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  1. 4 thousand hour requirement, fuck me, good luck getting the 0.1% of players
  2. The Royal Nigarian Corp (RNC) Our Origin The Principality of Nigaria, and its military assets, first originated in the central African republics, forming an independent state in 1995. In the many years since, the economic growth has allowed Nigaria to grow as a nation, forming its own military in 1997 under the command of Prince Whip, its own independent international bank in 2000 under the command of Prince R. Ojoyerf and its own television network in 2005 under the command of the now Maj. Darren Robinson. Ever since its development, Nigaria has been adamant on not only supporting its vast population of over 40 million civilians, but also its local neighbours through the use of military support, as well as trading its through its heavy supply of silver and copper exports. It was through the travels of Maj. Darren Robinson that Nigaria first found interest in the island of Altis. Through Maj. Robinson's actions in recording footage for the national news station, he developed an admiration for the unbreakable willpower of the islands citizens, especially with the abundance of crime that was being committed on the island. Due to this, Maj. Robinson secured a position in the Principality's royal armed forces, fighting and training with their Royal Nigarian Expeditionary Force, or RNEF. From this, he was pushed to set up a military presence on the island of Altis, being given command of the Royal Nigarian Corp. In the few months that the RNC has operated within the borders of Altis, the company of soldiers has already succeeded in completing multiple missions to support their actions and ensure safe security on the island: Operation: Loud Mouth - The successful capture of APC personnel to find out information on classified documents. Operation: Dirty Talk - The successful reconnaissance operation to find a 3 megaton nuclear warhead on the island. Further assistance given to APC to stop the device. Operation: Shiny - The successful mining operation that helped to fund for over 3,000 homes in Altis Operation: Colony - The successful operation in securing a military outpost on the Eastern side of Altis, as well as arming a local militia to support our organisation. Entry Requirements To join the RNC, we have certain entry requirements, both physical and mental. After completing a basic fitness test of a 1.5 km trek, 70 press ups, 70 sit ups and 20 pull ups to be done in 22 minutes, you must pass each of these categories: You must have a minimum of 20 hours in the server You must be competent in basic military tactics You must be a competent driver You should be a competent pilot You must have decent roleplay You must have an active driving license You must have an active truck license You must have a rebel license If you believe that you pass all of the basic requirements, please fill out the following questions: How many hours do you have in Arma 3? What are your biggest strengths? What are your biggest weakness'? On a scale of 1-10, how good is your roleplay? What are your current relations with the APC and HAVOC? If you were to join the RNC, would you rather join the Diplomatic, Combat, or Logistics team and why? What can you bring to the RNC to support the organisation? Rosters, Links and Info Roster Discord My Steam for Questions
  3. Thoughts on making our factions join together in a war against GEN?
  4. Was good to have our meeting at your residence. Im glad your work is going very well. Good luck. All members of the RNC.
