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  1. Pingster

    Free game.

    Because you didn't clean it up. Rule of thumb is, anything after '?' can be deleted. And you always should, for various reasons, privacy being one of them. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sins-of-a-solar-empire-rebellion Thanks for the tip, though!
  2. Pingster

    APC Promotions

    Now now, don't be starting any Troubles now
  3. Pingster

    APC Promotions

    I was told you need to be in some sort of gang to get promoted or be able to join whichever department you want, guess that changed!
  4. Pingster

    Looking through floor script

    Oh people very much still do this, sadly. If someone can figure out a way to make it work without being buggy, then by all means, there's no reason not to have it. Accidentally looking through walls or otherwise, you still gain information you shouldn't. Would it work with looking through the ceiling as well, ie, when running up DMTs and jumping?
  5. Pingster

    More Events Plz

  6. Pingster

    Havoc gate at fob

    We can't open it with P.
  7. Pingster

    Instant chop shop

    What the title said, the moment it gets past 1%, it chops the vehicle.
  8. Pingster

    HAVOC camp fires

    The camp fires at HAVOC CP insta kill you if you go near them when lit. Not sure if every single time, but it happens often enough that I could reliably say it happens every time. If you're willing to admin revive me while I stand there, we can check if it happens every time!
  9. Pingster

    AMS | What can we improve?

    I definitely agree with you that roleplay needs to be varied (If I don't hear "I'm applying morphine to you, this might hurt" ever again it might be too soon!), however, at the same time, people do have to understand that we go through literal hundreds of patients, situations are going to be similar and there's only so much you can do in terms of variety. For me, I barely do any 'medical' roleplay at all, instead I engage with people and patients at the location, as that is bound to be different situations and people are more willing to roleplay when it's not about how much their pinky toe hurts but about what they've been doing and what's going on in general. Help the medics some as well, give us some cues as to what it is that you want to talk about! We do want to roleplay with people, and some people just need encouragement with it, as they might be new to the faction and not really sure if you're supposed to do stale medical roleplay, or just be chill and chat with people. Mind you, until you're a Nurse, we haven't actually vetted their roleplay ability in real situations, so it's hard to determine who is a good or a bad roleplayer until we see them in-game.
  10. Pingster

    Cyber Freak - Recommendation (Admin)

    Cyber's slowly turning into a nice guy under the careful tuition of the AMS Command!
  11. Pingster

    Havoc Checkpoint Barrier

    A button that spawns a tank that sits in front of the gate might do it
  12. Pingster

    Teamspeak icons ranks

    Defeats the purpose of removing them though, the original problem was that people had too many tags, due to departments.
  13. Pingster

    Teamspeak icons ranks

    [CM] [AMS CMD][D/MAS] [SGT] Pingster
  14. Pingster

    Teamspeak icons ranks

    More in terms of 'Who tf is this guy going about having paramedic tag, someone change their name or .. o nvm its lsms"
  15. Pingster

    Teamspeak icons ranks

    +1, as others said, department ranks are unnecessary, but faction ranks are needed! Just make sure they're different from the factions, I saw that LSMS and AMS were sharing rank tags, which got confusing when you're scrolling through the list and going "who tf is this guy"