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  1. Hector

    Reviving System

    +1 I agree, that would make RP with patients better/more fun for medics than just sitting there saying "Let me just patch you up".
  2. Hector

    HAVOC slots

  3. Hector

    AMS | What can we improve?

    Will do, thanks dad ❤️
  4. Hector

    AMS | What can we improve?

    I know, but people still have full on conversations on the in-game COMs
  5. Hector

    AMS | What can we improve?

    Make me AMS Command 😜 that's how you could improve 😂 Just kidding. Don't change anything, I think the AMS as it is right now is very well organised, but the only thing I would like to change is that the new Paramedics stop being anti-social and actually get into TS channels with others instead of using the in-game COMs. Much love ❤️❤️❤️ Hector ❤️❤️❤️
  6. Hector

    Bring back the old FiveM server

    Yea but the XP system honestly sucks, especially since it earrapes you when you level up
  7. Can you not just use the codes and scripts from the old server for the new one?
  8. Hector


    Guessing you're talking about my editing skills 😜
  9. Hector

    iL - Illuminate

    Oh, @robertsseu he is a good man, I've known him for a while and I can only say he's good at the game could you maybe reconsider your choice?
  10. Hector

    iL - Illuminate

    Whats your in-game name? - Hector How old are you? - 16 SteamID64 - 76561198112667237 Previous RP experiences? - Yes in a lot of different games such as ArmA and Gmod and GTA V. I've played on ArmA 3 MilSim servers as well as on Altis life, such as PhoenixRP. Strengths and weaknesses? - I'm a skilled Pilot as well as a great sharpshooter and LMG gunner. Driving isn't really my specialty, even though I can drive, I'm not "perfect" in the sense. I also am a very good Roleplayer and barely ever break character. Timezone? - UTC/GMT+2 (CEST) How many hours do you have? (At least 500 hours) - 386 Why do you want to join ? - I want to join because I was told by Andy and Michael, that Illuminate is a great gang that has a lot of fun on the server. I also don't mind dying in game, as long it was a suitable death to the situation, or if it was funny. Any previous gangs? - Well yes, my own. I only played with a few friends of mine so it wasn't anything big. It had 3 (including me) active players. Can Anyone in the gang vouch for you? - Yes Andy and Michael