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  1. Not interested in shit taking. I’m down for constructive criticism tho
  2. @Jambo We have used the hunter for 54 hours in a week. What do you mean we don't use em 😂
  3. @Jambo thats where you are wrong my friend. https://gyazo.com/3c30c032049d76d3dc14202fa3869226
  4. Question is who actually follows the speed limit ? Not like I bomb it down the MSR at 300
  5. We will be seeing you very soon havoc 😉
  6. @Jack Knight can I be ur foot stool ?
  7. +1 Sanjib smells and has irrelevant comments so go on vel!!!
  8. These kids man powergaming. We will be seeing MBS doing another meth run for it to be stopped once again 😉
  9. First time ever editing today so i threw a couple of clips together. enjoy
  10. It’s very clear that there is a huge demand for 7.62 suppressors and rightly so, it wouldn’t hurt if they were added back into the server as a little tester week to gather some feed back deciding if it stay in the server for a while or it goes, this also goes for DMTs +++++111111111
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