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  1. Locked to stop irrelevant / pointless replies.
  2. I understand exactly what happened. You protected a friend that deserved a higher punishment and then when you were told that he was going to have a higher punishment said you'd leave... (Simplified but it's what happened)
  3. We both know that's wrong.... It was intentional and clearly a friend giving a friend an easier punishment...
  4. Scarso


    There is quite literally an option to disable alliance requests in the settings menu. Use it. Locked and Moved
  5. I believe that Finch would be a great person for this role. He has proven as Governer that he is able to handle complaints as well as being pushing improved roleplay and more enjoyable experience for all.
  6. Yo, did you just assume there are only 2 possible genders?
  7. Scarso

    Rubber mode

    Fixed for next update Locked and Moved
  8. Either way, this suggestion is pointless and adds nothing of value... You're able to roleplay you have an ID and this just wastes time to add even if it's simple.
  9. It really adds nothing in the way of roleplay. You're already able to roleplay handling over an ID if you want.
  10. But why? It's pointless...
  11. Actually not that bad of a suggestion. Nice simple fix for many issues.
  12. But we don't have badges... We're not American based... You have a Collar Number, not a Badge Number. This is nearly the most pointless suggestion ever.
  13. I've already pushed a fix to attempt to resolve it. If you continue to have the issue please feel free to open another bug report. A troubleshooting measure could be exciting to the lobby, changing slot then going back in. Locked and Moved
  14. I've made changes to the code to attempt to remove any issues relating to the fullscreen night vision. Locked and Moved
  15. Scarso

    gang keys

    This issue has been fixed for the next update. Locked and Moved
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