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  1. Pingster


    No, I'm pretty sure I know what I meant....
  2. Pingster


    Looks like you stopped reading much earlier than what you quoted.
  3. Pingster


    Good, that's the end of the post, lmao. @Scarso I get that you're making a dig at me, but it seems that it's your bff that's oversensitive, apparently making a quote of rules is questioning his "role as support" lmao, insecure much.
  4. Pingster


    ngl, it's a new feature on the server (I still have no clue where/what you're meant to do to 'sign up', as there's 0 information about it on forums far as I can tell.) that's not very well documented, and you won on a technicality due to the lack of documentation. And no, I didn't get offended, nor do I particularly (or at all) care about you, what you do as a support member or as a PM. Up until yesterday I didn't even know you existed. In fact, I wasn't even replying to you, I was replying to Scarso, who seems to think that this subforum is excluded from general forum rules because it's "rp forum" and as such you may be offensive within it. Perhaps if you were less self-centered, you would have noticed that 1) I had replied to you already (Do point out where I questioned your "role as support" in this reply) 2) The post you quoted was right after Scarso's response (within minutes, in fact), and as such highly unlikely to be a response to you. Do yourself a favor and stop acting like you're better than others because you won an election on a video game and that you're so much more competent than others at whatever this role entails (must be a lot of signing up to things, if that's your qualification for being competent as a PM). Take it as a life lesson for future, it will help you when you get to a point where you're thinking about making a career for yourself, in what, 12 years or so, judging by how you're acting? I do apologise if I appear to be offensive, I merely meant to give our PM feedback on what I think of him in the office so far, based on what I've seen of him. It's just basic politics and community involvement.
  5. Pingster


    Forum Rules 3.2 Offensive Material - Do not post anything on the forums if it may be considered offensive to others in the community. Keep it to yourself or seek staff approval if you are not sure on if content is appropriate.
  6. Pingster


    If you're at a stage where you need to be let go, no one "tried" to take you hostage, you were a hostage lol. I do suppose you could lobby to move your office to Kavala square if you want to sleep better.
  7. Pingster

    Local bank needs more award?

    Before anyone goes on about 'It's about roleplay, not the money', I'll pose a few questions. If the money made is comparable to a gas station (which it is), then what was the point of adding local banks? If it's to provide variety to roleplay (We're real robbers, we rob banks, not gas stations!), and it shouldn't matter how much you get, only that you get different roleplay, why do we have Treasury, Armory and Lockup that provides better rewards? Surely we could have considerably smaller rewards instead, and make more of those. And if it is to bridge the gap between all of the above, why are only the worst part of the gas station (it's reward) and worst part of Treasury/Armory/Lockup (huge response making it incredibly difficult to escape without overwhelming force) present at the Local Bank? Certainly we could also have something good there as well, to balance it out? So yeah, +1 to OP. Either increase the rewards to the point where the response is justified or drastically reduce the number of responders. You're taking the piss by having all the cops chase you for 50k-100k, specially after killing half of them to even get to it. I get that you might be bored, but seriously, you're going to risk your entire force for a laughable amount of money, as well as risk the well being of civilians elsewhere? Treat it as a gas station and just send one patrol unit over, not NCU, TFU and every blueberry you can rustle up. And before you whinge about "Well, what else are we going to do, just ignore it?", yeah, ignore it, communicate who's responding and everyone else just resume your stuff until/unless a backup is required. It's a bloody pisstake as it is, you're not offering any roleplay if you roll up with everyone where the only realistic outcome is a gunfight or everyone going to prison. Be fair and give opportunity for other outcomes. Fair is fair in the big stuff, Armory, Treasury etc, people know the risks when they go there and the reward is worth it. And while I'm whinging about overresponding, delete panic buttons, every single officer I've ever run into it presses it the moment they see more than 1 person who look like they might have a gun that's bigger than a vermin regardless of what they've said or done up to that point. Ngl, you shouldn't be an officer if you get panic attacks so easily.
  8. Time Submitted: 12:21:55 AM | 02/15/19 Submitted By: Pingster (5221) In-Game Name: rob_martin-PC Steam / Player ID: 76561198111838536 Date of Event: 02/14/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://youtu.be/nujCx8Jw-fM Details of Event: A hacker got on (Cobra banned him moments later) at 22:56 and started spawning vehicles in and blowing them, and people up. As the explosions kept following me, I got knocked into water and couldnt be revived. Compensation Amount: 700k. Video shows the event, me pulling out 1mil to re-gear exactly the same stuff, and what's left of it afterwards (just under 300k). Includes AK12, full NVs, all the clothes, bunch of mags and virtual items. Can't post deathgear as it reports your civ gear, even tho it's the UC gear you actually lose. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  9. Pingster


    We're not doing your homework mate
  10. Pingster

    Weapons out whilst robbing the gas station

    Idk if HAVOC get preferential treatment, but I would actually lose my marbles in disbelief if I were treated this well by APC when/if we venture into your lands! Get us more of this man!
  11. Pingster


    Good lord, yes. Save a few loadouts as well.
  12. Pingster

    Industries need to go public!

    Sure have! I'm well aware most are combat oriented, but I do recall multiple times people saying there's not much to do as a rebel/civilian (aside from combat/runs). Results of that were a lot of updates bringing in stuff like deliveries, lawyers etc. This is just another thing to add to it, as well as means of making money that would very much fit into civilian life. And it provides another cash sink, which has been a reasonable focus of management for a good while now.
  13. Pingster

    Realistic day night cycle

    -1, instead, I'd much rather have certain times of the day/night extended/reduced. Ie, daytime for longer, nighttime is good now, and get rid of that eye bleeding cancerous phase where it's too light with NVGs and too dark without them. Just get rid of it.
  14. Pingster

    Bring back dms

    +1 Roaching is part of the game and it's a good cash sink.
  15. Pingster

    Industries need to go public!

    They form sentences if you put them together