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  1. @Scarso Remember Mass RDM'ING on e n d d a y s and then you steal the Y menu....

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    2. Jord


      Nice frags

    3. Theo Wright

      Theo Wright

      @Scarso Excuse me, sir, this is not the frag montage section of the forums.

    4. Ludde


      Now that's what I call an epic gamer montage

  2. @C O Z Z 4 You donate that much and you cant even play rebel because updates dont work ahahahaha

  3. Max_Oscars96

    HM Treasury Location

    its no fun getting sniped from 20,000 chris kyles and slammed at the same time, +1 to move it to a better location.
  4. Max_Oscars96

    Another HGV driving video

    jesus you nearly bounce out ya seat pal
  5. Max_Oscars96


    IGN: Joshh Age/Country: 17/ Gypsy so i rotate arround europe Bank balance: like 5 mil got some funds coming tho, jfunds hooking it up Previous gangs/Faction units:anima vesta/ novus ordo Hours on Arma *screenshot:https://gyazo.com/34c04e8fa8134a13bfb8e7ff14e45f8e Can any members vouch for you (no trials)?: corey dodds, cameron, woodzy. peter, jamesky,
  6. Max_Oscars96

    Mass Unban?

    How often does phoenix peak at max players?
  7. Max_Oscars96

    Frag montages

    its not the same... if you acctually killed people you would understand mate
  8. Max_Oscars96

    Betrayal | Recruitment | Open

    It was a gang made from all the vanguard members for like a week
  9. Max_Oscars96

    Betrayal | Recruitment | Open

    Copied straight outta reborn hahahha
  10. Max_Oscars96


  11. Max_Oscars96

    PhoenixRP #2 | C O Z Z 4

    What the fuck is this? JOKES Nice one geordie fucka @C O Z Z 4
  12. Max_Oscars96

    Original's lit giveaway

    So i can fly around...
  13. Max_Oscars96

    Serenity robbing at black market btw

    https://gyazo.com/9b2ff906b537f9307c7a60ccd52079f2 That's majority of RP right their
  14. Max_Oscars96

    Will'o Boston

    I didnt post anything i commented on a post that was made.
  15. Max_Oscars96

    Will'o Boston

    Amazing how as soon as will mentions him wanting community manager LOADS of people to start recommending him. Never heard of the kid then i see him say will for community manager and 2 days later every one is recommending him