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  1. It was the meeting shoutout that did it
  2. As the accused has not replied, i will temporarily be banning him until he speaks to staff where he will receive a warning for VDM. @DylanJames You can request comp.
  3. Hi @DylanJames, I have no record of you attempting to resolve this with the accused. I see you went to support, but no evidence was provided. I will give 24 hours for a reply from the accused, so you can attempt to resolve it!
  4. Just remove guns and then theres no arguement
  5. Add no nlr in the redzone but disable grave robbing in redzones. This stops people just using the same gear and solves one of your problems of wanting people to spend more money Zinner.
  6. Hi @Max, Can you please send me your proof!
  7. Declined you will be unbanned at 2020-01-04 22:14:47
  8. Player Report Accepted. George has been issued a 5 day ban for RDM. @Grongo you can request comp through a Compensation Request.
  9. The accused has 24 hours to reply
  10. Accepted. Money will be in your account at 4am restart
  11. Accepted Money will be in your account at 4pm restart
  12. Compensation Request Issued £4,800,000 will be issued as there is no guarantee you would have finished the run.
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