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  1. Hi Andrew, I will be dealing with this report. I will give the accused @JamesJJ 24 hours to reply while i review the evidence.
  2. I am going to be accepting your appeal. If you make the same mistake again, it will be very difficult to get unbanned. Before you play on the server ensure you read the rules, as there has been some major changes since you last played. Ban Appeal Accepted
  3. Locked and Moved
  4. Good to have you back! Not been much governor interaction in the last 2 weeks..... Good luck
  5. Hi Tiyler i will be dealing with your appeal. Firstly i would like to state that hostility towards a medic is one of the severs most fundamental rules. They are there to help everyone and harm like this should never happen to them, as you have acknowledged. How can i be sure that you won't make this mistake again?
  6. Welcome back man, if you need anything the support team is happy to help!
  7. If this is possible, it would make the server more unique +1
  8. Yeah they should be used by the group that owns the base at the time. -1
  9. I think high end robbery, maybe have two on police side and one on Havoc side that they are responsible for.
  10. Welcome to support mukka

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    2. Messiah


      What about me? 😥

    3. Charlie Wong

      Charlie Wong

      Didn't know you'd applied matey, Nizz told me. Welcome anyway!😁

    4. Messiah


      Thx! :D

  11. Sounds good mate, always good to bring extra stuff for rebels to interact with!
  12. @David B can you close this, they have just met in support and resolved it. Case ID: 15949
  13. Makes sense, would be positive for rp
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