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  1. Cops can't go Civ rule

    The rule was introduced because of you so... #BlamePeter
  2. Rebel Bait

    Lads what the fuck is this, rebels are going to complain about cops and cops are going to complain about rebels. @Tim an eye for an eye doesn't apply when it disregards roleplay, cops should not bait gunfights because rebels did it to them before and rebels the same. @Bosh any chance you want to be civilised?
  3. Have cartels

    @Conner Merlin
  4. Some funny clips from the server

    Nice editing, funny video, I do rate this. @Tim hahahahaha

    Trust that we all know and have considered and debated a new bank multiple times. It is an easy enough task but it's not as simple as people think, you don't just copy and paste it somewhere else, the whole.map needs to change around it sometimes so nothing is too close and police stations aren't too far away etc...
  6. back on aluk

    1. Quinn
    2. Kevin


      Wilco doesn't like Irish people

  7. Scouse-Mouse-Uk Arrives

    Sorry if it came across as if I was trying to be smug, it's just I've seen loads of posts recently people saying they're this good or they know this because of hours. It's about what you do in those hours and what oi continue to do that makes the difference. I have 4200+ hours on arma, 3500 of those are altis life, doesn't mean I'm any good. Kevin has 5300 hours or something, a lot of those are launcher hours and he doesn't claim to be any good for it. Sorry I wasn't trying to say anything against you, was just making a broad statement
  8. Scouse-Mouse-Uk Arrives

    Welcome, it seems like everyone thinks hours determine their experience these days... Enjoy our servers and if you have any problems message any member of support/staff.
  9. Change rule 4. 10

    I'm not saying I disagree with gang tags, it's just not my choice. Also, checking how many of a gang are online through using gang tags would be classed as metagaming if caught.
  10. Change rule 4. 10

    See, the problem with this is, you don't see of they're with them till after you kill them anyway so yeah, a tag in chat might make it a little quicker to determine if it was rdm or not but if there is any false calls for rdm and somebody says they weren't with whoever you were initiated on, we can check that for you. It won't help one but I'm a gunfight, it just might help after.
  11. No worries mate, the other Eagle won't be needing that name here anymore. Welcome to the server.
  12. The New DLC

    Literally just for the AMS it seems haha
  13. Staff Team - Feedback

    The situations he has talked about were all before the initiation rule was implemented, Staff Team were each making up their own rule on gang initiation when there was none in the first place.
  14. Staff Team - Feedback

    Raaid has brought complaints like this to me but it's not my place, I already told you who and when @Kayle Ravelle
  15. Implement Marshal Law

    Completely unnecessary. Why would we build a unit made of APC to fight crimes they can't fight within the APC already? The APC need training for combat situations, not a reaction force to look cool.