so bad can’t believe him
  10. Ben Watkins

    Teletubies Intelligence Agency [OPEN]

    A Handbook will be provided soon.
  11. Ben Watkins

    Best Way to learn to code Arma?

    thanks mate
  12. I've always been interested in beginning to learn how to code Arma, but I'm not sure where to start. Could someone maybe link me something? I've learnt basic things like HTML but not sure if this would be useful. Also what is the main programming language used? Much Appreciated if you can help. (Apologies if this is in the wrong section or has been asked before.)
  13. Ben Watkins

    vehicle refuel garage

  14. Ben Watkins

    Sold | lock and move @admin

    But I’ll pay the 1 mil to make you happy