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  1. Lads, anyone got any tags going? Feel.... bare.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Quinn


      to this shit server?

    3. ivy


      Community manager quinn 💩

    4. Jackk


      Want ma PCSO tag ?

  2. Quinn

    Hi guys, it's me, Dredd.

    Theres a reason youre not CSI now....
  3. Quinn

    Hi guys, it's me, Dredd.

    Can I be in NIU now?
  4. Quinn

    Nice shooting Venom :0

    dis is verbul aboos i fel voolated @Zinner
  5. Quinn

    Nice shooting Venom :0

  6. Quinn

    Making a diss track

    Lads stop with the fucking abuse this guy has had a traumatic experience and is finally getting to express himself through the means of art and dance, let him be. Beautiful.
  7. Quinn

    Will'o Boston

    Can I have community manager?
  8. Quinn


    i cant play rl no more
  9. Quinn


    Okay ya okay thanks
  10. Quinn

    PhoenixRP | The lollipop and lead's

    Haha it's good, I'll give you that. Write this down cos it makes fucking sense ok, in one where theres a guy.. or lady.. i dont procreate or discriminate. So, someone who's just sitting there watching everything go to shit, doing nothing about it, someone proper laid back without a care, slap my name on it, I don't care if it's in a nursery.
  11. I have a theory, they've made it so noone can rob the bank.... so they can... robbin bastards

    1. Sig


      quiet snitch

  12. Quinn

    PhoenixRP | Phoenix's problems (or not)

    Make one about how good of a community manager I am sound, you will receive 0 praise for doing this but sure look
  13. Quinn


    And please remember guys, police reward roleplay and will be lenient with you if you show high quality roleplay. Thanks guys.