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  1. [Medic]Eoin

    Bye for now

    Thanks guys, it was fun
  2. [Medic]Eoin

    Bye for now

    Thanks ben
  3. [Medic]Eoin

    Bye for now

    Hahahaha, you might have to wait a bit longer rob
  4. [Medic]Eoin

    Bye for now

    Is that right peterfile
  5. [Medic]Eoin

    Bye for now

    Thanks for making it that much more enjoyable
  6. [Medic]Eoin

    Bye for now

    I am going to be stepping down from my positions in the AMS,LSMS aswell as the APC, due to ongoing issues within my personal life i cannot meet the time required each week and think its unfair for me to be taking up slots that other people could put to better use as of right now, I hope i can come back one day in the near future but as of right now it is goodbye. Thanks you to all the medics and a special thanks to @JinX @Peter [email protected]@Cyber Freak and @Max for making the server so enjoyable and just being all around great lads.
  7. [Medic]Eoin

    EMS Application - [Medic]Eoin (09/20/18)

    Time Submitted: 05:39:00 PM | 09/20/18 Submitted By: [Medic]Eoin (4848) In-game Name: Eoin Age / DoB: 17 | 07/23/01 Steam ID: 76561198213804519 In your own words, what is the meaning of RP: RP is kind of like you are stepping into someone elses shoes and being able to witness events that unfold before your eyes from that persons point of view, it is a great way to have new and exciting experiences Why do you want to join the EMS department: I want to join the EMS department because i used to play a lot of fivem and have been waiting for the phoenix rp fivem release for some time now, my activity on the arma 3 ams has not been great recently due to certain things that happened but am back on track now and am willing to dedicate a lot more time to the phoenix rp community What can you bring to the department: I have a lot of passed RP experience on both GTA five m, i have reached very high ranks on other servers such as neverland rp and have thoroughly enjoyed my playtime on arma 3 altis life, I have around 450 hours on phoenix rp and its safe to assume that a lot of them have been spent on AMS so i believe that it is because of this fact that i should be accepted to the EMS How many hours are you willing to put in per week: 5 Time Zone: Dublin GMT
  8. Time Submitted: 11:02:08 PM | 09/08/18 Submitted By: [Medic]Eoin (4848) Full Character Name: Eoin Frigini Date of Birth 09/08/01 Age 17 Character RP Story: Eoin Frigini was a simple man,a man of little interest until his dog was taken from him in a horrific accident involving a cement mixer and a clown, ever since then his hunger for justice cannot be filled and even though he can't aim he hopes to serve and protect the public of los santos like no other. Why do you want to join LSPD?: I want to join the LSPD as i have enjoyed my time in the APC and AMS thoroughly since i joined them and am hoping that by joining the LSPD i can further my self within the Phoenixrp community as i can see myself staying here for quite some time. Why should we choose you over other candidates?: I am dedicated and devoted to the community of this server, i believe that i am a overall friendly and nice person to talk to, i believe that i can interact with others in a more friendly manor than most(except for the odd exception of course)
  9. [Medic]Eoin

    Tom Hallwood

    Tom is a great guy who recently had his positions in several factions taken off of him, I can somewhat understand why this happened but we all make mistakes from time to time. He was a very good fit for his position in AMS as he was always happy to help and was just an all around great guy. If there is anyway he can get a second chance after his mistake I think that he will surprise you.
  10. [Medic]Eoin

    Gucci Gang - Recruitment - Closed

    no, sorry i have to many friends in that
  11. [Medic]Eoin

    Gucci Gang - Recruitment - Closed

    17 My flying is pretty good and shooting is alright but don't put me behind the wheel of a car or you will be sorry I want to join Gucci Gang because i enjoyed my previous time with all of you and regret leaving after seeing all the fun stuff you guys do, I would also like to be part of a gang that has more than 2 members because its sad trying to do anything with low numbers because you just get fragged by gangs that are much bigger and better a lot of the time. Irish---Dublin Time https://gyazo.com/ecd144e03a382d8f5c0766020809867c 36 million I have advanced rebel around 5 months ago I used to be in the gang and i know a lot of the members
  12. [Medic]Eoin

    LoTUK - Applications Closed

    Name:Eoin Age:17 Hours on Arma:462 Opinions on Brexit: Don't give a shit Why Do you want to join LoTUK ?: Why not How will letting you in the gang benefit LoTUK ?: You will have one more members and i will give money to gang funds Whats your whip status:I don't like whipping poeple all that much Is it coming home ?Yes(don't know what your on about) ethnicity:Irish
  13. [Medic]Eoin

    Anti APPA Association | Applications OPEN!

    Name -Eoin Age -17 Money -30000000 Hours-415
  14. [Medic]Eoin

    (Medic) Eoin

    Thank you very much MistyNights
  15. [Medic]Eoin


    thanks eugene!