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  1. Quinn

    Withdraw <Amount>, Deposit all

    @Badger can you move this please? Has been completed.
  2. Quinn

    The Abyss

    gl, got a roster?
  3. Quinn

    Ω - Omega Regime

  4. Quinn

    Ω - Omega Regime

    @Kazz Accepted - Understanding Cop Demands
  5. Quinn

    Ω - Omega Regime

    *GANG WAS ORIGINALLY MADE BY SOMEONE ELSE ELSEWHERE, FRIENDS WITH THEM* -Omega- Regime is a gang for experienced Arma 3 players to just have a group of like-minded people to play with and have fun on the server. I've been in big gangs when Altis Life was booming so I know what it's like and what it takes. Not going to turn this into a huge designed post so see application below and please take it seriously. There will be no huge demand for people to be on all the time so still apply if you're an old player and just want somewhere and some people to join whenever you can play. Application Template: In-game Name / Age: Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot): Previous Altis Life experience level (Beginner/Intermediate/Experienced): Previous Gangs (Any Server, just don't mention server name): PhoenixRP Experience Level: Roster: Click Here
  6. FiveM better be up to my elite RP standard.

    1. dandy


      ultra mega gay

    2. Badger


      I didn't realise the IRA has an "elite RP standard".

    3. Quinn


      Yes we roleplay prior to initiation otherwise that would be RDM Badger

  7. Quinn

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    Arma Experience (500+ Hours) - 4100+ Sustainable Bank - Not Really in fairness Advanced Rebel/Rebel - Rebel Know Rules - Yes sir Know Arma Physics - Yes sir Previous Gangs - Altis Government What makes you SFG material - Everything about me I'd say really, I am... really really good. Age: 15+ - 18 Any previous Bans? - No
  8. Quinn

    Active Gunfight Rules

    +1 fuckers know when theres a gunfight half of them just rock up for the comp leaduspeter
  9. Quinn

    Welcome back Zyn!

    #BringBack @Larz
  10. Good luck to everyone in Ireland and the UK and anywhere else getting their results soon. I fuckin need it.

    1. Sanders


      Good luck hun x

    2. Alex Gavin

      Alex Gavin

      Fucking need it haha good luck to u aswell

    3. Nick



  11. What did you do this time that they're all trolling it's your bday?

  12. Quinn

    Irish Republican Alliance.

    Actually dissapointed.
  13. Quinn

    Irish Republican Alliance.

    Well that's a fucking insult to our cause
  14. Quinn

    good server

    shit you are bad