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  1. Frugal Eating - Any food you consume restores 100% more of your hunger bar. Frugal Drinking - Any drink you consume restores 100% more of your thirst bar. Sweatshop Experience - Time taken to chop a vehicle is reduced by 25%. Sweatshop Experienced - Time taken to chop a vehicle is further reduced to 50%.
  2. Pingster


    Paypal me 100 quid Ill do it
  3. Pingster

    Add Tow Ropes

    Towing used to / works relatively well on Arma 2, so stands to reason it would work relatively well on Arma 3 as well. I do think, however, that this should not be used for large runs, ie, no HEMTT towing. It would make it too easy to double your hourly income without any real risk. Besides, there already exists a high-risk high reward option to doing runs, slingload a HEMTT Transport with a Huron. You'd be taking a 26.5 mil risk and replacing it with a 1.3 mil risk for the same capacity. Refund. please! I'd say largest thing you could tow might be a Zamak, and if you tow any trucks at all, the speed should immediately decrease to be max 40 or something. Use the same rules as slingloading, so you can only tow smaller vehicles, and as Spawn said, only 1 vehicle can be towed, so no trains (If you attach a vehicle, any vehicles that vehicle has attached to it get detached).
  4. Pingster

    Runs in HAVOC Lands

    I paid perk points to not have my toolkit break ever, doesn't look like devs care too much about what we do with our perks, though. If that BM gets removed/moved elsewhere, Sofia spawn isn't all that handy anyway, just to get to Weapon parts faster.
  5. Pingster


    Idk it's a ridiculous statement, I agree with you, @Stefan ° thinks he's some clever hot shit. If you still don't get it, I used his argument against you. More appropriately, that's the risk you take when you attempt to rob someone. If they comply to an order to put their hands up, you can ziptie them and take their weapon away. Regardless, there is no reason for people NOT to execute whoever they rob, and that takes away from RP, as you can no longer interact with police afterwards. Oh and @Stefan ° stop being a twat, Altis Life is a game mode that drastically changes how Arma is played. Entirely different roleplay rules.
  6. Pingster


    Then you should play minecraft if you dont wanna get shot I guess. If you want to play military simulator, why are you playing altis life lmao, which is a real life RP mode.
  7. Pingster


    Then what's the point of the initiation? "Do x or y happens to you" when in reality it's "Y is gonna happen to you, do x"
  8. Pingster


    Ok to clarify, the offending party needs to re-initiate, to rephrase it, it turns into a one-way initiation. If you comply, you shouldn't be getting shot, cos.. you know, you're complying.
  9. Pingster

    When helis collide

    What is 1st person dont break my immersion
  10. Pingster


    Right, as a medic, I've had to revive countless of people who've been robbed. I pay close attention to sidechat in terms of who gets killed, and there are countless of random people dying and getting executed to groups (indicating robberies). Myself, I always comply, and I've not lived to tell the tale once, save the very first time on the server, and I'm pretty sure that's cos they figured I've nothing to steal and felt bad enough to actually give me some money instead. Got taken hostage once, just some shittalking before an execution. Not much roleplay going on in robberies, sadly. If you comply to an order to do something or get shot, you should not get shot. In fact, it should invalidate the initiation and force you to initiate again. If there is no point in complying, then there's no point in the initiation itself, aside from validating rdm.
  11. Pingster


    "Give me everything you have on you or you gonna get shot" "Oh and after we're done taking everything from you, you gonna get shot anyway." If you assume that this is not what happens every single time, your statement is the dumbest thing I've read today and I've been on /r/tifu today. You gonna get shot regardless of what you do, your only choice in the matter is to be petty and not let them get your gear as well. Ban people who shoot and execute people after they rob them, as the initiation states "OR get shot" not "AND get shot". Not letting them live takes away from being able to call the cops or HAVOC and describe the perps. Gives them a chance to get their shit back.
  12. Pingster

    Runs in HAVOC Lands

    Another problem we have is that it's incredibly easy to pass into the HAVOC lands without anyone ever even knowing. You can spawn in Sofia and Pyrgos. Remove Sofia spawn as it gets abused for easy re-gear at the BM. Keep Pyrgos spawn, as it'll take more time to head up to BM, more chances to intercept people. If you desperately want to keep Sofia spawn, stick a few hundred land mines between Sofia and Black Market. It's only fresh respawns going there anyway. You can just fly in willy nilly, and unless you're stroking your member above CP for 3 minutes, you're not going to get OABd. Set up automatic AA turrets along the border that will rip your helicopter 200 new ones the moment you pass the border without a visa anywhere but at CP. Oh and throw one in behind the CP in case they try to skip. That's obviously a joke, but we do need a real risk factor to skipping border in a helicopter. Armed Hellcat engaging them might do it. Distributing Heat Seeking RPGs among HAVOC might also do it. I don't disagree with pushing the CP back a bit... but not in the way you're thinking. Push it back a little bit, make it longer, have a wall separating North and South, forcing traffic to go through the checkpoint, unless they use a bolt cuttable gate further down. Shouldn't interfere with illegal runs. Something like this https://imgur.com/a/pPadzQ0 Yeah I know, bunch of buildings would get nuked, bunch of salt that won't need mining from the mines, but that's life when you decide to live in a zone conquered by rebel military faction. As far as capturable zone idea goes, I don't disagree, better yet, have the bank in it. If the zone (and bank) belongs to HAVOC, all the profits from runs on HAVOC lands get 50% increase, while all the profits from runs on APC lands get 25% decrease. Oh and same goes for HAVOC and APC paychecks. On top of that, since HAVOC and APC will be fighting for the zone, they will be restricted from fighting for the bank, since that makes no sense. Instead, whoever controls the zone has to defend the bank if the rebels attack it. Have two gold buyers, one on HAVOC side that's only active if bank is on the cop side, and one on cop side that's only active if bank is on the cop side. Also, to not make it a DM fest, only permit 2 changes of hand per week. Have it be treated similarly as to how bank is, can only attack with X amount of players from opposite faction on, put out a server wide broadcast (as well as a message on the map, same way robbing a gas station changes to Robbery in Progress), and that'll stop innocents from getting hurt. Idk some other cool shit to make it more interesting to come to HAVOC. People only move their asses if there's money involved, so throw some money at the problem.
  13. Pingster

    Nerfed redgull and tac bacon

    I don't know if this is intended, but I didn't see it in the changelog. Both Tactical Bacon and RedGull only restore 40% of Food/Water, prior to the update they restored full Food/Water (Or maybe 90+, I never really went down to 5-10 F/W, but I've been told it's full).
  14. Pingster

    When helis collide

    So I went out on a medical patrol. Met @Hunt3r .This is how it went down. **Make sure your sound is on** Edited by @InfinityGB
  15. Pingster

    Tazer rule change

    It's what legally makes it okay to have a rifle, it's not an excuse.