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  1. Scarso


    Well then you'll have to deal with the alignment issues until I can fix them Locked and Moved
  2. Scarso

    More Rebel Outposts.

    Locked and Moved
  3. Scarso


    I'll repeat what I said "Ensure your interface size is set to small"
  4. Scarso

    dispute system

    Sounds horrible tbh... Maybe audio queues but not covering the screen in that...
  5. Scarso

    House Security/Levelling

    Pay me :kappa:
  6. Scarso

    Government System

    You muppet, there is quite literally a "Major" thread for this
  7. Scarso

    clothing store

    Fixed in latest update Locked and Moved
  8. Scarso

    Gang Warehouse's

    So, no bug. Just you've found a floor within a building in arma? There is a suggestion about housing levels. I could take that and allow you to purchase panels that cover them and stuff. This still is not a big so... Locked and Moved
  9. Scarso

    Changelog - Altis Life

    15/01/2019 | 20:00 Added: Auction "Buy Now" Options @Scarso Added: Air and Sea Vehicles to the Auction @Scarso Added: In-Game Gang Tag Management @Scarso Set gang tags from the gang menu without the need to have them in your name. Added: Streamer Mode now hides house markers @Scarso Added: More Achievements @Scarso Joined a Gang, Got a Job, Sent to Prison Added: "Vehicle Transfer" Option to Vehicle Garage @Scarso Give your vehicle to anyone you want! Changed: Wire Transfering money no longer resets the dropdown list @Scarso Changed: Market Display now applies the 50% donation goal increase to sell prices @Scarso Changed: Vehicle Paint in the auction screen is now next to the vehicle name @Scarso Changed: Night Time Skip Increased (2 Minutes = 1 In-Game Hour - ish) @Scarso Changed: 1 Restart is now the lowest amount of restarts an auction can be put up for @Scarso Changed: Garage UI @Scarso Fixed: Bank Building miss aligned in Kavala @Scarso Fixed: Auctions without bids not being returned @Scarso Fixed: Carry Weight resetting in the clothing store @Scarso Fixed: Vehicle Selling of Vehicles with IDs over 1,000,000 @Scarso @Zyn  Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
  10. Scarso

    Spike strip hot key

    @Kevin As you shut down the suggestion when it was last made, I am going to leave this for you to make the decision once again.
  11. Scarso

    Altis Life - Development Feedback

    You posted on a topic that is related to the development of the server. I am a developer and so you made it my issue. I am not being "willfully arrogant" at all. I wanted to be able to respond what you'd say so read the report you made on the forums. The report you had complained about in your "feedback" and took it as an RDM report, the same as I believe Kiran did when dealing with it and so looked for evidence of RDM. There is NO clear evidence of that. If you'd made it clear what the report was for it'd been accepted the first time around but you didn't and so we looked for the wrong rule break and missed the one you where reporting. Anyway, stop responding to this topic with completely off topic comment. I thought you'd have left it after yesterday. I have much better things to do and this topic is not meant for you to report your issues with the player report system. If you have a problem with that use the Suggestions area (Even tho in theory that's not for that type of suggestion) or try and contact someone that would handle something like that (Staff).
  12. Scarso

    Altis Life - Development Feedback

    You reported him for RDM... At no point in your report did you point out the rules broken past that and so that was what was looked for...
  13. Scarso

    Longer daytime/shorter night-time

    Changed for next update Locked and Moved
  14. Scarso

    Longer daytime/shorter night-time

    Just so everyone understands that currently: Night time does actually go faster than the day. Twice as fast to be exact.
  15. Scarso

    Longer daytime/shorter night-time

    I am not removing night but I can look at lowering the % of the restart thats at night 😛