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  1. Scarso

    God Knows

    Reports a loading screen as a bug, alright buddy. Locked and Moved
  2. Scarso

    Stats Page

    Not really a bug so I am just going to move it to rejected Locked and Moved
  3. I mean with the government system being introduced I could maybe see something like it working. But as Kiran said, I'd say they were in the wrong and at that point they should have stopped the persons life being taken.
  4. Scarso

    Inventory sale

    Sure, I am on ts now if you want
  5. Scarso

    Inventory sale

    Mk14 7.62 mm 350k DMS 1mil Both for 1.5? @Ace Boyden
  6. Scarso

    House on map

    What I tested with: 2 Clients 2 Houses each (One personal, one gang) It worked fine with those...
  7. Scarso

    House on map

    I've pushed up my attempt at a fix. I can't fully test it so @Conner Merlin @Zyn one of you can test it. It can be pushed to the live server as it does not introduce any new bugs just has a chance of fixing this one.
  8. Scarso

    House on map

    I know it does not actually add you to the keys only creates the marker so 😛
  9. Scarso

    House on map

    I am aware. It's a bug that makes no sense considering no recent updates even touched the code. I am going to add a fix now before I go to college and either Conner or Zyn can push it and see if it actually works later. I'll do testing now to make sure it's not actually broken anything important.
  10. Scarso


    Well then you'll have to deal with the alignment issues until I can fix them Locked and Moved
  11. Scarso

    More Rebel Outposts.

    Locked and Moved
  12. Scarso


    I'll repeat what I said "Ensure your interface size is set to small"
  13. Scarso

    dispute system

    Sounds horrible tbh... Maybe audio queues but not covering the screen in that...
  14. Scarso

    Government System

    You muppet, there is quite literally a "Major" thread for this