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  1. Ah dont worry about it mate, now that im leaving im sure everything will go back to perfection and smooth sailing.
  2. ɯnɹoɟ sıɥʇ uı ǝuoʎɹǝʌǝ ʎןןɐɹǝʇıן
  3. Listen, we all take your funny jokes because we think you're like 13, and its still acceptable at that point but you should really plan on improving your game.
  4. ye, the position of people who want to help but their voice is never heard unless they make some noise and who keep getting shot down no matter if they are right or not because their voice doesn't matter for shit for the people who they try to help. The position of a person that is bound to have to listen to idiots because in the end, they are the ones in the position of power. I've said it multiple times and I'll say it again, most of you are not fit for a position of power due to the simple fact you don't think about anything else but your own thought because you're not doing it for the community, you're doing it for the "glamour"
  5. The difference is I show proof of it, with you its just accusations yet i'm the bad guy because your mr Golden word is worth way more
  6. you are so funny that with every "joke" you make, my chance of having an aneurism increases by 10%
  7. Wether you like it or not, you're a bunch of idiots, I have probably more than 1k hours on this server and im telling you this happens every fucking hour, plenty other very active players are saying the same, some with even more hours than me, keep your head up ur asses and keep ignoring it because thats what you always do, I wouldn't have enough disk space for the ammount of fucking rulebreaks and situations like these that have happened in the last 2 months let alone my entire stay, you really think this is an isolated sit? At one point I was going to make a video to show staff what goes on their server, had some juicy clips of some very well known people and plenty, trust me, plenty of rulebreaks but whats the point? You barely play the server but as far as you're concerned everything is alright, who cares about the players who play here EVERY FUCKING DAY, what the fuck would they know. Never said support members decide on rulebreaks but they should fucking know the difference because if they don't, what the hell are they doing as support?
  8. ye but still, if you dont get explained to and actually understand what you did wrong ur just bound to do it again sometime
  9. I get where you are coming from but i still think it should be written in the rules, anyway you 2 did more explainning than 5 admins/staff lead in a group message
  10. I believe being grounded still belongs to class G airspace and even if it isn't, it should be stated in the rules that landing is considered leaving airspace.
  11. What I said is, by the definition of airspace, being landed is still inside of it. So atempting to land will do nothing since ur still inside of it
  12. Rules do not state that atempting to land counts as leaving airspace. If it does, it should be added to the rules. The definition from airspace is from the ground up, meaning even if you are landed, you are still within the areas airspace. By me warning shooting the heli, I mean it to go away and thats how its been for the year and a half i've been here so if the rule hasn't had any changes, why is it different now?
  13. Oh yeah, don't worry, this one was fully deserved.
  14. Thanks mate, I don't think I'll be coming back though, we all have to leave some stuff we love the most sometime in our lives and I did a big oopsie and got banned and removed from Medics, with reason though so no hard feelings. Because of a fully deserved ban.
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