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  1. Peter.

    Ape with AK-47

    @Mito ak 12 gang 😋
  2. Reporter dropped the case Player Report Declined.
  3. @jonasmn26 how much comp are you looking for?
  4. Hi @Jonasi will be dealing with this report accused have 24 hours to respond whilst i review the evidence. @good guy ainsley Aswell can you Jonas upload a 3 minute video to show the full situation?
  5. Hello @Ninj

    Congratulations on HTU lead good sir!


    Regards, Capt Peter

    1. Ninj


      U wish i was back leading it

  6. When is Jenna playing here on phoenixrp.co.uk the biggest roleplay community in all of Europe?
  7. Ban appeal accepted, but do not make these mistakes again as it will become much harder to appeal! Welcome back.
  8. Since you have been ban in the past and recently, how can I ensure that you won't break this or any other of our rules again?
  9. Thank's alot without the players being there and being nice :3 We would never have the chance to RP as much as we do!
  10. Peter.


    waka waka truewade
  11. Hello @Bandit! can I see a video of you getting incapacitated aswell as a video of the gear you had i can see 14, 100 round mags and an MXSW.
  12. The drill is a one time use so if you accidentaly cancel it, it get's removed so even if it's not used and you only click esc it get's removed.
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