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  1. Scarso

    patrol missions

    Response Missions have been added for the next update. They pay half the amount of Patrol Missions due to the increased paycheck that medics receive. Locked and Moved
  2. Scarso

    Remove Flashbangs from the server.

    Get em gone
  3. Scarso

    Make night shorter or turn off night.

    I've already increased the time acceleration at night. It's part of the game as well as real life and so shall remain as such. Locked and Moved
  4. Scarso

    Battle eye kick off

    I said that when I first heard about it. I've since heard about it more and I am aware it's unique to this server. Nothing I am able to do at this time.
  5. Scarso

    Time to say Goodbye.

  6. Scarso


    The issue was not introduced with those changes Locked Again
  7. Scarso

    Huron Cargo Container

    It's been 2 hours so I guess it's
  8. Scarso


    Zyn gets confused sometimes.
  9. Scarso


    If the fog value goes above 0.1 the fog will be removed. This check is run every 300 seconds helping to save the server from constantly running code that is not always required to run.
  10. Any gang issues private message me please. (Excluding gang packages)

  11. Scarso

    Changelog - Altis Life

    16/01/2019 | 00:00 Added: Offline Gang Members to Gang Menu @Scarso Currently, you're only able to kick offline members. Changed: Scratch Cards are now Match 3 not Match 3 in a Row @Zyn Fixed: SPN & UKM Clothing @Zyn Fixed: Custom Number Plates for Rented Vehicles @Scarso Removed: Legacy Support for Gang Members Array @Scarso Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
  12. Please actually allow people to voice their opinions instead of instantly locking everything. You are not the single voice of the community. Allow some actual discussion to hear other peoples opinions instead of just yours!

    1. Jay.A


      Snowflake ngl 

    2. Scarso


      1 ) It's a faction suggestion

      2 ) It was decided by Myself, Zyn and Conner to remove 7.62 Suppressors and if it happened for civs it'd happen for spec units.

      3 ) Profit

  13. Scarso

    Faction Commands

    Sean and Kevin has said everything leading to this being declined. Locked and Moved
  14. Done for the next update Locked & Moved
  15. Scarso

    7.62 suppressors for TFU and HSF Command

    Don't repeat suggestions Locked and Moved