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  1. Right Now, like at this very moment we are working on exciting changes to the map and economy that should balance everything and give every player something to do, rebels, police, havoc, ems, your average hobo, Please tell us what you want to see!

    1. ivy


      Change bank and add a bigger bank for end game rebel gangs.

    2. Quinn


      @ivy Change Bank as in design or as in location? When we can get a good balance between cop and rebel numbers we will look into having a bigger bank.

    3. ivy


      change the location, make it more close range

  2. From my knowledge @Thanos 1: Our population went down when Malden Life came out, not saying this is a sole reason but I believe people left for Malden and went back to other servers instead of this one. 2: As @Sig mentioned, rebel life is non existent making it boring for cops so cops left the force and then saw there was nothing to do as rebel and left for a different server. 3: We lost our main developer a few weeks ago because we weren't doing our best to fix the server which I agree with, he is fine to do that. I can only do so much with this tag and unfortunately I haven't been doing enough to focus on player and staff retention. What we are trying to do to fix this: 1: Try to improve our server so some of those players come back. 2: We are trying our best to make the fairest and most balanced economy which involved changing run routes, vehicle prices, vehicle cargo space, item/drug prices, weapon and license prices etc... 3: Do the best with what we have.
  3. The way we're currently working on the economy would balance everything and to address your concern @Artyom the amount removed would vary depending on the amount a player has. Using your example: Player A has a Bank Balance of £20,000,000 Player B has a Bank Balance of £1,000,000 Let's say we do a system like so: If the Player has <£5,000,000 his Bank is cut by 5% If the Player has >£5,000,000 & <£10,000,000 his bank is cut by 10% If the Player has >£10,000,000 & <£15,000,000 his bank is cut by 15% Continued... (Inaccurate representation, this is for example purposes only!) Obviously we're not going to take 50% off one person and let them keep £10,000,000 but do the same for another and leave them with £500,000. We understand people have to work hard for the money they make and that's the way we intended it from the start but we let it get out of control and as @Jayyy says, he now has £180,000,000 with multiple high end vehicles, licenses, houses with another £100,000,000 worth of gear probably etc... Jayyy, as it is an economy wipe it may be possible for us to leave people with housing or SOME vehicles but the housing storage would get wiped aswell. The worst thing to do would wipe everyones bank but leave people with all their stuff so they dont have a lot of expenses anyway. The main thing I'm aiming towards is a full economy wipe anyway, everyone reset at £250,000. Obviously, if people want this, it can be looked into more, if not, it won't but in the case it's unwanted people need to speak up and help us fix the server. Too many people just cry that they won't have money anymore, tell us what to do, give us CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, do not give us bitching and whining. @LazyMan I guess your name suits you?... If you want SOME people to be wiped but not you just because you don't agree with the majority, that is laziness in my opinion. Your post also suggests you're not putting much thought behind your statement and your supposed fix. Tell us what you believe should happen, should we let you make easy money? should we make a balanced and fair economy for every player on the server? Please do let us know. @LukeJS Yes, with the new economy we are restructuring every part of the economy, item prices, item weights, vehicle prices, vehicle weights, license prices, availability of licenses etc.. All this is in order to add more play ability to our server so you the player can get the most enjoyment out of whatever time you spend hear. I have to say, my funnest and most challenging times on Altis Life came from having to grind out runs when I was more than likely going to get caught but on the off chance I didn't for a few runs, it was very rewarding. As always, opinions appreciated! - Quinn.
  4. Unfortunately, there are loads of people who just see one word, in this case "wipe" and jump to the comments section without thinking about it. I want people to think about the Server and Community in this instance please. Obviously people aren't happy with the economy and for the economy to change in full, people need to give constructive criticism as to what they think is the best course of action. We are working on a new economy that balances everything with someone who knows what he's talking about when it comes to this sort of stuff. For an economy to change fully though, the map and runs need to change aswell so over the next week or so there will be multiple community votes on different areas of the server to try get the overwhelming consensus. The absolute BEST way to fix an economy would be to balance it and then reset everyone's balances to default or to remove like 50+% of everyones money with a balanced economy. This isn't something we will just do without getting the community's vote and you people have many opinions on these topics so please keep it constructive etc...
  5. A quick note on the economy changes:

    These changes make you work for what you have instead of being decked out within the first few days of playing. People might want to complain about it, go ahead but the economy will never go back to what it was before this change. It might change but never will it go back.

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    2. Brooklyn


      Well like ivy said since Havoc has been introduced it's been the main priority and only priority for about 3 months there's been 1 change for rebels and that's the black market which is around 15 mil.

    3. Brooklyn


      Also quinn you havent logged on the server for about 5 months so I don't know why you are commenting about the current state of economy, and if you say you have spoke to multiple members of the community you have never spoke to anyone that I have played with. 

    4. Quinn


      @Brooklyn I havent logged onto the server in months because I don't have a Computer but anyway, I have spoken to multiple members of the Community over a number of weeks and I didn't know you even played here anymore, I talk to people who bring stuff to me first and then when I have time I will go around to others in teamspeak, make forum polls, status updates etc...

      I can comment on the current status of the economy because, while I may not be able to play in-game. I have the stats and information that show me what the economy is like so... I might not be the most informed but I don't see any other member of the Community stepping up. If you really wanted change, you'd do something about it, when most people are looking for change they just start gunfights or troll on the server and blame it on an issue they never brought to us.

  6. People just want easy money, it's not meant to be a server where you have rebel and 5 illegal or legal licenses within a day. You work for what you get. The way it was before was a newcomer could buy a driver and gun license straight away with a full pistol loadout due to the low license prices.
  7. hey man 

    I just thought id let u know about the new economy update. 

    I do not agree and highly dislike how low the selling prices of the materials are. sure the popcorn need to be lowered  bit bcus of how short it took to make the run however I think you should increase the amount iron sales for back to the price it use to be e.g. 5,500. I believe this was a fair price for the amount of time it took to get it and sell.

    It would take 30 mins to fill a hemmit and sell it at trader unlike popcorn which u could do in 15 mins.

    I would also suggest that you raise the prices of diamonds, meth, cocaine, heroin and other runs/jobs that require u going through havoc. its simply not worth making a 40 minute run to be taxed half of the money you make and end up with 400k.

    Thank you for reading this

    p.s I don't know if I put this in the right place but if not plz tell me where I could forward my thoughts and opions 

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    2. Tommy Hues

      Tommy Hues

      im a poor guy haha

    3. BigFoot


      well after these price drops its no longer worth doing anything.


    4. Kevin


      Thank you for your detailed input, we will take it all into consideration @BigFoot

  8. The idea I had before was havoc would move to be a blufor faction working alongside the cops but considering there generally is no cops for them to work alongside and everyone seems to love havoc's roleplay and activity, I like this idea.
  9. @Conner Merlin
  10. That car looks disgusting.
  11. You're in Portugal @Kevin, get off the forums.

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    2. Kevin


      I'm sitting out in the sun on my laptop, I'm still making the most of it ;) 

    3. Jay Brean
    4. James Harwood

      James Harwood

      Ya ganna have a sun tan with a laptop inprint on ya chest


  12. I've had this lamb for 8 month so back off.

    1. Sheepy


      This one looks hot @Victor

  13. I can buy a can of John West for 2.50 down in Lidl, why would Tuna sell for 15k. @Conner Merlin sort the market thing out. This will be fixed, thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  14. Fuck sake Kyle, told you you can't keep paying people to talk nice about you...
  15. Wake up at half 5, brilliant let's do cardio early. Gets a nose bleeds for half an hour...