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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Fish + Turtles

    I do wish they were better as then we could do some relaxing RP
  3. Nick Richards, the CSO

  4. Nice picture kayle +1

    1. Harry
    2. Kayle Ravelle

      Kayle Ravelle

      I know it was you, Harry.

      I'm keeping it - you should edit the Tecco logo over Tesco.

    3. Kevin


      Harry can not operate Photoshop, just like he can not operate SQL.

  5. Player Report - R - 02/11/18

    Rabs will be banned for 4 days for RDM.
  6. Lottery

    Kazz Smells
  7. !!FLASH SALE!! Recon CSAT Fatigues

    25k :3
  8. !!FLASH SALE!! Recon CSAT Fatigues

    15k @Matty I'm getting this one

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