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  1. If it isn’t a song about killing them, or any type of discrimination against them. Then ofcourse
  2. If you think this is normal, i dont think i can take you seriously
  3. cleaning_keyboard_x.jpg

    ^ Max

    1. Ace Boyden
    2. Max


      Finally now i can type i got new keyboard, I hate you sanders 🚶‍♂️:61_sob:.

      It feels like alive again :10_wink:XD

  4. 24 hour ban, but I still feel it was unnecessary
  5. Nobody said your name in a support case or in this report, stop being so paranoid thinking we're doxing you.
  6. yeh so obvious Get your facts right before you accuse us of doxing shit.
  7. Of me sending what. I didn't send shit
  8. yh well delete ur screenshot so ur face isnt there.
  9. Time Submitted: 12:17:41 AM | 05/17/19 Submitted By: Sanders (52) In-Game Name: Sanders Steam / Player ID: JSN8oX7ON/eZM33LM7NyhmnhNm0= Administrator who issued ban: Frank Castle Date of ban: 05/17/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned after I called Embers a retard as a joke after he joined having a laugh as we're good mates. What reason was given for your ban? You are banned temporarily. Reason: "[TB] Personal Attack | SANDERS | Frank | Appeal at PhoenixRP.co.uk" Why should you be unbanned? Me and embers were having a joke after he joined talking to me. Embers took it as a joke and no offence was taken. I want to play as a cop and I think that this ban isn't necessary. What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
  10. Stop with the random shit and foucs on the report jack`
  11. You reported us because you want us banned, you don't care if you want us to improve or fix our mistakes, at the end of it all, your out for blood.
  12. Jimmy, we joined the channel, you said you wanted us banned and you were here for the case number.
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