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  1. Mike Brooks

    Robinson News Team | Hiring Reporters

    1 ) Name: Mike Brooks 2 ) Current Residence : outside kav 3 ) Any previous gangs/factions: venom and serenty 4 ) Team you are applying for: reporter 5 ) Why should we hire you?: I have been streeming for many years now over twitch and i hav done youtube for even more years i hav got 65 subs on youtune and over 100 follower on twitch and i think it be good fo my channel to do more and do more for the sever 6 ) What can you bring to the team?: i will stream live events and be happy to be in the think of things and i get on with ever one on the sever 7 ) Game time (server time + total hours): uk 3+hours a day when not besy as medic 8 ) Current arsenal/garage: black off-road, MB 4wd, SUV, qilin, van transport and happy to be a heli when need
  2. Mike Brooks

    [S/RTD] Nathan

    He is always there and he been very busy training the new RTD and well done to the lad even when he don't want to do FA he still there to surprived it
  3. Mike Brooks

    V for Vendetta

    V for Vendetta MOTO WE ARE NO ONE BUT WE ARE EVERYONE. Our history We have been everywhere and seen everything, we don't like what we have seen so we are here to change the world as we are no one and everyone. See, if you like to change the world with us then join us. If u are trouble than we will not be friends and end you, so Vendetta is here to make a better new world. What we about We are here too severe the People by inner means as possible by standing up for the small people but we need to help our self first by doing runs and helping each other. We will stop other gangs robbing hobos and helping them make money, so they will get off the streets and start a new life. RULES OF THE GANG DON'T ROB AT REBEL OR BLACK MARKET DONT ROB CIVILIANS NO MAN LEFT BEHIND NEVER TELL PEOPLE YOUR REAL NAME JUST SAY OUR MOTO MUST FOLLOW SERVER RULES AT ALL TIMES ROLEPLAY FIRST, KILL IS OUR LAST OPTION A BAN IS A KICK OUT OF THE GANG OUR WEBSITE https://sites.google.com/view/vforvendettaphoenixrpgang/home APPLY FORMAT WHAT IS YOUR NAME? HOW OLD ARE YOU? HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN ON THE SERVER?  HAVE YOU BEEN BANNED, IF SO WHAT FOR? HAVE YOU READ THE SERVER RULES AND DO YOU UNDERSTAND THEM?
  4. Mike Brooks

    PhoenixRP Stream Team

    i stream on there sever as a medic and a rebel when I can I also stream other games as well i am know as mike brooks on the sever but know as MrWhitey69 on twitch
  5. Mike Brooks


    i think it be a cool place to meet new people and spend some cash are win some like the problem have some sluts and some drinks u could buy and if it possible make the person view go funny as more u drink just make them like they drunk also have cops check if the been drink and get them done for drinking and driven I don't know if it can be done but I think it will be gr8 for roleplay
  6. Mike Brooks

    vM - VENOM

    Gang Application Template Name -Mike Brooks Age -28 Hours on Arma 3 400+ Steam ID -76561198180525827 Previous Experience - I been a cope for 5 weeks and i am a med i have also been a rebel on other severs i have played alot of libration and exiles What you Can bring to the group - 1. i love be a sniper and i think i am good at it. 2. I love making money. 3. I just want to course some havork and have some fun. 4. i love to roleplay and try to roleplay my self out off things Why Should we accept you? I love to play and just have fun and at the same time I like to get shit done nothing worst then setting around doing nothing I will be the first person to do some thing and I will get own with most people I am hounst and I do play too much off this game most people will say but it makes me happy I do love be in a gun fight and make some havork like I said before I do like try to role play out off truble with copes as I know they dont like this I relly look forward doing banks jobs and runs with ever one. Can Anyone Vouch for you? -  yes hook can do as i have played with him as a medic
  7. Mike Brooks

    When Brooke Drives

    I was not driven so don't blame me