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  1. Yes i verbally disputed it in-game but at no point in that breath conversation i did not hear you say come to ts. As i said before there were two helicopters, we saw both with people on the bench so it could have been both of you can when we took shots at the helicopter they flew away including you so to us you looked involved. also in that situation you decided to come back after flying away and hover in front of us so we shot at you as were saw you about 1 min before that with the other helicopter, you then preceded to stay hovering whist being shot at not making any attempt to fly away. with you landing 500 meters away to fix your helicopter that was fully working apart from a damage main rotor with does not inhabit you form flying away, we thought you landed to try and kill us.
  2. You were flying around in an active gunfight, There was two helicopters flying around and they were benching, then you got shot at when you were near the ground about 200m up and few away after being shot at, you then preceded to land behind the mounting with your guns out so i shot you. 1.12 Value of Life - At all times you must value your life as if it was your last. If you're at a clear disadvantage, for example, a gun pointed to the back of your head whilst you're looking the other direction, you must comply with their demands. I think that you did not value you're life in this case because you landed near the area with guns out not valuing your life you also said you had to land because you had no tail rotor you can still fly with out it, it does not stop you from flying away form the gunfight and it was not broke at all https://gyazo.com/174d780864d5655df349b98f5622ad46 I would also like to add that i was in ts the hole night in the lobby at no point did you msg me to sort it out
  3. Kay


    IGN: Kay Age/Country: 17 Bank balance: 40m Previous gangs/Faction units: Old Adapt, 187, HSOS Hours on Arma *screenshot: 3572 https://gyazo.com/a9d7329840df381fc404ae7bdf7c2384 Can any members vouch for you *no trials?: Kaane, ALI, Fierce, Zico, Jordan, Jax, J O S H, maybe a few others not sure
  4. I did't share it the person that did used to be in an old gang
  5. @Labrador https://gyazo.com/b290c6b0c1e636fb08f3fd5287f2cc4f plus that is not even me
  6. @Ryan Wilson why are you trying to call other people BAD when you admit you're not good yourself?
  7. @Ryan Wilson Do you think you're good?
  8. Kay

    -I- | Invicta

    Name: Kaymonox Age[16+] unless we know you : 17 How many hours do you have[1200+] Exceptions can be made: 3227 Previous Gangs: adapt Steam ID:76561198152930431 Why do you want to join the gang: I want to join the gang because it seems like a chill gang with people i know in it and would like to play with them i also need a new gang to play with because the other island that i have come from is unplayable. What makes you right for Invicta?: I know a lot of people in the gang and get along well with them i also am a chilled out guy that cab easy make friends and just want to have a good time playing arma. What skills do you have[Be Specific]: I know a lot about arma physics and know what walls you can shoot through i am also good at combat and can pull my wait in situation, i am also a good pilot. most importantly who can vouch for you +2 members not trials:  Jackk, Jamesky, Josh
  9. Kay


    Name: Kay Age[16+]: 16 How many hours do you have[1000+] Exceptions can be made: 3k Previous Gangs: none Steam ID: 76561198152930431 Why do you want to join the gang [50 words+]: I would like to join the gang because iv been looking around for a server and gang to play and saw that my old friends play on and i believe that i work well with them people that i know and looking to get started on another server and would like to start here. What makes you right for Adapt?: Got got quite a few friends within the game, iv got good combat awareness and know most thing's about arma 3 combat + i can roleplay What skills do you have[Be Specific]: i have good aim and can do CQC and Sniping but don't often do it and can bring high quality roleplay Who in the gang can vouch for you: Jackk, kennY, Khalifa, Kai
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