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  1. @Cozza log on lets go play i havent played with you in time!

  2. Max_Oscars96

    Betrayal | Recruitment | Open

    It was a gang made from all the vanguard members for like a week
  3. Max_Oscars96

    Betrayal | Recruitment | Open

    Copied straight outta reborn hahahha
  4. Max_Oscars96


  5. Max_Oscars96

    PhoenixRP #2 | C O Z Z 4

    What the fuck is this? JOKES Nice one geordie fucka @C O Z Z 4
  6. Max_Oscars96

    Original's lit giveaway

    So i can fly around...
  7. Max_Oscars96

    Serenity robbing at black market btw

    https://gyazo.com/9b2ff906b537f9307c7a60ccd52079f2 That's majority of RP right their
  8. Max_Oscars96

    Will'o Boston

    I didnt post anything i commented on a post that was made.
  9. Max_Oscars96

    Will'o Boston

    Amazing how as soon as will mentions him wanting community manager LOADS of people to start recommending him. Never heard of the kid then i see him say will for community manager and 2 days later every one is recommending him
  10. Max_Oscars96

    Make Rebel Life Cheaper

    I enjoy the way cap points work but having 1 mil loadouts just means no one pushes Make the loadouts cheaper THAT itself will make a money sink as more people will be scrapping cartels.
  11. Max_Oscars96

    Serenity | OPEN

  12. Max_Oscars96

    Serenity | OPEN

    Soooo...Is this all about combat yh?
  13. Max_Oscars96

    Ban Appeal - Oscars - 07/01/18 - Altis Life

    @Kiran i got it off my profile and checked on steamidfinder and its the correct one
  14. Time Submitted: 06:15:02 AM | 07/01/18 Submitted By: Max_Oscars96 (4791) In-Game Name: Oscars Steam / Player ID: 76561197960287930 Administrator who issued ban: Not sure. Date of ban: 07/01/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for something to do with a backpack What reason was given for your ban? Something to do with backpack restrictions Why should you be unbanned? Came on today to sell my uranium barrels since its the first day of the month i bought gear went to my house pulled a different bigger backpack walked with 1 uranium barrel to see if it sold for more i sold one uranium barrel and then walked to the end of the pier and got banned, I can come to ts3 to talk about it if anyone needs any help. I tried saving a video but all i saved was 2 minutes beforehand and i was a few minutes late. I'm not one to break rules and i try to keep myself out of shit since my last ban for duping which was a few months back.i believe that's my only ban... i spoke to someone in support who said it is normally something to do with duping or something, Thanks for taking time to review this and contact me if anyone needs to talk more in detail What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):