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  1. Quinn

    The Server Is dying

  2. Quinn

    The Server Is dying

    Yes you may suggest said changes below the dotted line please.... ....................................................................... smh armas dying in general, people dont wanna come back here no matter what same as other servers (no ban wilco kevin please) people dont care about the game anymore, as a whole, altis life is dying, servers that used to have 3 full now have 1.5-2 maybe full at peak times just the way it is solid suggestion from me to you: dont count on arma picking up again anytime soon and just go do something irl
  3. Quinn


    realistically dont belong on arma if this is how you handle... "adversity??"
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    2. Quinn


      @L 1 A M they're not, just coming up with concepts, don't even know if people will like it

    3. L 1 A M

      L 1 A M

      Stick Top fragger on the sleeve XD

    4. Sanders


      Can I have my own personal jumper 

  4. Quinn

    PhoenixRP Merchandise

    Just one concept of a possibly more wearable black hoodie, the text would be embroidered on the left chest and would be of a more premium quality than just printing a logo onto a hoodie using DTG or Screen Printing. MMXVI = 2016 (Year Phoenix was Established)
  5. Quinn

    Changed H.M Treasury Rules

    haha agree on the -1s from cops fuckers hate not having 97 people turn up to a sit
  6. Streaming some design, random things, suggestions, anything - https://www.twitch.tv/quinnire


  7. Quinn

    Should Quinn have power?

    ha banned kid hello? Who is? > Who's?* - Ye have incompetent English speakers running the Community.
  8. Quinn

    Should Quinn have power?

    youre all stupid gamer kids who dont know right from up ffs vote yes
  9. Quinn

    24h 60mil giveaway

    realistically i need it so when conner cops on and makes me leader of server i can give you high rank
  10. Quinn

    HAVOC Strider for sale

    sure you wont take the 2.5mil? solid offer last chance
  11. Quinn

    HAVOC Strider for sale

    2,500,000 mates rates please when does it end?
  12. Quinn

    Gang Wars

    All parts of before, during and after this event can be taken as a learning experience, and that's what we plan to use it as. The more frequent events become, procedures and misc things will iron out which is the only way to do it. There is no denying this event could have been organised better before-hand but that's a whole other thing and it will change for the next one. I think considering the short time frame in which @FoxHound and the Staff Team were given to setup and administrate this event, it went pretty well. Thanks to those guys above for making it possible and thanks to everyone for taking part. Well done to @Labrador @Cobra The OG @GHOSTK1LL3R & Liam (Don't know correct profile) for winning the first squad wars event.. On the topic of hosting a gang wars, it is possible, however it isn't top priority at the moment, but other events are. Thanks for the Suggestion.
  13. Quinn

    APC | What can we do better?

    Fuck dying, just roleplay like when this server was known for that. Police back then didn't mind dying and didn't mind being known as shit in combat, and neither did HAVOC, the whole server roleplay'd and when a combat situation came up it was dealt with but rp was always the main priority back then. I had people saying to me they love how this server is mainly roleplay and shit combat... that's when we had a full server all the time.