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  1. Don't waste your time answering to simmo, honestly, you could make him 3 drawings and he still won't understand so just don't bother. Ignore him, its just noise
  2. We spent an hour and a half the other day making a tour of your house, we RP with everyone, even when we are robbing, for example when robbing runs. We don't go around initiating on everyone and camping rebel like some misters who i won't name and we never steal anyones gear so we barely even initiate on people. When we do initiate on people, we have a purpose for them and RP the whole way by talking to the hostage and explainning what we are doing and what is going to happen, the only time we might kidnap unarmed people is for hostage situations with police for HM/banks, we don't target hobos, we don't kill hobos (unless you are being incredibly disrespectful and breaking rules at which point we also get tired), we get who we are able to get safely without dying. I see regularly people complaining about our "level of RP" yet no one seems to have any evidence to back that up but the thing is we do. It is much easier for you to speak that you do not get into combat as you are Governor and you are not living the rebel life, you are RPing? good, thats what your position is for, you are doing perfect at your job. Last week we bought SMG loadouts, all legal so we could have some protection and go around just RPing with people and having some fun, 30 seconds after landing in Agios we get initiated by 7.62s from the support members gang, they just showed up, out the car and hands up on everyone they could see. "Be the change you want to see" - Pretty hard when you are trying to improve the RP on the server and everyone calls you out for crying, pretty hard to change it when Staff members are the ones doing it, Pretty hard to do it when staff members tell you to "shut up and go frag". Pretty hard when factions that should have the highest level of roleplay manage to have less than rebels. We try to RP with cops and first thing that happens is being tazer initiated no matter how many people you have or how big your guns are, We have a hostage situation, we negotiate, cops go back on their word and tazer initiate as soon as they've got the hostage. We are doing Armoury and we negotiate and as im flying the negotiator to collect the money, I see everyone from my gang die in side chat and I ask wtf happened and he says "oh, negotiations are over" but when I land and kill 5 of them I am called "toxic". Even the higher up staff member said it was a dick move from them, yet, apparently initiating is the same as negotiations being over so that means rebels can do it too or is it just for factions? but were the toxic ones, obviously.
  3. So today, Havoc had 5 striders out and initiated on me and my friend, their reason being: "we are kidnapping everyone in the island and then drowning them" to which he later said it was "to get public support" yet they were killing people who actually supported them, and how can people support them if the entire island is going to die by drowning? Another havoc member later said it was to get resources, yet, they blew up 2 of our cars which had guns inside of them and didn't even take my gear. Took them to support for poor roleplay but they started laughing and saying all i do is cry so i didnt even bother because apparently saying "were gonna drown you" is sufficient roleplay to do whatever he wants, apparently, saying 1 or 2 words is actually considered roleplay and is enough to do whatever they want, even if it makes absolutely no sense. Listen, you can do that all you want tho, just don't call this an RP server. (keep in mind, my problem is not because there wasnt previous roleplay, i think the previous roleplay rule depends on the situation but i do value RP after initiation which i barely got and on top of it made no sense, i had to keep asking them questions or asking them to talk to me because they wouldnt say shit only "were drowning you".) You keep talking shit yet have no arguments vs me, all you talk is stuff you heard that are bs, all you say is i'm this and i'm that and all i do is cry but if i were to show you some of the shit i get and some of the clips of you, you would never open your mouth again. Today I got rdmed 3times, 2 no values of life, 1 metagame and the shittiest roleplay i've ever seen in the space of like 2hours? 2 of the rdms were by cops and 1 no value of life aswell and then I get this shit from havoc, aren't factions supposed to provide the best roleplay? All you can say is "get fragged" "cry more" and then make a frag montage about the shittiest kills ive ever seen in my fucking life and be proud of it? This server is full of under 18year olds, and nothing agaisnt it because many are really nice people, but many also talk mad shit because u are behind a monitor and have your faction buddys to back you up and you think ur special because ur in a higher rank. You think you are better than everyone else just because you're in a faction, yet, some of you don't even have 20 hours on the server and barely know the fucking rules, I KNOW THAT to be the case, since today alone had 2 rdms, 1 no value of life and 1 failure to give sufficient time from cops alone + this amazing roleplay by havoc. I always tried to help the server improve by making suggestions, discussing topics, reporting bugs, glitches, dupes, abuses, but all your arguments are "stop crying" and "ur just mad cause u got fragged" but i'm fucking done, multiple rules and aspects of the server were tweaked and changed because of my suggestions because I fucking took out of my time to actually care about the server where i actually liked to play, a lot, and where i also met some really nice people and this is what i get?. You keep talking shit about me taking people to support and reporting them? fucking seriously? a great majority of the cases i bring to support, i fucking win, 99.9% of them will never go to a fucking report and will end on a request to read rules / clarify doughts / get comp, even when i dont get comp, i still dont report, only mass rdmers, cheaters and people obviously trolling and i'm the fucking bad guy? really? u fuckers have a big mouth but its only to talk about shit you dont know. If you've ever been on support with me you know its true but when i do something wrong or some mistake its straight to a report, but im the bad guy. A lot of great players been leaving and i can see why, i can see that for a long time but i stay and hope for change, and try to help in that change but its never gonna go anywhere when the guys you like the most and think are the coolest are actually the biggest cunts to walk on the server that never did shit for the server. I bet this is not what the staff members had in mind when they created the server and honestly think its not their fault, probably more of a arma community thing and if it is, i dont want to be here anymore, not that you care, but maybe one day you'll open your eyes aswell. Sorry for "disrespecting" people in the past but i can't tolerate injustice so i'll say whatever is necessary to your face because facts don't care about your feelings. I know i'm no saint but fuck, this shit is on another level. You claim the server is dying, yet fail to realise you are the ones killing it. Will maybe be releasing another video to show the scum, or not, you're not really worth the rendering time let alone the editing time. Not gonna be responding to any comments, this is probably gonna get deleted for some reason so you can keep being blind but if it doesnt, dont edit it, since people seem to know everything they can maybe learn something today. Just remember, I'm the bad guy, so, bad guy out. enjoy the quality RP, special treat at the end. P to the H to the Ohhh fuck it
  4. Hunt3r


    So, is sharking allowed or not? There is no rule agaisnt it and it is not an exploit since it is a game feature. Im asking since there was a guy banned for it and I didn't really understand why the ban happened in the first place since everyone i've talked to said it was a stupid ban and that it was not in breach of any rule. If it is indeed bannable put it up on the rules before banning people.
