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  1. Good evening everyone. My names Dazza, or Darren as Im more formally known as. You may or may not know this but, very soon, my YouTube channel will be one year old, and for this Im going to do something special. Im going to interview people from the communities Ive worked in and get their voices involved. Therefore, I call out now to ask people who I have worked with in the past to volunteer to talk about their favourite episodes, some memories we have had etc and get them in the video. If you are interested, add me on discord via my tag, Dazza#6781. Thank you all for the memories so far!
  2. After a long wait, I have returned. I wanted to make the video a lot longer but I thought the flow would have been lost. So, here you get, something nice. Enjoy.
  3. Welcome to island. On behalf of Robinson Entertainment and our staff on the island, we hope you enjoy your stay! Darren Robinson CEO of R-Entertainment Formerly Robinson News
  4. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Darren Robinson, the owner and CEO of the most consistent reputable news source on our glorious island, now called "Robinson Entertainment" (linked here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw8n6mSrCJNZJEHQNOLR_Bg?view_as=subscriber). On the island, my main job is to find, document and report on the most interesting information I can find on the island, from the famous "Agios Revolution" to analysing each factions strengths and weakness'. However, over many years of analysing the political changes on this 270.5 square kilometer island, the changes made to allow for prime ministers to be voted in is the biggest change I have witnesses, surpassing that of the eradication of lean from the island, one of the countries most prolific drugs trading platforms to date. Because of the changes made, I feel it is important for all civilians across the island to understand how our government works, what changes can be made, how important them changes are to people and anything else that is relevant to the topic. Let us begin. What is the Prime Ministers job? As PM, the island has many different jobs and tools which make the job very difficult for most people. At the end of the day, the best way to describe the job is an administrator; managing the people, sorting the country and changing some problems. So, in a simple list, here are his list of abilities and jobs; Sorting taxes - one of the most effecting things that the PM can do. Changing taxes affects your income when doing runs, receiving paychecks, purchasing items and anything else that can be mentioned when transacting money. Taxes are generally changed due to an increase in government spending, i.e the SO1 units (more on that later), increase in spending on the public factions (NHS and APC) as well as other small pieces which don't worry the common civilian. Just remember, the more spending occurs, the more economically powerful the government becomes. Changing laws - again, a massive part of the PMs job, changing the laws effects the restrictions that occur on the island, including what drugs are legal to ship/consume, what weaponry is legal to carry and export as well as what restrictions are placed on armoured vehicles and such. The laws of the island are very flexible, and can allow your trade to become illegal if in the wrong hands. It is a very important decision to think about when dealing with elections. Acting as an ambassador - the threats presented between the APC and HAVOC remain constant, with varying levels of tension occurring between them all. In the past, the lack of a figure head has led to numerous wars, skirmishes, raids and attacks which have meant many people have died. Now, the PM acts as a middle ground, attempting to form good bonds between the two forces. Of course, most attempts do not work, but a solid bond between the PM and HAVOC leads to better deals for travelling citizens. How do people become a Prime Minister? The process is very simple; people can apply for elections at the government offices in Kavala (located near the market square) for a price of £300,000. After they submit their application and fees, they become a valid applicant for election. Of course, getting votes and maintaining power is a difficult task; people can spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on election campaigns, make deals with key voters and generally are well known across the island. Therefore, it would be advised that you make a name for yourself across the island. A good place to start would be making acquaintances within the APC, HAVOC and NHS, as they are the most accessible. Presenting an advertisement campaign on our website is also advised (located in the "Government" section, you can post an election promise to the people, which generally should explain as to why you are the perfect man for the job), while also making a name for yourself in the community, through acts such as helping injured people, feeding the homeless, or generally making a good name for yourself. Acts which will not get you a good name are; Robbing the population of altis Raiding and