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  1. #PhoenixRP Developers needed for Tanoa LIfe

    1. Jack B. Knight ❤️

      Jack B. Knight ❤️


    2. Messiah


      I have been wanting to move back to Tanoa 😎

  2. Sanders

    Customisable HUD Position

    Myself and another couple users play on 21;9 aspect ratio. The HUD FiveM doesn't fit it properly, for example, the compass or vehicle dashboard on the left hand side. This then overlaps with the map, I've had to disable map which makes it difficult for me as an Officer to help out other units. Is there a way for it to be toggled or positioned by the user? Or even a custom min-map which properly adheres to 21:9.
  3. Sanders

    Forum Names

    plus it looks sexy x
  4. Sanders

    Forum Names

    Make the Colour/Animation of peoples name appear on the profile aswell as just the title. Fine example using @spodre and @David B - Using inspect element. https://i.gyazo.com/18d717be9f4c9edb04f4d9e1ed764282.mp4 https://gyazo.com/e8826d1d9f00c21d483ca9e57ef9f55c
  5. Sanders

    Oh Wonder

    These two are soo fucking mesmerizing.
  6. Sanders

    PhoenixRP #2 | C O Z Z 4

  7. Back on FiveM streaming

    @Ryan Wilson pls no snipe

    1. Ryan Wilson

      Ryan Wilson

      you're lucky i was out

  8. Sanders

    change the color back

    What difference does it make to their role
  9. Sanders

    Some suggestions that will help rebel life

    +1 to everything but guns dropping. It causes too much issues for staff and players which I’ve witnessed on other servers. EpiPens should be expensive if they’re introduced.
  10. Sanders

    TiT | Titty's [OPEN]

    I will not comment further under suspicion of my arrest for providing porn to children now pls clear this topic and keep it on track
  11. Sanders

    TiT | Titty's [OPEN]

    Your too young to look at this page, please depart.
  12. Sanders

    TiT | Titty's [OPEN]

    ye we can use your tits
  13. Hows life being stuck with @fisher?

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    2. Sanders


      you cant live without him.

    3. CaaaM_


      just like you cant live without me

    4. Sanders



  14. 3.5 Gang Initiation - If you or a gang member are involved in initiation, any other identifiable gang members are also initiated. You must have gang tags set in game using the Gang System to take advantage of Gang Initiation. Gang initiation does not count for allied gangs, they must initiate separately. If we were initiated with your gang, aka your friend not complying, then initiation is active with your gang. He peaked at the start of initiation to prove he had a gun, i watched it. You were looking away.
  15. You looked away in your video, I legit watched the guy initiate and peak out of cover during initiation to show he was visably armed, you decided to look away and I don't see how it's our fault. We shouldn't be moving around to your eye sight to show that we're armed, we are visable if you decided to look when initiation started.