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  1. Jackson Sparrow

    Highest Roller

    bandits a gamer watch out smh !!
  2. i never contacted an admin that was a joke, we joked about it in ts and then spawn banned him !!!
  3. as soon as i saw these messages i got deeply offended and the only course of action was to contact an admin Thank you @Bandit
  4. shit son prob dont remember me but had some fun a long time back haha glad you are back
  5. Jackson Sparrow

    Marked - Closed for now

    How old are you?: 16 SteamID?: 76561198802421485 What is your current amount of bans?: 1 Current hours on Arma 3 (700+) like 1800 Any points of reference within the gang?: lads lads lads lads lads Why do you want to join Marked? (50 words): i want to join because i am really in love with this gang, idk how to get 50 words lets pretend this is 50
  6. In Game Name: Pro Gamer Timezone: ist Age: 16 Hours On Arma 3: 1.8 Previous Gangs: APEX Vouches: Apex How Active Can You Be: Very
  7. Jackson Sparrow

    Make Offroad 50. Purchasable again

    there wasnt an issue when they were 1 mill i think i cant remember honestly but i remember when u could buy them and i dont remember people complaining
  8. not really? it was prob within the restart
  9. isnt this the wan from orange is the new black
  10. Jackson Sparrow

    under cover units

    keep police remove havoc like its pointless
  11. nah nah nah give him a few more weeks
  12. Jackson Sparrow

    1 V 13 combat hungry TST members

    hasnt this been said like 100 times but i guarantee their respose will be "its too hard to police that rule" when it just isnt dash out harsh punishments so people wont do it smh
  13. Jackson Sparrow

    Stepping down and moving forward

    no stay now i have no one to complain to who will take it serious
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