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  1. Eagle

    Bad at game cautious when recruiting
  2. You are my life my grandad my dad I told me he didn't want it so he didn't have a reason why not he just said I have no reason other things are like this.

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  4. Echo

    Sappnin Echo
  5. Player Report - [PAV] srednaS - 06/04/17

    Mate you can even see what is going on in this footage, your internet was shit or the server was crashing as at the end you time out. Me and Ivy are going to work something out tomorrow as it was a dodgy situation, it was either my internet crashing or server lag. We'll keep you updated on what happens on Teamspeak.
  6. Player Report - [PAV] srednaS - 06/04/17

    Can this report be delayed, discussion with Ivy is mid way and needs to be started again tomorrow.
  7. Player Report - [PAV] srednaS - 06/04/17

    Really? You think im lag switching, I pushed up, didn't record it as it was a shit kill but I can tell you i aint lag switching. As said on teamspeak It wouldnt take 15seconds to push that tower, ill see If i recorded and show my POV.
  8. Player Report - [PAV] srednaS - 06/04/17

    <21:03:18> "Kazzit": yo <21:03:20> "Kazzit": im here <21:03:26> "Sanders": wONT BE LONG LAD <21:04:06> "Kazzit": ?? <21:04:14> "Kazzit": huh? <21:04:17> "Sanders": 2sec <21:04:18> "Kazzit": You wanna solve this or not <21:04:27> "Kazzit": Its because i didnt combat logg <21:04:39> "Kazzit": And i died for you for no reason <21:04:46> "Kazzit": Maybe you are a hacker <21:05:00> "Kazzit": Because i dont even know how i died for you <21:05:18> "Sanders": What do you want out of the report mate <21:05:24> "Sanders": id happily comp your googles <21:05:26> "Sanders": goggles <21:05:27> "Kazzit": wait <21:05:33> "Kazzit": Ahahah <21:05:56> "Kazzit": h <21:06:00> "Kazzit": well what is that? <21:08:55> "Kazzit": ?? <21:09:02> "Sanders": 2sec in a gunfight <21:09:07> "Sanders": U mustve lagged lad <21:09:18> "Kazzit": i didnt even saw the gun fight... <21:09:24> "Sanders": Yeah im in a gunfight rn <21:09:27> "Sanders": u took Maiko <21:09:28> "Sanders": in estrains <21:09:33> "Sanders": and u musve lagged <21:09:45> "Kazzit": i didnt ... <21:09:56> "Kazzit": Because i was on my car <21:10:00> "Kazzit": And i was seeing all ok <21:10:05> "Sanders": you stopped for me <21:10:07> "Sanders": So I tapped u <21:10:30> "Kazzit": anyway i didnt combat logg <21:10:37> "Sanders": What do you want for the report <21:10:40> "Sanders": i dont care about your stuff <21:10:42> "Kazzit": and i died for an unknown reason i dont know why <21:10:47> "Kazzit": Ok <21:10:57> "Kazzit": And i dont like people like you who doesnt know play altis life <21:11:06> "Sanders": kk this is the status on resolving Was willing to comp, couldn't careless about the combat logging and don't believe he wants to resolve.
  9. Player Report - [PAV] srednaS - 06/04/17

    Right first off, you did not try to resolve this with me, secondly you robbed my Friend Maiko and took him in a car combat logged with him locked in it, returned to the same location and then got robbed. I would happily resolve this with you on teamspeak if you wanted to but doesn't seem you wanted anything other than "Taking it to the admins"
  10. [PAV] Pavilion

    Lets go.
  11. hope to see you here soon son xoxo

  12. b4ec8474139bf3ad6b7a978613e0bf63.png who de fuq u calling a hobo

  13. Adam

  14. Adam