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  1. Taru - sling - 10M start

    Sold to who @Magicz?
  2. Ally system

    @Sig possible?
  3. Taru - sling - 10M start

  4. Taru - sling - 10M start

    None of this "unless agreed otherwise", end date and time is final. My bad for not adding that to the post.
  5. Taru - sling - 10M start

    Use correct template or post will be removed.
  6. New Rule

    Well yeah but the gang who shot you may want to rp with you to keep you alive until a medic can revive you so they can rob your gear or use you as a hostage or something.
  7. Ban Appeal - Mr Sam - 01/08/18

    Yeah the general thing we've been doing for people who sold duped items (in lower quantities) is just giving them a wipe and as it seems you're happy enough to take the wipe and just to play on our server and be a part of our community, you will be unbanned with a wipe. @Tim can you do the above for me please.
  8. Gang bug

    Not about shit posting, it's about what he did to the O gang.
  9. Gang bug

    Don't even.
  10. Ban Appeal - vo | Joshh - 01/03/18

    Punishment is as follows: 3 week ban, unbanned on 23rd January 10:30am GMT + full account wipe.
  11. Ban Appeal - vo | Bunny - 01/03/18

    Punishment as follows: 2 week ban, ends 16th January 10:22am GMT + full money wipe.
  12. Ban Appeal - Woodzy - 01/03/18

    Punishment as follows: 2 week ban to be served from date of ban, ends 16th January 10:30am GMT + Full money + gang fund wipe.
  13. My fps

    Has it ever taken you 15 minutes to run from Kav square to PD?
  14. What the APC do after winning a bank.

    They dont
  15. What the APC do after winning a bank.

    Fuck, thought this was a topic about the APC actually winning a bank.

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