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  1. Sanders


  2. I agree with @Obsidianwe do deserve something in return, I think it should be similar to DELTA aswell though. I do realise there is a lot of money to be spent within delta but that is choice.
    1. Cobra★


      Just read about it as well. RIP FeelsBadMan

    2. Blackstone


      Rest In Peace. He had some f*cking good music

  3. Sanders

    Role play names

    Why should people be restricted on what their name is on a game server.
  4. I swear adam im getting sick of finding you every where i go

  5. Sanders


    Wait your elijah johnson? Still hope you aint drove through cities
  6. Sanders

    Arma 4 leak

    Nothing said yet. I do not think this is takistan, Altis is 7400km away according to Image 1.
  7. Sanders

    Arma 4 leak

  8. Sanders

    Arma 4 leak

    Got this from a friend of mine with some extreme contact, I can't announce who for obvious reasons! excited?
  9. Sanders

    Cops pay for 7.62

    I cannot be arsed to read the comments to this but heres my opinion. You can get money as you please, just like cops and other factions. Although your loadout is expensive we have to make restrictions, if you are a part of some massive gang like TITAN and have all players with 7.62s then you have a clear advantage, whereas at maximum you'd find 3 CT with 7.62 and maybe even 4 at the HM (Which should be your biggest worry). So why at a position of you lot having maybe 15-20 7.62s and cops having a maximum of 7 restricted weapons.
  10. Sanders

    Nice RP with Richard Dutch and Sanders Alphin

    Dont lie to them richie. You drove us and blew us up!
  11. Altis Police Patrol, come tune in <3 https://www.twitch.tv/adamrge

  12. Happy Birthday bro!

  13. Sanders

    is this how all cops feel?


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