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  1. Quinn

    PhoenixRP | The lollipop and lead's

    Haha it's good, I'll give you that. Write this down cos it makes fucking sense ok, in one where theres a guy.. or lady.. i dont procreate or discriminate. So, someone who's just sitting there watching everything go to shit, doing nothing about it, someone proper laid back without a care, slap my name on it, I don't care if it's in a nursery.
  2. I have a theory, they've made it so noone can rob the bank.... so they can... robbin bastards

    1. Sig


      quiet snitch

  3. Quinn

    PhoenixRP | Phoenix's problems (or not)

    Make one about how good of a community manager I am sound, you will receive 0 praise for doing this but sure look
  4. Quinn


    And please remember guys, police reward roleplay and will be lenient with you if you show high quality roleplay. Thanks guys.
  5. Quinn

    RIP HAVOC Forever

  6. How do you bounce back in life when McDonald's decline you for a third time?



    Asking for a friend.

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    2. Charlie Knight

      Charlie Knight

      Go with @Matt‘s suggestion tbh

    3. Moh Lester

      Moh Lester

      I would say pornstar if you meet the requirements

    4. Jay Brean

      Jay Brean

      go BURGER KING

  7. Quinn

    Vikings are coming!!!

    Nope, real Ragnar is @Cryant
  8. Quinn

    I'm Curious (POLL)

    People say they belong on wasteland servers, but they... don't. Probably 92.9999% of frag movies on vanilla arma atleast have been filmed on life servers. That's because the combat is more challenging and interesting. Almost nobody is going to watch a wasteland or tdm frag video.
  9. Ehh... right my opinion cos that's really all that matters.... I like frag videos, I like the combat aspect of Arma 3. I like roleplaying, I like the fact that roleplay is a big option on Arma 3. We have probably 30+ frag videos on the forums so I don't know why everyones getting so butthurt about this one. There is literally a section on the forums with the description, for your 'Frag Videos'. People may dislike them and dislike seeing them but they're allowed and contrary to popular belief, some of them actually require skill and time to put together. If you don't want to see "this" frag video or "this guys" frag video then ban the publishing of frag videos all together. He might be making a stupid fucking argument in saying its a milsim game or a military game which is for combat and other people might be making a stupid fucking argument in saying it's an RP server, virtually trying to eliminate the combat aspect that is available in Arma 3 and is prominent on our server just like every other Altis Life server with the letters RP in it. And, other than that, have fun having fun.
  10. Quinn


    i dislike him if im being honest
  11. you’re still gonna be a community manager right?

  12. habby bithday man

  13. Matt

    Happy BDAY CUTIe

  14. Nick

    I got bored in a law lecture


  15. I’m not quite sure who you are but you’re getting a good few happy birthday messages. Kappa

    Happy birthday babes <3