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  1. Birdy

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    Battle.net tag: aanddbird#21451 Are you level 25?: Yes Are you endorsement level 2?: No Prefered roll: Tank or Defence SR Rating: 2400-2500 Main team or reserve: Reserve Which heroes can you play well: I play Roadhog, Junkrat well | learning Dva, Reinhardt, Reaper Bastion
  2. Birdy


    You mean outplayed you, and got you own Italian friend to surrender.
  3. Birdy

    10 million giveaway

  4. Check Steam sir communist

  5. Birdy


    -1 APC had ghost hawk way ages ago the main problem is that most people cant take it down, it's already hard to remove a helicopter from the sky and with a heavily armed one its become 10x harder, just my opinion tho : P
  6. The General farmed when DELTA was Havoc and when Havoc was able to farm so when CP was dead he did runs. @TeddyBear
  7. Birdy


    Happy Birthday
  8. Birdy

    EYYYYY BIG giveaway

  9. Birdy

    EYYYYY BIG giveaway

    Sad to see you go, Harley, after I dragged you here. Lova ya
  10. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/jo-bird-1

    This is sadly the truth.

    Please help me get back on my feet.

  11. Birdy

    Fish + Turtles

    Batesy relax, we know you want the fish fixed just wait for a dev to comment.
  12. Birdy

    Happy Birthday!

  13. Birdy

    Fish + Turtles

    I do wish they were better as then we could do some relaxing RP
  14. Birdy

    Nick Richards, the CSO