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  1. What the fuck kinda household does this guy live in.
  2. Did you finally come out the closet?

  3. Sanders

    George Ezra - Shotgun

    This song's been out for ages yet your only posting it now
  4.  streaming a bit of Arma, first day back. come along x

  5. Sanders

    A&D is fun.

    Moved to General Discussion.
  6. Sanders

    Make SCO19 into a response unit

    SCO19 is incharge of all of it. AR patrols regularly and TST patrol when warrants and other things are taking place by AR.
  7. Sanders

    Make SCO19 into a response unit

    SCO19 does patrol. ARV (Armed Response Cars consisting of AFOs) and TSTs (Tactical Support Team consisting of SFOs)
  8. I love this guys accent man hahahah 


    1. Jackson Conlon

      Jackson Conlon

      oi michael d went to my school last year xD

  9. Fuck.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sig


      Third time's the charm?

    3. Jord


      I don't even know if this is the third time or the fourth or fifth. @Sig

    4. Roy Lester
  10. First day back on Altis is eventful 🙂

  11. Sanders

    Targaryen Fragtage ;)

    People still use Grime in montages?? lmao..