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  1. Scarso

    Log in screen

    Bohemia broke it cuz they're dumb
  2. Bois dont voice your opinion they'll just lock the post when they get bored.

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    2. F L E M I N G O

      F L E M I N G O

      I blame the Communists for this.

    3. Scarso
    4. Jambo


      welcome to pheonixrp


  3. Scarso

    Rule Change

    So let me get this straight. The players ask for simplified and easy to understand rules and you have a rule that states you can do something but then you can class doing that as a breach of a separate rule altogether. I've got to give it to you. Management are finding fantastic ways of removing the player base.
  4. I still think for the sake of transparency it should be able to be handled on the forums unless it involves sensative stuff. So like someone who was CB'd for repeatedly breaking rules over and over should be on forums
  5. Scarso


    No "beefing" Just saying that we were not professional at all and handled a lot of what we did poorly.
  6. Scarso


    Did you not see how broken an unorganised V2's launch was? PHX's development is not even close to being professional at all... Wot
  7. Did you just rename the gang or create a whole new one?
  8. Scarso


    PHX Development as a whole really, not just FiveM
  9. Fixed it now, it was coded added before HAVOC was implemented into v2. Moonshine, Weapons Parts & Goldsmiths should work with the next update. Got bored and it annoyed me this hadn't been fixed
  10. Anyone still getting issues with being placed into gangs incorrectly or not at all?

    If so, pm me bby

  11. Be careful, Kiran might report you to Infistar for explioting issues in our code and get you banned of most servers
  12. I was refering to the fact its too early to call it a success and V2 showed it needed at least a month to say really. I am aware, I was saying to give it a week from the time I said meaning it would have been 2.
  13. It's better to wait before thanking anyone or even seeing it as a "fix". That should have already been learnt with V2's release. Yes, still gonna throw my thoughts around from time to time. Spent a year browsing the forums throughout the day, not exactly easy to stop.
  14. Scarso

    Mass unban??

    They've already done the mass unban
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