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  1. Wellsy

    Ban Appeal - Randy - 06/26/20 - Altis Life

    Unbanned, you must provide a POV is asked by a staff member, otherwise this ban will be reinstated.
  2. @Father boomer You can threaten a medic to leave an area by all means, but once a medic starts the reviving process i.e. opening the medical tablet and treating the wounds of the patient, they are in medical custody. This is the first instance that i personally have seen of this being an issue. Now it has been bought up to us, we will review this rule to resolve any confusion any future players may have. The best way for you to resolve that situation would have been to ask the medic to leave, threaten him and then you could have executed the individual. No further action needed.
  3. Wellsy

    Ban Appeal - Devvo - 06/25/20 - TeamSpeak

    In that situation you didn't seem to care what the outcome of your actions was. Its unacceptable to use that language on our platforms. Any further repetition you will find it very difficult to reappeal. Unbanned.
  4. @Justin Smithy To ensure that combat wasn't still going on can you provide the 3 minutes to see when people were last executed or incapacitated. I don't know exactly what you said as you didn't record your own voice, but it looks as if you just started reviving the guy without asking him or IZR about the active sit. You need to value your life as a medic and not just start reviving people. If you can get me a longer video then we can continue. @Father boomer We judge in-game rulebreaks on server rules, not against the faction rules. If you have an issue with the way Justin acted then speak to the NHS command team, I believe the uniform has already been noted by them. As the server rule states: "4.5 Medical Custody - A player being revived is automatically in medical custody until the medic has discharged them." This means, when the medic starts interacting with the civilian/cop, they are in medical custody, i.e. in this situation, the saline being applied. The same goes for the NHS rules by the way, "starts reviving".... I know this as i most recently edited the handbook. If you think the rule is too ambiguous then feel free to put a rule suggestion in, but people don't usually struggle to understand it. For the NHS handbook speak to the current command team.
  5. Wellsy

    phoenix is dead

    Feel free to make constructive posts with suggestions on how the community can improve. Locked.
  6. I feel like this dispute could have been easily resolved in support. Maistro, from my personal experience and what i have heard from others, you seem to be very fast to want to report people. You must always try your best to resolve a situation and i believe you could have done better here. Strafola believed he had a valid initiation on you, but you presented the evidence that he did not. Fantastic, misunderstanding, easy resolve! Strafola make sure you are closer next time. In reference to you not being able to taser in the GZ, this violates the GZ rule for having the weapon out: Anything considered a crime is not permitted in a green zone - Having an illegal weapon out breaks that rule. I will issue you you with a warning for this. @Strafola No further action needs to be taken. Try to be more willing to realistically resolve situations in the future! @MAISTRO_TR Report Actioned
  7. Wellsy

    Player Report - L U K E - 06/15/20 - Altis Life

    @Luke Bowen you can clearly see from the reporters video that you didn't give him enough time to comply with the warning shots. I will issue you with a warning point for RDM.
  8. Hi @Cliffoff_Unban feel free to appeal your community ban via [email protected] It would probably help to wait until your infistar/global bans are unbanned before sending the email. Ban appeal declined.
  9. Wellsy

    Player Report - L U K E - 06/15/20 - Altis Life

    @Luke Bowen Do you think you gave the chopper enough time between your warning shots and when you full opened fire on it? Remember warning shots act as a command for an air vehicle to leave the airspace (by landing or flying away).
  10. Wellsy


    If it was to be done, this quiet time would be the best. I get that a lot of people won't like it, but one thing that's been missing for a while is people making money. When people to runs, it give rebels something to do and both factions something to do (illegal runs). Currently you can gear up instantly and not have to worry thanks to numerous broken runs in the past. The only real interactions are between cops and civs doing local banks or gas stations. Obviously the inclusion of the second faction will help with interactions, but in the past, robbing runs and stopping illegal runs has been massive. People haven't had to do a run properly in a year or so thanks to the runs that made you 100's of millions in a week.
  11. Accepted
  12. Your vehicles will be back in your garage, you don't lose them when you blow up. You also shouldn't have lost your gear as you disconnected before dying. If not let me know. Compensation request declined
  13. Not a paid promotion, this guy just keeps stalking me... help
  14. Remember you must always stay in character @Krille when in game. Send a dispute, no need to break RP in this way in future. Just a verbal warning, nothing further.
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