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  1. tip: do not rescue a police officer from being taken hostage, they do not appreciate that.
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1808249815
  3. Hunt3r

    NPAS Pro Plays

    you have to post the link as https://www.twitch.tv/cobratheog/clip/SilkyCourageousWolfNotLikeThis (the rest of the link is something only you can see)
  4. Hunt3r

    More events

    Its summer and I really haven't seen any events lately. Events are a good way to entertain players and bring in new ones. Events do not require much preparation and a single admin can do many different ones. Ideas: -Demolition Derby (bring your own vehicle - eliminates the problem of admins having to spawn in and allows for different vehicles to be used with different purposes instead of all ifrits. There is one problem though as new players do not own many vehicles but I guess it would be rewarding players loyalty to the server) (near a garage for multiple rounds) -Special Cargo (A hemtt box is placed in a compound in a KOS area defended by either Police/Havoc (they could even work together). Police/Havoc would be rewarded for participating. Police/Havoc are not allowed to break NLR as the point of the event is for someone to actually get to get the cargo and factions usually have the number advantage. Players are allowed to break NLR in order to retry the event. The goal is to then drive that vehicle into a specified area in order to receive a reward or maybe fill the vehicle with gold/weaponry. ( Would generate a massive fight if both Police/havoc worked together vs rebels) -Capture the flag ( The goal is to own as many cartels as possible before a certain time and the gang who wins to be rewarded. This one would be for Rebels only as factions free/cheaper gear and easier to get resources like armoured vehicles / helicopters would create a very unbalanced fight ) - Similar to gang wars but here it would be fighting for money/prestige/XP/etc ( NO NLR ) -Races (everyone likes races, ifrits, quads, karts, simple SUV's, on foot, whatever - requires multiple admins to clean up / spawn in / organize) -Treasure Hunt (Something would be hidden somewhere (vehicle/person/placeables/anything really) then admins would start giving out hints every 5/10minutes about Altis / Arma3) - Armed Hellcat fight (think that it has been done before, probably really cool) - Battle Royale (think that has been done before aswell) (my idea would be to have everyone fighting with armor + pistols in the top left part of the map (lots of hills/bushes/obstacles) and keep closing the area until someone wins) -Paintball (5v5) - Can be done in a small city (each team starts on one end and have tazers. To kill someone, you have to taze the person and then restrain him. No unrestraining allowed. If the person is tazed but not restrained, he may proceed fighting. Ends when the whole team is restrained.) (good point is everyone can play, rebels, cops, havoc) - Suggested by Nathan -These are only a few ideas I could pull from the top of my head, feel free to comment with some more
  5. Hunt3r

    feel free to roast 2

    I'll take the bad boy 130 thank youuu
  6. got declined in the video section for some reason, probably for offending someone somewhere in Mars.
  7. Hunt3r


    Item Name: DMS Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: 500k Minimum Increment: 100k End Date: 14th of July 12PM restart.
  8. Item: Khalia Scope Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: 1 000 000 Minimum Increment: 150k End Date: 14th of July 12:00 PM restart
  9. I talked with the F boys in teamspeak and it appears that they were not the ones who fired at us while in the car and it seems like it was a TST officer from this screenshot https://gyazo.com/8e490e6a60e260bd899def5f29a57275 but of course he will never come forward and admit his mistake...
  10. We were shot at and hit without any lethal initiation, thats why we stopped and defended ourselves as we thought you were taking the invalid initiation seriously. We actually shot at the cops first but seen that you stopped right behind and got out immediatly, you seemed like you were going to fight as you were in the middle of an active gunfight, what were you gonna do? try to initiate on us? I explained that you never joined thats why we were not able to dispute and I waited a long time and that is complete BS because I kept checking the player list and you were not there, we were in teamspeak and there was a case made for this, as we didn't know who you were since mi5 regularly changes names, i brought this to a report to get the people to talk to us and find out who it was. Also, my stream is rated for "mature audience", if you do not like it, do not watch it.
  11. I died here but wasn't recording at the time.
  12. We tried getting in there and you can get out of it using bipod or just rolling around, furthermore, who the hell stands in that spot if it wasnt for exploiting? If you were glitched you wouldn't have shot anyone let alone tried to execute...
  13. I'm making myself look like a fool? You want something implemented to which you can't provide any arguments for. I've made you a simple question, if you can't answer it, don't be mad when it doesn't get accepted...
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