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  1. Birdy

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    Battle.net tag: aanddbird#21451 Are you level 25?: Yes Are you endorsement level 2?: No Prefered roll: Tank or Defence SR Rating: 2400-2500 Main team or reserve: Reserve Which heroes can you play well: I play Roadhog, Junkrat well | learning Dva, Reinhardt, Reaper Bastion
  2. Birdy

    10 million giveaway

  3. Birdy


    -1 APC had ghost hawk way ages ago the main problem is that most people cant take it down, it's already hard to remove a helicopter from the sky and with a heavily armed one its become 10x harder, just my opinion tho : P
  4. The General farmed when DELTA was Havoc and when Havoc was able to farm so when CP was dead he did runs. @TeddyBear
  5. Birdy


    Happy Birthday
  6. Birdy

    EYYYYY BIG giveaway

    Sad to see you go, Harley, after I dragged you here. Lova ya
  7. Birdy

    Fish + Turtles

    Batesy relax, we know you want the fish fixed just wait for a dev to comment.
  8. Birdy

    Fish + Turtles

    I do wish they were better as then we could do some relaxing RP
  9. Birdy

    Player Report - R - 02/11/18

    Rabs will be banned for 4 days for RDM.
  10. Birdy


    Kazz Smells
  11. @JackPoulter can you please explain this
  12. Birdy

    HSOS Base | Havoc Outpost

    HSOS base is only for HSOS at the time as the name implies
  13. I was the commanding officer at the point, I had my face covered up. One of the reasons you where treated harshly was there was a patrol group was killed they said they were following three box hemits heading to outpost so when we arrived with them being shot down we acted harshly, as I said I didn't get told to come to support so I am a bit confused on that part if you tried to call Navill that ok another than that I'm willing to pay the gear cost and if you wish and I wish we could talk a bit on Thursday.