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  1. how do I delete my forum account?

  2. Ur the one who said you had been banned. If you had read the rules properly you would've never been banned.
  3. I totally understood what you said, don't think you understood what I said. Make a ban appeal, there is no rule agaisnt what you did unless you werent 1.5km away or you didnt wait 3 minutes
  4. The current initiation rule says: Only group/faction members that come within 1.5km of the active combat situation are initiated. So, if you were to be rescued and revived outside the 1.5km (past 3min of last gunshot) it wouldn't be classed as combat reviving and you should be able to return as you never died. So if you have been punished for being revived outside the 1.5km and returning to the sit, I'd say according to the rules you did nothing wrong and were wrongfully punished. Don't agree with your rule suggestion change though, I think it should remain like this and just not punish people for doing it as there is no rule that even says you can't.
  5. kEeP yOuR cOmMeNtS tO yOuRsElF nOoB
  6. Thought it could bring life back to the server, admins keep going on trying to fix the economy, such thing will never happen until a wipe occurs. You're becoming a Stefan... Don't.
  7. Is it possible to appeal an NHS blacklist? If yes, how, if not, who do I have to bribe.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jelle


      Mass unblacklist?

    3. Hunt3r


      @Jelle well if people can get unbanned, don't see why they can't get unblacklisted... Of course I'm sure some did some pretty bad stuff so I won't say everyone...

    4. Dennis


      You would need to talk to the CMO for that.

  8. the reason for the downfall of phoenix is the lack of APC frag montages

    change my mind.

    1. Zaka Riya

      Zaka Riya

      I love the APC, they are great people

  9. I just feel like all this secrecy isn't really necessary and the longer you wait, the harder it is going to be for the server to comeback to a good spot.
  10. Anything you can reveal about what those "core foundations" are? Will it be another military faction like havoc? The Ballas gang from GTA SA? Also, any timeframes in mind? Could it take 2 weeks, 2 months, 6 months?
  11. Is there anything you can tell us then? Is the map design completed? Is the structure of the new faction already worked out? I think keeping people in the dark isn't really ideal, afterall, we are the ones who are gonna play it, why not make polls within the community when you have doubts about something? Why not ask? This isn't some top secret CIA thing, aren't you making this for the players? Why not have their input on it and keep them up to date with whats being done?
  12. How can they make suggestions about something they have no knowledge about. All they know is "something" is in the works. While the developpers are busy with the coding part you could have staff doing handbooks/etc ... Just speeds up the process and when more people are on the same subject it only results in a better finished product
  13. I wasn't talking about those kinds of things. I am talking about the new features to come in order to revive the server. I'm not speculating, Its what I heard from them.
  14. I think the biggest problem with the server right now is that the staff isn't really staff, from what I've heard, only management is supposedly working on the new features which, in my opinion, is absurd. You have an entire staff team to help you but you rather "keep it a secret" and take 10x as long to do it.
  15. new faction better be cop haters 

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    2. Hunt3r


      @Messiah new faction better hurry up 👀

    3. Ninj


      @Messiah nothing will beat HAVOC in my heart ❤️

    4. Sig


      antifa faction letsss fuckinggg goooooooo

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