  5. Good evening all, In case none of you know me, I#m Darren, a regular on the server and I used to be a big shot news reporter back in the day (just to boost my own ego). Recently, me and my mates have been doing a lot more runs and combat stuff, which led me to thinking about some new ideas that would make the server at least a little more interesting. Because of this, I present to you; The Gunsmith Update So, my idea behind this possible update would add more run options, more crafting options and more combat options that would allow people to have more role play, focusing around weapons. Now, I have read the rules, and it states; "Do not make more than one suggestion per post." However, I believe all the ideas I will present today would help merge together to make people put in some more effort in exchange for some better rewards. Because of this, I will split it into two sections. The first is something that could be added, the second something that could change and the third being what both of them together would do to support the overall update. Without further adieu, let us begin. Section 1 - The Addition: The gunpowder run My first idea was to add a brand new run, labelled the gunpowder run. It would be a very simple run, starting at the saltpeter mine, going to the saltpeter processing site and finishing at the gunpowder dealer. The image above would be my proposed spots for the locations of the pads. The mining point is situated in a rocky hilltop to the east of Athira, the processing spot being located in a factory area north of Kavala and the trader being only a few kilometres from the processing plant. Having looked around the map, I believed that these spots were the better spots around due to some reasons: I believe having more action in the mountains of the APC lands would make more use of the area, especially with the local rebel base not working. The speed at which a player can take gunpowder from processing to the trader would make it a good incentive for new players coming into Kavala to have more risky runs. As a side note on the above, it will also make this one of the easier runs to complete, giving a good choice for players to come on and have a shorter playtime instead of not coming on due to having longer runs. My proposed statistics for the gunpowder wont really matter, but I do have some proposed stats. Weight per saltpeter - 3 weight per item Weight per gunpowder - 1 weight Saltpeter:gunpowder - 2:1 Base sell price - £3,500 (with multiplier based on APC count) Now, this new run isn't the main focus for what I would want in the Gunsmith update, but is definitely a key factor in what would be the final outcome (more on that in section 2). Section 2 - Crafting Update: Get them guns The reason I first thought about this idea was due to me having a test of the gun run in HAVOC lands, while learning about how the crafting system works. After looking around at it, I became confused as to why weapon parts were only able to be used to craft attachments. After pondering around, questioning Stephen on the legitimacy of my idea and thinking about how it would work, I came up with an idea for players to craft weaponry. Because of this, I believe there is a way to allow people to craft weapons using the resources on the island, the time available and the smarts of a player. So, my idea was that, at the crafting stations, you would have to merge different materials (like you do now) to create a multitude of parts. When all the parts are crafted and combined, they would spawn in the players inventory, and the process can be repeated. It would go something like: Craft weapon barrels Craft weapon stocks Craft weapon chamber Craft sheet metal Craft the weapon itself Depending on how it is ran, you could set a system up which would give a certain gun. Say, for instance, you made a rook, you would need one barrel, one chamber, one plate, but for a MXC, you'd need 2 barrels, 1 stock, 1 chamber and 6 plates. Furthermore, with the addition of gunpowder, you could also create ammunition supplies. For this, it would be a similar process to the gun manufacturing, but instead would be: Craft bullet casings Craft primer Craft projectile Craft a magazine Again, it would be a case of like 4 casings, 4 primers, 4 projectiles and 1 sheet metal for a rook magazine and along the lines of 20 casings, 20 primers, 20 projectiles and 10 sheet metal for a 6.5mm magazine. Of course, the numbers would need shifting around if implemented, but it would open up options for players to spend time bringing resources together and work with others to create weapons, otherwise they would have to spend money purchasing the weapons and wasting cash. The resources that would be used would be, overall: Iron and silicon for sheet metal, stocks, chamber and plates Copper for bullet casings Copper + gunpowder for rest of bullet manufacturing Could possibly use silver for the more expensive/OP weapons Have weapon parts as well to craft the final guns (call it one "weapon parts 1" and one "weapons parts 2") Overall, I would look at the cost of making a weapon would be no more than £20,000 due to the use of weapon parts. The Conclusion: Overall, I believe having an update like this could breath some new life into the server, while making gangs look for more to do other than roaching players at traders, fight for cartels and just generally piss off the APC. It would also open up some new avenues for players to travel down routes wise, while also creating opportunities for gangs to possibly work together to make arming themselves better, while making arms cartels worth more due to making weapons would help give money to gangs. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It had taken me over two hours to write in a way I thought was best, plus a few days to formulate what I thought would be an awesome idea. Big thanks to Stephen who said I should suggest this idea, and I hope it gets added. Thanks for reading, Darren
  6. Good evening everyone. My names Dazza, or Darren as Im more formally known as. You may or may not know this but, very soon, my YouTube channel will be one year old, and for this Im going to do something special. Im going to interview people from the communities Ive worked in and get their voices involved. Therefore, I call out now to ask people who I have worked with in the past to volunteer to talk about their favourite episodes, some memories we have had etc and get them in the video. If you are interested, add me on discord via my tag, Dazza#6781. Thank you all for the memories so far!
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