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  1. Catnip


  2. Catnip

    Gang Base - Auction (November)

    Gang Name: Star Gang Base: Frini Bid: £40,000,000
  3. Catnip

    -Special Weapons-

    hop on ts we will talk
  4. Catnip

    -Special Weapons-

    how much you willing to sell for?
  5. Catnip

    -Special Weapons-

    Ty bb didn't see it ❤️
  6. Catnip

    -Special Weapons-

    I am trying to buy as many 'special' weapons that you would not regularly be able to buy, EG. LRR, MAR 10, CYRUS, ASP, SPMG, NAVID, ZAFIR, LYNX. Any mags or suppressors i will purchase as well, Comment if you have one and how much you would like
  7. Catnip


    In a bit big man ❤️
  8. Catnip

    Big Helis

    how much you willing to sell
  9. Catnip

    Big Helis

    Im tryna buy big helis, Blackfish mainly, anyone with any big helis, EG. Huron, Tarus, Mohawk, Blackfish.
  10. Catnip

    Seeya Phoenix

    ❤️ ily bb, in a bit ❤️
  11. Catnip

    In a bit

    ❤️ best of luck, in a bit ❤️
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    ❤️ in a bit ❤️
  13. The staff memeber did wait for you, if you ask him he will admit it, it doesnt matter how long it took me too initiate or get back in the vehicle, you tried to argue me or my ifrit wernt there on your screen. you still drove away after i initiated
  14. Time Submitted: 08:55:05 PM | 10/14/18 Submitted By: Catnip (4714) Your In-Game Name: * Catnip Who are you reporting?: [LGBT] isaak Time/Date of event: 14/10/2018 Rule's Broken: Combat storing Explain what happened: I initiated on him, he then proceeded to drive to a garage and store his ifrit. he then came into support and refused to comp claiming as long as i didnt hear it it didnt count Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjQywtAKh4s Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Ethan Frey