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  1. Matt✅

    Shooting Hobos

    Lmao the intro is amazing
  2. In Game Name: roblox player Timezone: Eastern Age: 14 Hours On Arma 3: 1028 Previous Gangs: vM, sfg, ar, spn, i was in cops for a bit 2 Vouches: Inka, and maybe lucas ive known him for a while How Active Can You Be: ill be on everyday
  3. lol yea ima dance to someone singing in arma i thought u meant it physically
  4. the res isnt like that thats plays settings lel
  5. https://plays.tv/video/5d4f4544e105614f46
  6. Matt✅


    Name | Matt Age | 14 Hours | 793 How Much Money Do You Have? | 17 mil Why Do You Wish To Join Altis Response? | I want to join because I want to help you guys in gunfights,runs, and anything you guys help with I can be there to support you, What Can You Bring To Altis Response? | I can bring combat, im very good at that ross can confirm ive known for a while now, any way im good at combat,roleplaying, and laughs Can You Attend A Teamspeak Interview? | Yes I can
  7. Woah its been a while hows everyone, might come back.
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