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  1. [Medic]Eoin

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    Arma Experience (500+ Hours) - 576 Sustainable Bank - 48mil Advanced Rebel/Rebel -advanced rebel Know Rules - yes Know Arma Physics - yes unfortunately Previous Gangs - Gucci gang, What makes you SFG material - Plastic Age: 17 Time you arrived on the island -3 june 2018 Stats Page Link -https://stats.phoenixrp.co.uk/player/76561198213804519 Youtube Channel if applicable / Plays tv - N/A Any previous Bans? If so what? - Yes,logged off at 4am before dying after crashing helicopter with noone else on board
  2. [Medic]Eoin

    Tom Hallwood

    Tom is a great guy who recently had his positions in several factions taken off of him, I can somewhat understand why this happened but we all make mistakes from time to time. He was a very good fit for his position in AMS as he was always happy to help and was just an all around great guy. If there is anyway he can get a second chance after his mistake I think that he will surprise you.
  3. [Medic]Eoin

    Gucci Gang - Recruitment - Closed

    no, sorry i have to many friends in that
  4. [Medic]Eoin

    Gucci Gang - Recruitment - Closed

    17 My flying is pretty good and shooting is alright but don't put me behind the wheel of a car or you will be sorry I want to join Gucci Gang because i enjoyed my previous time with all of you and regret leaving after seeing all the fun stuff you guys do, I would also like to be part of a gang that has more than 2 members because its sad trying to do anything with low numbers because you just get fragged by gangs that are much bigger and better a lot of the time. Irish---Dublin Time https://gyazo.com/ecd144e03a382d8f5c0766020809867c 36 million I have advanced rebel around 5 months ago I used to be in the gang and i know a lot of the members
  5. [Medic]Eoin

    LoTUK - Applications Open

    Name:Eoin Age:17 Hours on Arma:462 Opinions on Brexit: Don't give a shit Why Do you want to join LoTUK ?: Why not How will letting you in the gang benefit LoTUK ?: You will have one more members and i will give money to gang funds Whats your whip status:I don't like whipping poeple all that much Is it coming home ?Yes(don't know what your on about) ethnicity:Irish
  6. [Medic]Eoin

    Anti APPA Association | Applications OPEN!

    Name -Eoin Age -17 Money -30000000 Hours-415
  7. [Medic]Eoin

    (Medic) Eoin

    Thank you very much MistyNights
  8. [Medic]Eoin


    thanks eugene!
  9. [Medic]Eoin

    Foxhound - Helpful Support Member

    Yeah, he helped me resolve an issue a while ago and he responded very quickly. Thanks foxhound!
  10. [Medic]Eoin

    Oh Benny!!

  11. [Medic]Eoin

    Oh Benny!!

    These guys are funny af xD Oh Benny! (1).mp4 Just as we are coming into land these guys started singing, xD
  12. [Medic]Eoin

    [Medic] Joe

    great guy, 10/10 lad
  13. [Medic]Eoin

    James Firecot

    This guy is funny AF and has made the past few days of medics very enjoyable, comes up with the best nicknames(face will know what i mean) and makes the best jokes.
  14. [Medic]Eoin

    Scaw Frey

    This guy deserves a lot of credit, he is attentive and always keeps his cool when dealing with support cases. Great work!
  15. Time Submitted: 04:31:30 PM | 07/25/18 Submitted By: Eoin (4848) Your In-Game Name: [EDF] Pfc. Yoiner Who are you reporting?: reube Time/Date of event: mid day 25th july Rule's Broken: 1.2 Explain what happened: We approached a car that had crashed ahead of us in an attempt to rob them, we seized the occupants communications and soon after 2 cars pulled up and RDMd us, (reube was the one who killed my friend Owen and I) Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://plays.tv/s/LpXZ6IpAMTN7 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Scaw Frey 3 of them didnt have gang tags