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  1. Wrong section... Moved
  2. Not an altis life suggestion Locked and Moved
  3. Not my choice, I've asked management to look into it and I am still waiting. How about you wait and see
  4. Complains about FPS Asks us to build something requiring shit tons of objects on a map that already has an object problem It's pointless... They're normally ugly and don't really serve a purpose... Just drive round the island...
  5. Scarso

    XP for killing

    No, I made it as a compromise to give a reward for killing. It's something I've been reluctant to do and still don't believe is a correct move. You can just get the 10 kills for that 50 XP. Locked and Moved
  6. Scarso

    Forger house

    Fixed Locked and Moved
  7. Scarso

    Forger house

    Already Reported Locked and Moved
  8. Scarso

    Combat Points

    Yep 👍 Locked and Moved
  9. £1,000 in-game and I'll do it.
  10. Scarso


    Does not add anything meaningful to the server other than maybe satisfying you're weird kinks. Locked and Moved
  11. Scarso

    Forger house

    Used to create fake ID's to fool Police
  12. They happen less due to the amount of people on the server. They also have a chance of spawning at random pop up cartels.
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