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  1. Fix resoultion, choose a reaal good song, add blackbars disable re-sample. Easy : ) Good one anyways!
  2. Peter.

    Nick Coca

    Damn how am i going to have support cases anymore 🙁 Have fun on your next endeavors!
  3. Yes even for factions if they get put back in, tbh should be like 100k each for both factions then like double for civs.
  4. 50 caaaal type mags fkkn hell they are so satysfying to use.
  5. Make them more visible, an idea would be putting them as a button on the homepage of the Y menu. This is so newers player's dont miss out on these things.
  6. Peter.

    New Immigrant

    Welcome youngling dont get lost in the mist of phoenixRP..
  7. Community Q&A stream soon @Kevin??
  8. Congratulations! : )

  9. Taki server in development 👀
  10. https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forum/57-altis-life-bug-reports/
  11. Peter.

    Havoc scopes

    From my knowledge DMS scopes should be 2Lt and upwards and AMS scopes captain upwards. This was said by two HC members but yeah it's currently only available for Major plus.
  12. Peter.

    Havoc AK

    Ak-12 and RPK mags are non existant for havoc captains.
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