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  1. As, in the GIF that you posted, you jumped onto the Hangar yourself, using the jump script the Compensation Request will be declined as we do not compensate any death or loss while you, as a player, use the jump script. DECLINED
  2. @HooDCould you provide a video or screenshot of your Loadout or you buying your Loadout?
  3. @TigerWill receive a Game Ban for breaking rules: 1.2, 2.2, 2.9 and abusing rule 3.5 @BertSon-GWill receive a 4 Day Ban for breaking rules: 1.2, 2.9 and abusing rule 3.5 These punishments were discussed and agreed with by @Kiran Locked & Moved
  4. BIG KISS AND A BIG ❤️ for you @Tyler.B
  5. Alright, now I see it too. Thanks for making that clear Zinner.
  6. @[email protected]@BertSon-GI personally can't see what Bert has done wrong. I will speak to all people involved and then post my opinion and decision after I have spoken to everyone involved.
  7. @TigerAs compensation was given and the case was resolved in support, I will take that into consideration whilst dealing with this Player Report. However, just because you resolved a Case in Support doesn't mean that the Reporting Player can't put up a Player Report. To add to this, I know that there have been several Support Cases going against you, where you break server rules. With this, your ban history as well as your warnings, it seems like you are just here for combat, with that you get it by breaking server rules.
  8. @TigerI have checked the Support Case and it does say "Zinner counts the case as resolved, Roy wanted comp for the RDM". However, after speaking to Zinner, he feels like he wasn't happy with the outcome, therefore, like he said in his reply, he made it public.
  9. As the Accused hasn't responded, the Accused has been banned for 5 days as he RDM'd Froggy. Player Report ACCEPTED Locked & Moved
  10. New evidence shown in support. ACCEPTED 800,000,- compensated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_yuxAWhVTo&feature=youtu.be
  11. ACCEPTED 422,500,- Compensated for 1 HEMMT Box
  12. @WEEBSConsidering you were at 5% water when you died, it is your own fault for not having any water. Your friend could have given you the water bottles instead of trying to force feed you them. DECLINED
  13. ACCEPTED 6,486,253,- Compensated for loosing his APC Bank Balance.
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