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  1. Scarso

    Changelog - Altis Life

    23/03/2019 | 12:00 Added: Impound Lots to Kavala and Athira @Scarso Changed: Pardoning no longer closes the Police National Computer @Scarso Changed: Pardoning now includes the name of the officer that pardoned the person @Scarso Fixed: ANPR not displaying plates for rentals @Scarso Fixed: Creating & Disbanding Gangs @Scarso Fixed: Gang Base Issuing @Scarso All bases will be issued on this restart for those that won. Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
  2. Scarso

    Vehicle storage after impounding.

    This, I can do. Doing it now for the next update.
  3. Scarso

    Vehicle storage after impounding.

    Or we add a perk that makes it so instead of sending it to the impound it can automatically do that? I am not for removing a system that does it's job and as stated last time someone suggested reverting it: It has reasons for existing.
  4. Scarso

    House Security/Levelling

    It's on the list of things to be completed. It'll come at some point but I've not been as active with development recently for reasons I won't elaborate on here and so we've built up quite a backlog of tasks 😛
  5. Gang Wars Update:

    Here are the Gang IDs that should have a base by 12

    • 7213 with a £15,000,000 bid
    • 7213 with a £10,000,000 bid
    • 3 or 7213 with a £10,000,000 bid (I believe it's 3 that'll win but if 2 gangs somehow draw the system looks for who first placed the bid)

    7327 did win 2 bases but only has £51 in their gang funds so can't afford their bids... This is along as all gangs listed still have enough money in their funds to pay for the bases at 12 PM today.

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    2. C O Z Z 4

      C O Z Z 4

      well i dont know how cause we held it untill 12 restart staring at the bid place ???????? clearly a mistake

    3. Speedy


      We (BSB) put a 15m bid on the one by Pyrgos won that (got evidence if needed) and haven't got a gang base to spawn in and we won the won by Mazi Bay i believe as we had 1 guy there and not one person turned up and haven't got that but if we can only have 1 gang base we'll have the one at Pyrgos if possible, taken it to support and i believe TrueWade said he's let Zyn know and is going to deal with it.


    4. Scarso


      @Speedy 7213 (BSB) has 2 gang bases in the database... They were issued on restart.

  6. Scarso

    Donate For Others

    Yeah, It's a Kevin thing. I can't do much but I think it's a cool idea.
  7. Scarso

    Allow TFU and HSF to go to Gang Base bidding

    Reasons for factions not getting involved and the reasons it's declined every week we have gang wars (As it feels every week this suggestion is made while it's active) Factions get free gear. This is unfair for those taking part that has to pay for their gear as the free gear right after you spawn leads to factions being able to easily dominate GANG wars. It's Gang Wars. Not Server Wars. It's for gangs to battle it out over bidding for bases they can then use as spawn points and places to gear up for a week or 2 until the next Gang Wars. TFU should be focused on providing tactical firearms support to officers on the island as well as helping to stop gangs from controlling the cartels in the APC lands. (Don't really know the point in HSF other than getting bigger guns to do checkpoint duty 😛 ) For those reasons, factions shouldn't be allowed to get involved in the GANG Wars. Locked and Moved
  8. Scarso

    Changelog - Altis Life

    22/03/2019 | 20:00 Added: Vehicle Lookup to Police National Computer @Scarso Used for looking up plate numbers to find owners Added: Alternating Siren @Zyn Added: Extra Drug Effects @Zyn Added: Buy x5 Button for Virtual Shops @Zyn Added: Grave robber perk @Zyn Added: Police and Medic vehicles are automatically attached with a GPS Tracker @Zyn Changed: Paying a ticket no longer removes you from the wanted list @Scarso Changed: You now pardon each crime, not the whole record @Scarso Changed: Election Days are now the 1st and 15th of each month @Scarso Changed: ANPR / Owner Checks now return Plate Number, not Owners @Scarso Changed: You can no longer surrender while dragging people @Scarso Changed: APC Marine Assets are now built into rank whitelisting @Scarso Changed: GPS Trackers now show direction and have a different colour @Zyn Rewrote: Offline Gang Members System @Scarso Fixes it not working for certain gangs Fixed: Auto Clicker Knockout & Tased False Flags @Scarso Fixed: Admin Impound sending vehicles to impound lot @Scarso Fixed: Virtual Inventory Robbing @Scarso Fixed: Medic Response Missions rerouting into Redzones @Scarso Fixed: HAVOC Impounds sending vehicles to Impound Lots @Scarso Fixed: Restrained, Ziptied, Surrendered People being able to access vehicle storage @Scarso Fixed: HAVOC Unit Air Spawn not allowing Hurons to takeoff @Scarso Fixed: Player still dragging after the person being dragged has been revived @Scarso Fixed: Being able to capture cartels with Rangefinders and Binoculars @Scarso Fixed: Kavala Fuel Station Windows being Bullet Proof @Scarso Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
  9. Scarso

    Donate For Others

    I'd assume so
  10. Scarso

    cartel fixes

    Fixed for next update. I'll look at the other one later on.
  11. Scarso

    Donate For Others

    You can already donate for others to get the in-game perks by providing their steam id when donating. As for Teamspeak tags and forum tags that's a @Kevin thing
  12. Locked and Moved

  13. Scarso

    CID Garage

    CID Vehicles are CID vehicles NOT civ vehicles. Therefore you won't have access to them once you're no longer in CID... No issue here. Locked and Moved
  14. Scarso

    Fix teamspeak tags

    Or just keep as is and punish those that abuse it? It's not really a problem and just a waste of time.
  15. Scarso

    HAVOC unit base

    Fixed for the next update Locked and Moved