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  1. Peter.

    Ace Boyden | R6S Edit 3

    @ᵉᵐᵇᵉʳˢ sign this guy to the ESL team.
  2. First off id like to explain how this happend I had pressed X before hand but i think because of ghosting the x press didnt register, hence when i release my mouse2 it instantly makes me standup. Ive rebound my settings so when I mouse to it instantly zooms me in the top scope. As soon as I kill you I standup without having to press x. Like I told you and you acknowledge in the support case it was a genuine mistake and it happens. This was just me being bad mechanically and not paying attention at all, I was meant to standup and I simply didn't.
  3. Peter.

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  4. You were warned for it the same day and you kept going back after being told of, regardless it's only a 1 day ban meaning you will be unbanned 04-07 17:33:00. You can wait this one out. Ban appeal declined, Locked & Moved
  5. Yessirr give us PhoenixRP tanoa conflicts.
  6. @Steven Pearce are you willing to compensate the amount above? If not I will countinue with the player report.
  7. @Ryan. You chang and john and 2 more was killed at the PD 5 people(Went back and checked the video, 3 cause only 3 of you showed up to supp). Also I did not return because the S/L didn't show up you mentioned ted but later said ted wasn't management hence I didn't return when Ted showed up.
  8. Yeah I didn't have my gun out but I think you are making the situation a bit larger then it was I think 3 of you was killed and like I said I apoligze for the invalid inatation but it doesn't give you the right to slander me by bringing up that im a HC member and a staff member. Just becase I am those things doesn't mean I don't make mistakes. Hell you have probably made mistakes to I known that for a fact. But your situation was ruined and like I said I tried my hardest during two support cases the first one being 20 minutes to offer you comp for my mistakes. Yous said "I did not lose out on anything that can be compensated for" well you lost time and a roleplay situation like you said in the your post. Hence im giving you an apology aswell as providing compensation for that. My poor judgment was a matter of seconds where I wrongfully initiated on you without a weapon out which again I apologized for.
  9. Like I said to you in both of the support cases we did, Im apologetic for the situation. It was in the heat of to moment and wasn't something that I would do if this happens again. Like you said I offered compensation which you denied and kept on insisting to go to a player-report which is by all means okay to do. Again it was all in the heat of a moment combined with a bit of confusion of the sit since you were in the bluezone I wasn't and so fourth. Since you competly denied comp all I can do is say sorry for ruining your roleplay experience on the server.
  10. Player report accepted, since mistakes happen im going to issue a warning for VDM. @GloriousM Try to be careful next time similiar things happen.
  11. @Stref Do you have a longer clip of this? Also things like this can happend when you chase someone in a xian. @Stref could Glorious compensate you in any way for your loss? In terms of the gear you had at the time. @GloriousM Possible you have a POV to show the angle?
  12. @Steven PearceI can see you on two occasions not properly initiating using the player initiation rule. The way you could go about this is to offer the reporter compensation for his lost goods. @immichal21 If you are okay with that state a number that he can compensate you for your losses.
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