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  1. Not like any of the music out now
  2. You're all breathtaking
  3. Sem is one of the nicest guys i've come across in my time as a medic, his RP is also great and he is just all around a great guy and i wish him all the best within the NHS for the foreseeble future.
  4. calm your tits aynsleey
  5. This guy is probably one of the nicest and most understanding people on the server, during my time at HAVOC he was very reasonable and without a doubt deserves the position he's in. This recommendation is a bit late but better late than never i suppose.
  6. In game name: Eoin Age: 17 Nationality: Irish SteamID: 76561198213804519 Why you want to join:I want to join so that i can meme around with brits and be a dank scoper, plz accept me as i am irish and thats my only redeeming quality Rebel/Advanced: Both Past bans: Flase ban by teddy bear Hours on Arma: around 700 Past gangs?: EDF, NIJR, CHUNGUS, I gang, The frey dynasty
  7. Let me start off by saying that i have noticed the more than acceptable increase in taxes and plan on reducing them a lot, i will also be pushing for increased pay for the NHS and APC as I feel like they have lost out on pay in recent times, all thats left to say really is YEEEEEEEETTTTTTTT!!!!!!
  8. Arma Experience (500+ Hours) - 576 Sustainable Bank - 48mil Advanced Rebel/Rebel -advanced rebel Know Rules - yes Know Arma Physics - yes unfortunately Previous Gangs - Gucci gang, What makes you SFG material - Plastic Age: 17 Time you arrived on the island -3 june 2018 Stats Page Link -https://stats.phoenixrp.co.uk/player/76561198213804519 Youtube Channel if applicable / Plays tv - N/A Any previous Bans? If so what? - Yes,logged off at 4am before dying after crashing helicopter with noone else on board
  9. I happy to say that i will be back on the server for the foreseeable future after a series of shitty events and my computer breaking on me, hope to carry on my AMS duties and join HAVOC if possible
  10. Thanks guys, it was fun
  11. Hahahaha, you might have to wait a bit longer rob
  12. Is that right peterfile
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