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  1. Compensation Request Declined due to the player report being declined.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I will be accepting this appeal based on my belief that you have changed. Again I cannot stress how unacceptable it is to not use this language, do not let this happen again! Ban Appeal Approved
  3. Hi @Jambo I will be actioning your appeal. Firstly I can see that this is not your first issue regarding banks. I understand you say this case was a mistake done out of frustration, however you really have to be careful with major crimes as actions like this can ruin the experience of the gang and is very irritating for the faction command and Admins to sort out. In this case I'm willing to give you another chance. You will be unbanned on the 26th at 22:52, after 7 days from your ban. Don't let this happen again, or you may find it very difficult to appeal. Ban Appeal Accepted
  4. @larry239 Having looked into your ban, I will say that the way you were behaving is not acceptable in this community under any circumstances. I would like you to reply with a lot more detail into why you should be unbanned and how i can trust you to not use language like this on the server again.
  5. This has now been resolved in support Case ID: 17590 Player Report Declined
  6. @Brooklyn @Zac I suggest you both meet up in support to give you a chance to resolve it. Comment on the report when this is done or if there are any issues.
  7. Okay Undead I will be giving you another chance. If you made a mistake like this in the future, I suggest you are willing to listen to the admin informing you of your rule break and be polite to them. Also don't put more that one appeal in it results in forum warning points. Ban appeal accepted.
  8. @undead you have 24 hours to reply or the appeal will be declined.
  9. After thoroughly discussing this rule with other Admins and Staff Leads, we came to the conclusion that it was meant to be read in two parts. However i can see why this is confusing for some, based on how it is written. We will be looking to revise it in the future. The VDM is very difficult to give judgement on based on the limited evidence provided, however with the fact that it's Zac's friend getting robbed, it is clear you are trying to cause disruption to the robbing with it. As the rule states, Players do sometimes clip each other with vehicles. If an apology is made due to an ‘Accident’ This is not VDM. You just drove off with no attempt to apologise. With all things considered form this report, I will be issuing a Warning for VDM and fleeing to the Greenzone. Take this is a let off Zac, future rulebreaks will not be taken lightly. Player Report Actioned.
  10. Hi @undead, can you tell me how i can trust you won't let this happen again?
  11. @Zac Has 24 hours to respond to the report.
  12. @jarcz When you initiate in your video, you are behind your vehicle and at a great distance from the cop you are initiating on. As per the RDM rule, you must have a valid initiation. The player initiation rule states: 3.1 Player Initiation - Initiating on another player and/or gang can only happen through Direct Chat and must be clear enough for the other party to hear. The player initiating must be visible to those he/she is initiating on as otherwise there is no way for the other player to verify that their life is in danger. In your video you initiate while you are both behind your quilin and at a distance i would deem to far to hear from the individual. Therefore this is RDM. Judging by your history, it is clear that you aren't learning key rules like this. So therefore i will be issuing a 5 day DSC ban. Take this as an opportunity to learn these rules properly as next time the punishment will be much more severe. Player Report Accepted
  13. Hector is a support member, I am an Admin. His job is to try and resolve disputes between players and give his opinion as advice. Mine is to give a definitive answer in situations like this. If Hector was in my position right now of whether to issue a punishment he would also ensure there was the valid evidence. I'm sure Hector was just giving his opinion based on what you told him / the footage you provided. However in a player report if I do not have the evidence i will not hand out punishment. Therefore I will be declining this player report for a lack of evidence.
  14. @Johnny Price Can you please confirm whether you have any further evidence?
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