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  1. Swear down all these clips are RDM
  2. This is my favorite fragmontage yet!!😘❤️❤️
  3. If the server was a heavy rp server where it would be very hard for rebels to get guns I would agree with the change. But why have standard officers carry tazers and a rook when literally any civ can buy a fullyautomatic weapon for a couple k. And plus havoc would now heavily out gun us. Does not make sense nor would it be very clever to put us at a huge disadvantage. Smh at this suggestion tbh
  4. Not liking the TST idea does not make any sense
  5. +1 nearly to all suggestions
  6. Yes the video game characters who affected our lives so much
  7. @ÑiḴØŠ Dont worry I found this post hilarious.
  8. So what anzus does
  9. Wait why we saying goodbye ?? This is a arrival back in July
  10. APC and HAVOC good relations only last for so long. There’s people in both factions that want peace but others that don’t and for that reason it just won’t happen because of how divided people are.
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