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  1. Dmitrij Ivanovic

    Mohawk for sale

    Fuck you max fight me
  2. Dmitrij Ivanovic

    Mohawk for sale

  3. Dmitrij Ivanovic

    Mohawk for sale

    2 mill
  4. Dmitrij Ivanovic

    Ridge | Recruiting!

    - In Game Name - Fallen - Bank Balance - 7mill - Any Prior Gangs/experience - HIVE - How Many Hours do you Have on Arma 3 - 1800hours - Why do you Want to Join - Because I want gang - Can any Members Vouch for you - Finaly,yike,dan richman
  5. Dmitrij Ivanovic

    Arma 3 and ISIS

    not like you ever found it earlier.
  6. Dmitrij Ivanovic

    Arma 3 and ISIS

    Allahu Snackbar
  7. Dmitrij Ivanovic

    Arma 3 and ISIS

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2937641/ISIS-fighters-distributing-video-game-allows-players-play-role-Islamist-kill-Westerners.html Love it when ISIS starts to play arma to recruit child fighters and slaughter Americans.
  8. Dmitrij Ivanovic


    Name?: Dmitrij Ivanovic SteamID 64: 76561198177025969 Hours?: 1000 Why do you want to join?: Because i feel like you guys are very nice. Previous gangs?: none Do you have anyone who can vouch for you?: Everyone in the gang
  9. Dmitrij Ivanovic

    Joshua Myers

    This is a great person and one of the best police officers I have met. I have seen his dedication to the job. He is a nice person and is positive to all the people he meets and is professional with everything. I would like to recommend him because I have seen him on duty and I like the way he does things. He is a great person and the time he dedicates to the job I think should be more appreciated. I hope you get a promotion Joshua good luck.
  10. Dmitrij Ivanovic

    make cops pay for gear so they value their life.

    This will just make apc activity go down even more
  11. Dmitrij Ivanovic

    APC Promotions

    I feel like the server is sort of not that fun anymore. I would love to have some more motivation if APC promotions could be a lot more easy. If you are going to become SPC you have to be spotted by somebody high up. Most likely gold command isn't going to +1 this but i would have a lot more motivation if you guys could actually take the time we in APC put down towards the promotion we are hoping to get. I put down at least 15 hours last week and i wasn't even spotted once. I do understand that it has to be bronze command + that has to spot you for you to actually be able to get a promotion. If we could get something that would be fun for the bronze command as well i feel like that would make the activity go up (Such as events). As a PC currently i don't feel like the time i am putting down is appreciated. If the cops wouldn't have been here the server would just be rebels fighting all the time. If we wouldn't have been here nothing would have happened so maybe make it a bit easier to climb up the lower ranks would make most of the people more motivated and that would make the server activity go up.
  12. Dmitrij Ivanovic


    Jack how often are people serious about personal attack
  13. Dmitrij Ivanovic

    Server issues..

    +1 to liam
  14. Dmitrij Ivanovic