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    Accepted Join SAINTS TS open room
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    +1 Playing as a rebel is very frustrating at the minute. By having high risk, high reward runs you create a more exciting experience for rebels on the server. Echoing what Kiran said, it's hardly worth the grind currently, due to the low reward, which I think is lowering the rebel count on the server.
  4. Time Submitted: 10:44:55 PM | 11/07/18 Submitted By: Charlie Wong (5086) Your In-Game Name: Charlie Wong Who are you reporting?: JagerBandit Time/Date of event: 22:15 - 07/11/2018 Rule's Broken: 1.2 / 3.1 Explain what happened: The guy was robbing a gas station so we chased him for around 5 minutes, when he jumped out and ran into the airport so we taser initiated, he turns and shoots me with no counter initiation. I disputed and he failed to come to support. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5be366b27589af2f37 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Cobra☆
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    Sgt Charlie Wong

    Cheers boys, turns out getting taking hostage was the most fun thing to happen for a while. I was as happy as Larry! They did want them donuts back didn't they expensive things
  6. Time Submitted: 10:18:31 PM | 10/30/18 Submitted By: Charlie Wong (5086) In-Game Name: [3RD] Chaarlie Wong Steam / Player ID: 76561198273203580 Date of Event: 10/30/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): Loadout -> https://plays.tv/video/5bd8d63d42304afda5 Details of Event: Hacker chucked me up in the air at around 9:45 tonight. Compensation Amount: Type 115 Black: 250,000 6.5mm mags: 1,100 x9 = 9,900 Police operation vest:: 135,000 Assassin helmet: 13,000 Combat fatigues: 26,000 RCO: 10,000 Bipod: 35,000 Backpack: 7,500 Balaclava: 9,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
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    Good luck boys!
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    New gang
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    Gang Base - Auction (October)

    Gang Name: TOONS Gang Base: Molos Bay Bid: 40,000,002
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    Gang Base - Auction (October)

    Gang Name: TOONS Gang Base: Molos Bay Bid: 30,000,001
  13. Charlie Wong


    I'm not sure if this is broken, but I have not been able to rob people of money properly for months now. When I try and scroll over someone who has surrendered or has been knocked out, it says pickpocket but is red and when clicked does nothing. I have Advanced rebel, my mate has blackmarket and neither of us can do it. If this is broken, can we get a fix please as many moneys have been lost trying to rob people and I don't want to have to kill them to take the money as its just poor rp. Charlie Wong
  14. Charlie Wong

    SAINTS | Open

    SAINTS Gang background: The Saints had humble beginnings. The gang originally operated out of an abandoned church in a district of Stilwater known as Saints Row. Even though they started small, the Saints always had high aspirations. After fights on the streets of Stilwater, destruction in Steelport and Dominating the USA, taking over the White House Now the Saints are looking challenges further a field. The shores of Altis are dominated by small timers, The Saints are ready to stamp their authority on the island. Gang Roster Gang Command Structure General | Julius Little Lieutenant General | Oleg Kirrlov - Johnny Gat - Benjamin King Major General | CheapyD - Troy Bradshaw - Zimos Gang Requirements - Must understand the server rules - Willing to roleplay at all times - Good understanding of Arma mechanics - Rebel licence - Must use recording software (Plays) Application Format In game name - Steam ID - Age - Arma 3 hours - What can you bring to the gang - Any Previous Gangs - Accepted applications can join the SAINTS TeamSpeak open room to continue the recruitment process
  15. Charlie Wong

    Nerf Ecstacy runs!

    Its very easy to rob someone at dealer or field in my opinion. I think that justifies the high price. In regards to making it highly illegal, it could be thought of in the same way moonshine is to Havoc. Any drug is highly illegal to the police, so if they see anyone at agios dealer, they will act. Most people doing ecstasy will go to Havoc dealer though.