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  1. Altis Repo | Invite Only

  2. Going for a bit

    He thought he'd be away longer. If you wanna buy him a new PC and accidentally send it to my address I'll be happy to watch it for a while.
  3. [VpR] Viper Team Recruitment

    Well, proud to announce the removal of this gang as it's dear leader was sentenced to deletion.
  4. Implement Premium/Reserve Slots

    There are 0 talks of a second server officially.
  5. Player Report - Vanquish - 11/11/17

    See, I hate the phrase "Get out without a weapon or you will be shot" because for them to get out without a weapon they need to put it into their car or backpack which takes time in which case a rebel will shoot them for "not getting out of the car quick enough". A member of our Staff Team will deal with this soon.
  6. Fucking hell, this is like all those women or boys coming out about celebrities sexually assaulting them. A lot of executions and stuff that shouldn't be happening. Despicable.
  7. Wasted

    Because having school 7 hours each day, training every day and gym every day along with homework and study should all be substituted for dealing with kids spouting shit at each other on a game. I've done what I could with the amount of hours I have been able to dedicate, I've been here since we opened and worked hard up until I had to sell my PC. I agree wasted is very active and he is a more active and better community manager than me but stop with the little dogs until you know the full story. Thanks bud ?
  8. Nathan is back but better

    Thought the title said, Nathan is back nut butter.
  9. vote day

    Not a chance, It's a Life server. Right now it's 9pm at night, pitch black. /vote day.... still night.

    The ifrit skin is in 3 pieces when you design it so the command you use to skin it in game is the setObjectTexture one and you use 0,1 and 2. Poor attempt at explaining but it's been a while.... As most people know.
  11. Capture sectors

    Ehh, we're working on Cartels but I've been informed there are a lot of other things in the making aswell and Capture Sectors should be nerfed soon enough and I'll see about notifying everyone on captures.
  12. Personal curiosity

    As @Dextrinity7 and @Ronnie Kray have said before me, you can't make all the Police read of the same script. Officers differences and unique traits should make each RP situation fun and civilians should see it as a challenge to Roleplay with someone that might be tougher on you then the last, all the same improving your Roleplay and the Officers respect for civilians.
  13. Jordan Blackwood

    I've got something else to confess @Kayle Ravelle
  14. Event WINNER Hunter

  15. HAVOC poor RP

    I don't know if Peter is being sarcastic but generally, HAVOC are notoriously good roleplayers.

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