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  1. From reviewing the evidence provided, there is no way to see who it is exactly ramming you in the green quilin so i will not be taking action on that. As you guys have resolved this issue with compensation. All i will be issuing is Warnings to SDl1 Sub-Zero and SDL1 Poo for Roleplay Standard. This is due to a low level of RP between the initiation and execution.
  2. You must understand that abusing your faction whitelisting is a very serious offence. However after reading your appeal and speaking to the admin that banned you, i see you understand what you have done wrong and that you regret it, so i am willing to give you another chance. Do not make this mistake again. You will be unbanned at 15:00 on 29/06/2019. Ban Appeal Accepted.
  3. Compensation Request Accepted £185500 will be deposited at restart.
  4. Hi Kevin, I will be dealing with this player report. The accused has 24 hours to respond while i review the evidence.
  5. Ban appeal declined due to multiple appeals. @RunF0rY0urLIf3 you already have an open appeal, don't post multiple.
  6. Okay John from reading your response, I believe over the last week you have learnt from this mistake, so I am going to give you another chance on the server. However any future repeat of this rule break will make it very difficult for you to be unbanned. Ban Appeal Accepted Welcome back.
  7. Hi @John Adolf I am going to be dealing with your appeal. I first want to stress that discrimination like this is not tolerated on the PhoenixRP community in any form. If I was to give you another chance, how can I trust that you aren't going to make this mistake again in the future?
  8. Hi Billie, I have read through the notes on this ban and spoke to those involved at the time. When playing on the community you must take responsibility for your actions whether drunk or not. In this case you broke the VDM rule multiple times. Therefore I believe you should sit out the remainder of your ban. In this time I suggest you refresh yourself with the rules, so that you are ready to return on the 24th and to ensure this will not happen again. Ban appeal declined You will be unbanned on 24/06/2019 at 22:35.
  9. @JamesJJ personally I do not see this as a high enough standard of roleplay. When you have a hostage, they should be given a high standard of roleplay, especially when they are complying with you and giving you no reason to kill them. Saying you are upsetting me and then shooting instantly is not the type of rolplay we want to see. I shall therefore be accepting this player report and issuing a warning to James' account for Rolplay Standard. It will not be a ban this time but i would appreciate it if you could come and speak to either me or Community Representative @Theodore, regarding your roleplay in this situation.
  10. Hi Andrew, I will be dealing with this report. I will give the accused @JamesJJ 24 hours to reply while i review the evidence.
  11. I am going to be accepting your appeal. If you make the same mistake again, it will be very difficult to get unbanned. Before you play on the server ensure you read the rules, as there has been some major changes since you last played. Ban Appeal Accepted
  12. Locked and Moved
  13. Good to have you back! Not been much governor interaction in the last 2 weeks..... Good luck
  14. Hi Tiyler i will be dealing with your appeal. Firstly i would like to state that hostility towards a medic is one of the severs most fundamental rules. They are there to help everyone and harm like this should never happen to them, as you have acknowledged. How can i be sure that you won't make this mistake again?
  15. Welcome back man, if you need anything the support team is happy to help!
  16. If this is possible, it would make the server more unique +1
  17. Yeah they should be used by the group that owns the base at the time. -1
  18. I think high end robbery, maybe have two on police side and one on Havoc side that they are responsible for.
  19. Welcome to support mukka

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  20. Sounds good mate, always good to bring extra stuff for rebels to interact with!
  21. @David B can you close this, they have just met in support and resolved it. Case ID: 15949
  22. Makes sense, would be positive for rp
  23. Heval executing me: https://plays.tv/video/5ced57e935e92cfc3e
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