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  1. Scarso

    stop shit posting

  2. Scarso


    More people on the forums than the server at peak time CryantLick

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    2. Kevin


      Not sure about that one chief

    3. Sig


      i would say sig for managment but havoc is already removed

    4. - Scottish

      - Scottish

      Probably because some people moved on, people banned and people don't want to play on a low-pop server. Players don't want to be the ones making the difference by playing they'd rather jump straight into a server with people on it to fight.

  3. Scarso

    Altis Life Suggestions - Support shop

    This is fucking genius! People already break RP, we might as well help them along.
  4. You can, just only in redzones
  5. Scarso


    £55 Paypal for @Conner Merlin's nudes.

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    2. Reginald Lawrence

      Reginald Lawrence

      ill give you them for free

    3. Ninj


      My computer cant handle a file that big

    4. Ace Boyden

      Ace Boyden

      Anisa Jomha's OnlyFans | Know Your Meme
      This is @Conner Merlin and @Scarso

  6. Correction: - Config Editing Number Monkey Dmitry
  7. Scarso


    Anyone that actually believes that quarantine being lifted slightly is the main cause of the drop in player numbers is a little bit dumb. You dont go from 80 - 100 peak with maxing the server out of weekends sometimes to barely getting 70 to 80 as your weekend peak.

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    2. Niko.


      RP on Arma is kinda dead, that's the issue. True roleplayers don't play on Arma 3 anymore I'm afraid as FiveM/Rage offer loads of servers with hardcore RP and barely any combat if at all. The ones that still play on RP servers on Arma 3 are the ones that either want a balance between the two or want to have a break from their main server

    3. TJ Splifta

      TJ Splifta

      @Niko. The majority of the hardcore roleplayers play RPUK and its always gonna be that way, there will also never be a good balance again on this server, just the way arma is now.

    4. F L E M I N G O

      F L E M I N G O

      @TJ SpliftaThat's what happens when a gamemode becomes too mainstream and exposed to the normie masses. Even RPUK has had similar problems with standards of RP. :( 

  8. Scarso

    Altis Life Suggestions - Increased run payouts

    You must either be lazy or stupid...
  9. Scarso

    Bye bye

  10. Scarso

    Altis Life Suggestions - Prestige Improvements

    Duplicate Suggestion, post your ideas here not in another thread.
  11. Scarso

    Altis Life Suggestions - Bring back Main Menu

    It was a bug, it's fixed for next update. Naughty Words
  12. I didnt see the dispute or anything and so havent recorded anything. The initiation was to get out the car then changed to without a weapon but he jumped out as that ended. The rule doesnt state this. He wasnt a hostage so RP Standard doesnt count for this situation, he still had his gun, he was still able to do as he pleased without me having full control. As the rule stats "each situation you approach may be different". His gang were setting up, he jumped out with a gun and so he was shot and killed. We had been trying to speak to them for sometime before initiation happened but they continued to just drive around us and so we decided that enough time had passed and we'd attempted to interact with them enough so we made the call to initiate.
  13. The initiation was valid, so it's not RDM even if you complied with my demands. No rule against shooting someone even if they comply. If you want to know my reasoning behind shooting, it's quite simple, your gang had started to position to shoot me so I decided it was better to kill you even though you had complied, again, I don't have to spare your life if you comply. It also doesn't break Roleplay Standard as that only says you can't shoot a hostage that is following your demands etc but you weren't my hostage, just someone I'd initiated on.
  14. Messiah

    • Messiah
    • Scarso

    Why show the cartel as captured if you don't class it as captured when one of those are true? There is no way for us to know if our cartels still belong to us or not because you class it one way on the map and another when giving xp and money apparently. Why not show it on the map like it's not captured? If we loose 1% it's not even ours anymore??



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    2. Scarso


      Make a suggestion. If the progress is less than 100, it's not considered captured. If you go back it'll say you're recapturing it as well etc.. Thats been the case long before I was a developer, don't shoot the messenger jesus.

    3. Messiah


      No shooting, just asking 😳

    4. Caesar


      Its just stupid, spend all your time capping an objective, someone goes into the zone, takes 1% of it, and you get nothing for the zone then, despite being captured by your gang. 

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