  5. You resolve things in support, to which I called you multiple times and you ignored. I wasted 40 minutes of my time in support waiting for you and you did not show up but now when im reporting you you're offering me half of our gear sets. Fuck. Off.
  6. The fact you still think you were in the right is why I took this to a report, saw it coming from a fucking mile away. I had 550k loadout, nathans was almost 650k, weebs was 550k, im no genius but thats actually 1.75mill and if you want to be be smart about it i'll fucking list every single thing we had. What my gang has or what my personal account has doesn't concern you, if you dont want to pay for peoples gears, don't rdm them, pretty simple and I don't know if you've noticed but this is a player report, not a compensation request.
  7. I tried running cause I knew I was about to get rdmed by you idiots, you know you cannot initiate behind a wall right? If you look at the video you initiated and shot me in the same second. And even if you didn't, I didnt understand shit of your initiation, support member had to replay it like 10 times to try understand it, you could've come to support and resolve it there but instead you didn't give a fuck so now you're offering comp since you got reported and even if I accept it, comp for us 3 would've been over 1.4mill.
  8. Time Submitted: 10:51:11 PM | 05/09/19 Submitted By: Hunt3r (4900) Your In-Game Name: HUNT3R Who are you reporting?: Steve Cosmae / Terrel Cosma Time/Date of event: 9/05/2019 Rule's Broken: invalid initiation / not providing sufficient time to comply / RDM Explain what happened: Spiked them, they initiated behind a wall by saying something really fast which you can barely understand and then proceeded to spray me down 0.5second after initiating. They also killed 2 of my friends. Disputed them several times, asked them to come on side and waited around 20 minutes but they kept on playing and ignored us. Reporting this because they just gonna keep doing it and don't seem to give a fuck so the faster they're gone the better. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): case number: 15400 CLIP: invalid initiation + no time to comply: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/422682208 3minute video: https://www.twitch.tv/hvnt3r_/video/422686260 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Fulton
  9. Just because he is on the support team doesn't mean he is right all the time. He proposes something impossible since if you try to initiate on an active fight you will be gunned down immediatly and not even get given the chance to initiate as it is an active fight and then you will cry about RDM. Also if you're not a part of it its not fair for you to get in the middle of i as it will create confusion for both sides and no ones knows who is fighting with who anymore, this is acceptable for example if Police are trying to break up a fight. That rule is to prevent people from baiting initiation from an active fight, to keep driving around it till you get shot so they can shoot back and get in it. "That ^ should be removed. Reason? There should be no reason that is there. If people want to get involved in gunfights, they should be able to roll up and initiate. Yes there might be no roleplay before it but the intentions can make sense, " - if you want to get involved in a fight, either start it or be in it from the start. You can roll up and initiate, thing is you won't be able to because since its active, you will get gunned down before you say a word to the person you're trying to initiate on and then you will be "RDMed". ---------------- You must attempt to leave an active gunfight if you do not want to be apart of it, failing to do so will be classed as no value of life.- This section is confusing, what I interpret is what it says- you either understand it or you don't... it clearly says, if you are not involved in a gunfight, you should leave and value your life since you can get shot but can't shoot since you haven't initiated on anyone. But then if I do want to be a part of it, I can get banned for Low Roleplay Standard- You should attempt to leave or show you are not involved by for example putting the weapon on ur back if you are in the middle of it and its not your fault, failure to leave will mean that you are either involved or that you are just running around there looking to get shot therefore not valuing your life. The low roleplay standard rule in the initiations is very stupid and no one follows it. roleplay before an initiation is very stupid in my opinion because, wtf are you supposed to say? "nice shoes, hands up?", I value RP after initiation a lot more since you can actually RP what you are doing and thats what most people do, unless you're a cop/havoc, theres not much you can do or say before you actually initiate on someone. Of course you can always say something but if you are following a truck that you want to rob, what are you supposed to say before initiating? I've been here for almost a year and have never seen anyone get banned because they didn't RP before initiating. -In general, there should be no reason for someone to leave an active gunfight, if they want to get involved (of course by initiating)- I would like you to show me a moment where you are able to initiate on an active fight without getting shot first without being Havoc/Cops and even being a cop or havoc the chances of you getting shot before you even get to do anything are very high.
  10. Time Submitted: 07:29:47 PM | 05/04/19 Submitted By: Hunt3r (4900) In-Game Name: HUNT3R Steam / Player ID: 76561198064254986 Date of Event: 05/04/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/420400616 Details of Event: was incapped by TITAN, executed by George Rush, he shot everyone who was incapped, he is already banned thats why I didnt put up a report. Compensation Amount: mk1loadout, at least 750k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  11. -1, I don't think you understood what the rule means and would suggest you read it again.
  12. So, everyone has probably noticed the car damage rn is insane, I'd like to know if its from an actual Arma update or server cause now everything almost kills you, a bush takes 30 health, bumps on the road 5/10hp... kinda retarded. If its a server one, please change it back
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