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  1. Hector

    In a bit.

    Sad to see you go mate, have a good one!
  2. Hector

    rule 2.8

    initiated* but apart from that +1
  3. Hector


  4. Levi came to support to let me know about this bug, however he did state that it was an accident and didn't mean to kill anyone. Support Case: 16866. In my opinion, after seeing that video it seem more like exploiting to me now.
  5. Only if we get a full 4 man crew 😜
  6. I'd be down for some Sea of Thieves
  7. After speaking to an involved MI5 Officer, it turns out that the house was raided legitimately. Evidence: https://i.plays.tv/msP5asn, https://i.plays.tv/wCx2gbF Support Case ID: 16879
  8. Totally mate. It's not like I was just following him xD
  9. https://plays.tv/video/5d1f44a5ce376a090b/vdm-vdm-vdm
  10. I didn't move you out because you were shouting at Ross, I moved you and Jambo out, because I said several times in the support case, that iit wasn't going anywhere if Ross wanted to just get you banned. That's why I also closed.
  11. Hector

    The Xian VS HAVOC

    That‘ll teach them a lesson...
  12. Having a server on Tanoa, a different server, so that people without the DLC can still play on Phoenix, in my opinion would be a great idea. As Jesse also said to having the new map could also be a great idea. So on conclusion you sir, get a big: +1
  13. The ticketing for HAVOC doesn't work. I doesn't give the person being ticketed a ticket.l
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