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  1. To clear up the "housing riot" as I'll refer to it as. The upkeep for housing was posted wrong. I forgot how my own system worked and posted the values not remembering that it only charges upkeep once a day.


    These are the correct values (It says restart but it's per day). It'll check each restart if you have paid it and only charge if you haven't.

    If you don't have the money to pay it'll remove the house from you and give you the money you would have been given if you had sold it yourself.

    We will be wiping all houses from people that haven't logged in as a civilian for the last 3 months. So ensure that you do so when able to keep your housing. You won't be given the money for wipped housing.

    If you have anymore questions ask them here and I apologise for the confusion. 

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    2. ClemeX


      i have no money to pay this :(

    3. ÑiḴØŠ


      Does one still have to play even if they don't log to the server for a day?

    4. Cobra The OG

      Cobra The OG

      Yes. That’s kinda the idea. You want houses , you pay. 

  2. Won't be added as the different colours are used for factions
  3. Suggestion was missunderstood and has been returned.
  4. They get the same amount they would if they had sold it themselves. All this means is that if people know they'll be leaving for some time they should look at selling their houses and items off to giving to others.
  5. The houses are sold when they can't pay meaning they get given the value of the house added to their bank
  6. Its weekly 5 mill ish with the current economy you can make 2 to 3 mill an hour easy. So you're looking at 2 hours of work a week to ensure up keep is paid. The values will be changed with the encomy to ensure it's only around 2 to 3 hours of work a week to keep houses. They are supposed to be part of the end game at which point you should easily be able to pay for you're houses without having to worry. This just ensures those that take months away with tens of millions in their accounts actually have a chance of losing the house after 3 months of inactivity to allow active players to pay for theirs.
  7. You pay a fixed amount each restart depending on the house that is automatically removed from your gang or gang's bank depending on the house type. This fixed amount I've been calling "Upkeep" as it's closer to describing what it actually is and not rent as you already own the house so there wouldn't need to be rent for a house you own.
  8. I've been refering to it as "Upkeep" as you're required to pay it even when you own the house. It means that you have to ensure you have enough money in your bank to pay for the house. Currently you can do one really low paying run a restart and pay for it with a lot to spare cuz it's fairely cheap.
  9. As for the "Houses will start costing rent on a restart basis and then if a house’s owner isn’t once within 3 months their houses get wiped." It's nearly true. Houses will start costing rent but we won't be wiping houses of players that have been inactive for 3 months or more. They'll lose their houses when their banks are drained. This means inactive players that put a lot of time into money building are rewarded with a longer "grace" period before their houses would be removed due to failiure to pay the upkeep. As for paying Upkeep. It's completely automated. You can interact with your house to get the restart upkeep cost and I've also listed them in this thread. This amount will be removed from your account if the upkeep is below that of your personal or gang bank depending on the house type. If the upkeep is more then the house is removed from the person or gang. The values will be balanced further to keep house ownership expensive but not overly expensive while also ensuring it does it's role of clearing houses of those that are inactive.
  10. Posting the values as they are currently to ensure people have a chance of getting what they need before the update. Upkeep Costs by House Name: (Restart / Weekly) Garage £6,000 / £42,000 Stone Shed £5,000 / £35,000 Stone House Small £5,000 / £35,000 Small House (Land_i_House_Small_01_x & Land_i_House_Small_02_x) £5,000 / £35,000 Small House (Land_i_House_Small_03_x) £10,000 / £70,000 Big House (Land_i_House_Big_02_x) £20,000 / £140,000 Big House (Land_i_House_Big_01_x) £30,000 / £210,000 Gang Shed £50,000 / £350,000 All prices are subject to change
  11. If people pay attention to topics going through Suggestions then yes.
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