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  1. I would fly away, leave the situation and make sure to stay far enough away, 1.5km away to be exact
  2. Time Submitted: 02:42:17 AM | 05/19/19 Submitted By: Max_Oscars96 (4791) In-Game Name: eThaN Steam / Player ID: 76561198838633751 Administrator who issued ban: Zinner Date of ban: 12/12/01 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for NLR What reason was given for your ban? NLR Why should you be unbanned? i should be unbanned as i wish to play phoenix again, i was banned for NLR but the situation was brought to me, me nad my gang flew over and took shots so we landed and killed them, they were from a previous situation so i got re involved, i appologise to all who were involved and hope that such a little mistake can be forgiven, It was a genuine mistake of me thinking i could get re involved. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  3. how long am i banned for then 


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    2. Cyber Freak

      Cyber Freak

      That SteamID does not show up on our records. You sure its the right one?

    3. Max_Oscars96


      im getting it off of my profile on the forums so i guess?




    4. Cyber Freak

      Cyber Freak

      That steam ID is Gabe Newell's......

  4. I do not have a video to prove my side, as from our eyes we did nothing wrong, we died at the moonshine pro, went to rebel, got gear, started heading to mazi bay capture zone.. Upon heading down their we took shots (at night) so we had no clue who it was, we landed took vehicles out, we then received fire again so we went to the shots and killed them, NOT AT ANY TIME DID WE WANT TO GET RE INVOLVED, HAVOC BROUGHT THE FIGHT TO US AT ALL TIMES, If they didnt shoot at us we wouldnt of landed and killed them. their was no intention from our gang to break NLR, it was a run that could be completed at another date so it didnt bother us.
  5. @Scarso Remember Mass RDM'ING on e n d d a y s and then you steal the Y menu....

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    2. Jord


      Nice frags

    3. Theodore


      @Scarso Excuse me, sir, this is not the frag montage section of the forums.

    4. Ludde


      Now that's what I call an epic gamer montage

  6. @C O Z Z 4 You donate that much and you cant even play rebel because updates dont work ahahahaha

  7. its no fun getting sniped from 20,000 chris kyles and slammed at the same time, +1 to move it to a better location.
  8. jesus you nearly bounce out ya seat pal
  9. Max_Oscars96


    IGN: Joshh Age/Country: 17/ Gypsy so i rotate arround europe Bank balance: like 5 mil got some funds coming tho, jfunds hooking it up Previous gangs/Faction units:anima vesta/ novus ordo Hours on Arma *screenshot:https://gyazo.com/34c04e8fa8134a13bfb8e7ff14e45f8e Can any members vouch for you (no trials)?: corey dodds, cameron, woodzy. peter, jamesky,
  10. How often does phoenix peak at max players?
  11. its not the same... if you acctually killed people you would understand mate
  12. @Cozza log on lets go play i havent played with you in time!

  13. It was a gang made from all the vanguard members for like a week
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