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  1. Can we get air strikes that can be called to destroy the snipers?
  2. Fuck it just remove guns then @Michael can have his ultimate RP
  3. Unbanned! Make sure you set this up for next time!
  4. @Allah feel free to answer the question Why should you be unbanned? now you know what you did wrong.
  5. Hi @Allah I will be dealing with your appeal. I would like to start off by tellin you what you did wrong. You were banned as a result of the above player report. It was judged that your friend did initiate on the APC, however as you were not using the in game group tag system, group initiation was not valid (see altis life rule 3.4). Therefore when you killed the cop, you were at breach of rule 1.2 RDM as you did not have a valid initiation, due to not having group tags. For future reference group tags can be set on the Y menu on the group tab.
  6. Fuck it lets move bank to Kav GZ
  7. This has been resolved in support ID: 18654 Player Report Declined.
  8. Dylan came to support after this to talk to me about it case ID: 18656
  9. Accepted Compensation issued at 12am restart
  10. Warning for RDM issued to John O'Connor Player Report Accepted
  11. @[email protected] O'Connor Are you guys going to meet in support to resolve this?
  12. I will leave this on hold until your active player report has been actioned. In future, do not make a compensation request until it has been actioned as it may be declined!
  13. I will be dealing with this report. As the RDM rule states, you do not have to kill someone for it to be RDM. 1.2 RDM - RDM is shooting, using rubber bullets, knocking someone out and/or killing another player without adhering to Roleplay Standard and Valid Initiation. You must give the other party enough time to comply with your demands and consider their actions before you engage. Therefore @John O'Connor is liable to RDM as he did not give the other party enough time to comply. As the two parties have not had a chance to resolve this in support, i would like to give you both the chance to do this before going any further. Please comment on this post if a resolution has been agreed, if not after 24 hours i will continue with the report.
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