pillaging the towns and villages Committing criminal acts Not assisting your local community Extra information Here are some little pieces of information that you may want to know about the PM: He has his own protection force, known as SO1. They act as his personal bodyguards, and their wages are taken from the royal treasury. He is still classed as a civilian, and therefore must follow all applicable laws. His residency is located just outside the Kavala green zone, roughly one kilometer from Kavala town centre There are no rules/laws stating that you can commit coups against the PM and starting a dictatorship, although this may change due to the issue being presented to the public. Conclusion Thank you very much for reading my brief guide on the role of the Prime Minister on the island of Altis. If you do have any questions based on the information provided here, please feel free to contact me on the national website via my social page. Written by Darren Robinson, CEO of R-Entertainment, Formerly Robinson News
  5. Time Submitted: 11:23:34 PM | 03/02/19 Submitted By: Darren Robinson (5045) In-Game Name: Darren Robinson Steam / Player ID: 76561198072833221 Date of Event: 03/02/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): Unavaliable Details of Event: I bought a new home in Anthrakia and placed down some boxes. Stored all my shit and logged on (on the thurs). Returned this evening after Cartel runs and found the boxes missing and all the shit gone. Compensation Amount: GUNS: 2x Protector SMG - £140K 6x mags for said guns - £2400 1x 4-Five - £35K 3x mags for ^ gun - £1700 CLOTHES: 3x Guerilla clothing - £78K 1x Ghille suit - £85K EQUIPMENT: 1x Large storage - £100K 1x Small storage - Unknown The rest that was lost was civi clothes, dirt cheap. £550,400 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  6. After consulting my current videographers on the legitimacy, you can see some shadows throughout the video using an IR scanner. They do conclude firearms were held against this man.
  7. Good afternoon to everyone here, I am Darren Robinson, an old school news reporter from Altis Island. Recently, after taking a holiday break and recovering some old footage from our predecessors vaults (did some 1942 GMod RP), I decided it was time for my return to making news that everyone knows and loves. Boy, am I glad to be back. So, expect within the week for a new video to be released @ RNews ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw8n6mSrCJNZJEHQNOLR_Bg?view_as=subscriber ) and, hopefully, it should be up to everyones standard. I hope to see you all again soon, Darren Robinson
  8. The Silent Almyrans For too long now, the APC has reigned free, causing misery and suffering to the people of Altis. Corruption, disorder, murder and arson are committed day in, day out, causing unbeknown issues for the people living on our great Island. After learning about the truth behind the APC, Darren Robinson, the original leader of Robinson News, re-created his organisation to be put to more use, fighting to free the people of Altis, called the Silent Almyrans. Our Goal Some call us terrorists. We prefer the term freedom fighters. We want to unite Altis into one island, ran in a way like the East, with better forces, more liberty and a lot more safety. By using any tool necessary, we are going to clear out the abomination which is the western part of the island. All we need is the chance and the gold to clear off the evil people running this island. Fighting from the east side of the island, with support from local agents, we are going to cause misery well deserved to the APC and their allies, while making Altis great again. This has all come from the issues made from the APC and the problems they have caused. They have brought their own fate to their homes. With the power given to this force, we will remove the western powers for good. Our Forces You can find a full list of our forces at this google spreadsheet here, containing information about the special units, their roles and who is involved with running the entire ordeal https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FDwdNNLf_JsD4OisKfLdbZUSJOqQQZ2QMu5yB4EafVM/edit?usp=sharing . How to Apply Application is easy and simple. To join our force, you must follow these instruction: Join our discord via this link here: https://discord.gg/nUYYqJn You must apply in the #militia-application chat Follow the guideline below Very simple and easy. The guideline for application is as such; - Name: - Location of Residence on Altis: - Timezone: - Playtime on Arma: - Why do you want to join the militia? (100 words): - What makes you a good fighter? (100 words): - How is your activity like?: - Do you swear to follow the orders of your CO's?: - Do you swear to die for the cause?: Good Luck! After applying on the discord, remember to @mention an officer or HC officer to get their attention (please do it once). From there, we will analyse what you have said and accept you from there with information about interviews, roles and other pieces of info. Good luck with your application!
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