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  1. In Game Name: Xotiic Timezone: IST Age: 15 Hours On Arma 3: 1693 Previous Gangs: only one worth mentioning is vm Vouches: alfred inka salty How Active Can You Be: everyday
  2. mil sim is fun af how the game was meant to be played
  3. 2.7 @Speedy ☑️ would the auction end at 12pm tonight?
  4. nope as i said this is a one time thing and i am sorry for what ive done
  5. i feel like 95% of the server would agree with this but then again when was the last time they done something that we asked best run rn is 1.4 mill in a hemmt idk but it looks like they are pushing away combat and expect more rp when all its going to do is make players leave
  6. 80% of departures that people put it is criticizing the server and i see them on the server idk what ur talking about doing it in a normal way i didnt voice my opinion on anything i called some1 brain dead lmao
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