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  1. If that means I get to kill @Lakko on a weekly basis then yes please.
  2. But then 50-100mil is abit to much for a temp base. Have a base where it can be capt encourages a variety of different situations
  3. Could just make it like the rebel hideout where it has to be capped
  4. I remember him being a medic flying mohawks
  5. Don’t worry I like u Flemingo just lakko who doesn’t leave me alone
  6. Look at you still trying to start beef. Ur literally a HAVOC droid please never @ me ever again
  7. Well if hes gonna be a dick to people in TST i dont want him in simple
  8. No one seemed to care that i kicked him. He took me to the AC of spec at the time (Finch) and even he backed me up sooooooooo
  9. I kicked him for being a arse actually and which he was. But hay everyone agreed with me
  10. It was my unit so what i say goes
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