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  1. o7 Good luck mate, let me know if you want to join my MilSim unit 😉
  2. Usually whoever pays highest. No matter how much you pay, however, there will be truths. It usually just helps me get a motive to do something
  3. Shit is kicking off, never knew a video thread would do this....
  4. Just remember my services are for hire, possibly a PR stunt to make you look good perhaps 😉
  5. Id be down. If you want me to get to work with it, give us a message.
  6. Contact me on Discord: Dazza#6781 for an interview
  7. 4 thousand hour requirement, fuck me, good luck getting the 0.1% of players
  8. Royal Nigarians (RNEF) Our Origin The Principality of Nigaria, and its military assets, first originated in the central African republics, forming an independent state in 1995. In the many years since, the economic growth has allowed Nigaria to grow as a nation, forming its own military in 1997 under the command of Prince Whip, its own independent international bank in 2000 under the command of Prince R. Ojoyerf and its own television network in 2005 under the command of the now Maj. Darren Robinson. Ever since its development, Nigaria has been adamant on not only supporting its vast population of over 40 million civilians, but also its local neighbours through the use of military support, as well as trading its through its heavy supply of silver and copper exports. It was through the travels of Sgt. Darren Robinson that Nigaria first found interest in the island of Altis. Through Sgt. Robinson's actions in recording footage for the national news station, he developed an admiration for the unbreakable willpower of the islands citizens, especially with the abundance of crime that was being committed on the island. Due to this, Maj. Robinson secured a position in the Principality's royal armed forces, fighting and training with their Royal Nigarian Expeditionary Force, or RNEF. From this, he was pushed to set up a military presence on the island of Altis, being given command of the Royal Nigarian Corp. In the few months that the RNEF has operated within the borders of Altis, the company of soldiers has already succeeded in completing multiple missions to support their actions and ensure safe security on the island: Operation: Loud Mouth - The successful capture of APC personnel to find out information on classified documents. Operation: Dirty Talk - The successful reconnaissance operation to find a 3 megaton nuclear warhead on the island. Further assistance given to APC to stop the device. Operation: Shiny - The successful mining operation that helped to fund for over 3,000 homes in Altis Operation: Colony - The successful operation in securing a military outpost on the Eastern side of Altis, as well as arming a local militia to support our organisation. Entry Requirements To join the RNEF, we have certain entry requirements, both physical and mental. After completing a basic fitness test of a 1.5 km trek, 70 press ups, 70 sit ups and 20 pull ups to be done in 22 minutes, you must pass each of these categories: You must have a minimum of 20 hours in the server You must be competent in basic military tactics You must be a competent driver You should be a competent pilot You must have decent roleplay You must have an active driving license You must have an active truck license You must have a rebel license If you believe that you pass all of the basic requirements, please fill out the following questions: How many hours do you have in Arma 3? What are your biggest strengths? What are your biggest weakness'? On a scale of 1-10, how good is your roleplay? What are your current relations with the APC and HAVOC? If you were to join the RNC, would you rather join the Diplomatic, Combat, or Logistics team and why? What can you bring to the RNC to support the organisation? Discord My Steam for Questions
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