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  1. Keven Stewart

    Making a diss track

    The cringe duh
  2. Keven Stewart

    Forum shortcut

    This is one of the things that bother a lot of people (I think) but is nothing major and we can live without it... but implementing it would make life easier for (lazy?) people 😅 Idea: Would it be possible to make the PhoenixRP logo on top of the website clickable? Like when people would click on it, the logo would bring them to the "Home" section. The logo's 'hitbox' is bigger, so it would be easier to click it to go home rather than the 'home' button which is harder to hit. https://gyazo.com/54e6dafce664ed41dab9bef2d5e1c7a4 I know the "Home" button is next to it, but making the logo clickable would be a simple but useful (?) feature
  3. Keven Stewart

    Player Report - Robert Hansen - 06/21/18 - Altis Life

    I'll keep it in mind for next time. I'm afraid I don't know how to send a despute to him by pressing the home button? By that, do you mean I should send him a DM and try to talk to him there?
  4. Keven Stewart

    Player Report - Robert Hansen - 06/21/18 - Altis Life

    Well I'm new here, but I usually try to resolve it with the person directly in teamspeak. In this case I did not, because he had a Humminghbird and was fully rebel geared.. Considering this, I expected him to know better since he probably had to farm for that gear and heli, which means that he has experience on the server (and should have known the basic rules?) Though, I agree I should have told him to come on ts to simplify the things. As soon as he died the police arrived and I drove to the heli crash to explain what happened to Robert and how he was following me around in his heli trying to rob me. In the meantime the medic arrived but by time he respawned/disconnected (can't remember) so idk if I could have Contacted him in this timeframe or not. I'll guess I'll wait for him to reply here and see what's the next step.
  5. Time Submitted: 03:36:36 PM | 06/21/18 Submitted By: Sir (5029) Your In-Game Name: Sirrr 🙂 Who are you reporting?: Robert Hansen Time/Date of event: 21/06/2018 - 16;15 GMT+2 Rule's Broken: 1.2 RDM Explain what happened: Well as I needed money, I was making copper... When I finished processing everything I noticed a heli trying to land at the Copper Processor.. and that doesn't happen often that someone does copper in a heli, so I immediatly thought it was a robber and decided to flee. As I drove not far away from him (I was kinda curious ) he didn't say anything. As I got into Agios, I saw a police quilling and decided to honk to get their attention but I was undecided wether to let that attempted robbery slip off (which I did). As I was driving through Devil's bend I flipped and managed to unflip it. Seeing that the heli was landing again (luckily he is not a good flyer ) I tried to send a dispatch to the police but I took some time trying to figure out how it worked. As I finished my message and saw the rebel approach me, I decided to drive off, trying to avoid any initiation and then he began shooting at me for no reasons... but Karma striked him and made him crash.. lol Evidence (Video/Screenshot): http://plays.tv/video/5b2bc0bb4a229bf147/10-10 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: N/A