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  1. Please at least do the bare miniumum and check the "To be implemented" topics before making suggestions... Locked and Moved
  2. Scarso

    Blood Bag's

    Imagine predicting PHXV2 features Locked and Moved
  3. CI Will Pham requested another update so here it is: Currently, I am focused on more "clean up" than the listed tasks to ensure we keep everything optimised to try and maximise our chances of fixing things such as mass kicks. My next focus is likely to be a slightly improved Crafting System that will hopefully work nicely aside from the Progression System we've introduced for PHXV2. There're a lot of new ideas and features we'd love to try on the server but as PHXV2's development is already behind where we'd like to be a lot of these will likely be in updates after the main "transition" update that moves us to the new framework. Sadly, as I've changed how we store data for some features, I won't be able to port over: Group Ranks, Group Alliances and Election Candidates. I thought it'd be best to tell everyone this now to ensure there are no bad surprises upon V2's release. As for the actual release date, we don't have one. It's as simple as that. We want to make sure that everything works before release, unlike some of our updates in the past. I am planning to speed up development for the framework over the next week as we're now approving the 1 month point that I wanted to be the longest we go without an update but due to a few reasons such as myself being the only SQF Developer on the team that can complete the larger features (Government, Base Wars, Auctions, etc). We had to delay this update repeatedly.
  4. Been declined before and I still stand by the points I made before.
  5. Scarso

    "Havoc are terrorists"

    But you use and used violence to attempt / successfully break away from the altian government... It's quite literally terrorism....
  6. I handled it later on after hearing about it. The officer in question was given a T2 (PCSO Lock) but I believe was fired due to recieving a game ban but I can't remember exaclty with that.
  7. We've punished people for this in the past. It's against Police rules as I pointed out earlier on in this topic.
  8. So the group that took land by force because they didn't want to be part of the Government, the group that don't have citizenship as a result, should be allowed to vote? Are you small brained?
  9. Should be fixed with PHXV2s new incapacitation script Locked & Moved
  10. Auction system will have a rewrite for PHXV2 that should both add new features and fix this issue Locked & Moved
  11. PHXV2 uses an updated system. This issue should be fixed. Locked & Moved
  12. I don't see a real use for this feature and it just seems like a waste of development time to implement. If others want to use these vehicles they're able to already rent them from Vehicle Stores or they can ask people to lend vehicles and offer money if they want to try and get it cheaper. Locked & Moved
  13. Scarso

    A moving convoy

    Player ran events are a lot more enjoyable and can havea higher degreee of randomness than could be created from scripted convoys. On top of this I don't really feel this is a feature for an Altis Life server and instead expect it on Wasteland type gamemodes. If you want to fight over convoys you're able to play these gamemodes. Locked and Moved
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