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  1. Altis Freedom Force

    What is your in-game name? Harleyyy WilsoNNN How old are you? 14 Any Previous bans? If so please state them: I don't Really have any previous bans Detailed character RP story: My name is Harley and I was Born in Tanoa with my mom and my dad and my dad was apart of a Military Program. so I didn't get to see him a lot some years later my best friend past away and I remember the tear in my eye roll down my chin. then his mom called me and asked what happened and me and him were going around the block and somebody came with a knife you could see the blood on the knife dripping from the tip of it he started to run at us and started screaming and trying to rob us my friend resisted and got stabbed I remember the terrifying scream he had some months later I was apart of the APC with my best friend brother birdy we did our very first patrol and I remember it so clearly that it was a gang called Titan they started shooting at us and birdy got shot and I got a lot of flash backs and started tearing up and then I took my tazer out and tazed two of them but it was really hard to aim because of the tears and then I joined HAVOC and was apart of the havoc program Called HSOS and was a Good an loyal S/sgt. Why do you wish to join AFF? I wanna be apart of the AFF because I see a lot of Citizens children be taken from there family and i'd like to stop all of the rebels and I have always seen AFF as a honor to be in. and I have good comms Have you ever encountered AFF before? If so what was the experience like? I have ones and the roleplay was good and fun
  2. @Harley

  3. TITAN | recruitment page [OPEN]

    Application form What is your in-game name?Harleyyy WilsoNNN Your steamID 76561198154395316 How old are you? 14 In what country do you live? i live in Denmark How many hours do you have on Arma 3? ive been 6-7 months on PhoenixRP? What are your previous gangs? Vanquish Seismic and ADF What are your strengths? CQB and Medium Range Comms and Flying skills What are your weaknesses? Lag and Snipers Have you been banned before? If yes then why? yeah ones CL Why would you like to join TITAN? (50+ words) i want to be apart of TITAN Because its the Gang i see Interest in and Want to Meet some new people and do bank and Get Some Money Define roleplay in your own words. Roleplay is where you Play a Role and assume other characters
  4. Seismic | s | Recruitment | Closed

  5. Seismic | s | Recruitment | Closed

    Im So Confused Denied or Accepted
  6. Seismic | s | Recruitment | Closed

    ~ Template ~ Name: Harleyyy WilsoNNN Age:14 Hours:984 Steam ID:76561198154395316 Why you want to Seismic: i Want to be apart Of Sesmic Because Thats The Only Gang i See thats interesting and Be with Some Nice People and get Some Fatty P What can you bring to Seismic:i can bring My amazing Comms and My Shooting Skills And My Good RP RP Skills 1-10: 10 Combat Skills 1-10: 9 Rebel license is a must
  7. Seismic | s | Recruitment | Closed

    Nathan you Combat Thirsty Little Guy
  8. New gang post has been posted.

    Harley For Senior Member Bcs Im a OG RP'er
  9. Fuck The System

  10. Only big boy Blackfish

    Blackfish for free ? BCS I am Part Canadian
  11. Flash Bangs

    stewie we are in same gang ey special deals for some asian noodles
  12. Flash Bangs

    @Zinner Yeah pls do Thx
  13. Cant Stop Crying and laughing

    m8 its Nathans Face LOL
  14. Cant Stop Crying and laughing

    @Little N Im Sorry and its nathans face coming out of the gun Barrel

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