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  1. As it has been resolved i will declining this player report.
  2. I will be dealing with this report. As I can see from the video the car you are iniating on was to far out @AIDEN ✅ meaning the iniation was not valid, making it not clear to shot the reporter. If you can set a time and date to meet in ts for comp that would be great. @JRAL what gear did you have at the time and do you have I can see there is a gun in your bergen but not which gun it is.
  3. Player report declined, as reporter is unable to accept comp.
  4. @crashies this is the gear I have seen in the video provided. https://gyazo.com/2cb4289d9cb0e1a8c8a6fc8fd8c82afc https://gyazo.com/0c5676afabf3650bbac86b4469c81a34
  5. @ProxyG88 From what i can see the video provided the reporter (crashies) is rolling with a hemmt with cut diamonds inside , and you jump out of a qillin and initiated. Though the initiation is not clear as the vehicle is going too fast. All i can hear from the video is "Hands up" which isn't valid either because crashies is in a moving vehicle at the time so he has no way to put his handsup in the vehicle. I suggest you two to set a time and place in support to see if compensation can be sorted for the reporter.
  6. As you have been banned multiple times for discrimination aswell as racial slurs in the past. I will be declining this Ban appeal.
  7. @crashies go ahead and DM me the footage as i will be dealing with this player report. Accused has 24 hours to respond. @Proxy
  8. Tier 3 HSF Ryan jones
  9. Okay after reviewing both sides and looking at evidence. I can see that the accused was told that there was infact 3 people pointing weapons at him aswell as some of them behind solid cover. I deem this as in breach of the Value of life (2.7.) and therefore: I will issue a warning for the accused for Value of life. (76561198088301696) @Proxy Smoxy feel free to make a compensation request for any equipment lost in this situation. Player report accepted.
  10. The first line there say's it. "Saying "You will be shot" or "I will kill you" or threatening to knock someone out while holding a lethal firearm while adhering to roleplay standard is valid player initiation"
  11. @Nelson Do you have a video to back up these claims? From the videos provided by the reporter your friend jumped out when the initiation started not before meaning he wasn't "backing you up" until initiation happened. Even if he did the situation was not in your favor as i explained you were out of cover and they were 2 in your close proximity.
  12. Okay your friend might have had a advantage because he was setup correctly behind the heli but YOU were in the open with three guns pointing at you, even though you won it can still be no value of life.
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