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  1. Where can i apply to become a support member sir?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Alexander


      What Cobra mentioned. Make sure you are on versio 1.7.2 tho.

    3. Inka


      why be support when you can be community manager?

    4. ÑiḴØŠ


      @Alexander did you apply for staff lead using version 1.6 or 1.1? Also do I get management if I apply from Alpha? Or do I play the cave game and get founder?  I

  2. Cant wait to dispute the holl server
  3. Watch out dude, havoc is hunting for you!

    1. Inka


      oh no 😞 dont report me please i swear i dont break rules

    2. Will'o Boston

      Will'o Boston

      @Inka Boyden hahaha they are comming

    3. Jambo



  4. Imagine patrolling in apc lands to have gunfights and still get slapped
  5. +1 for the idea, but i think that it should be an option that you can buy on your house like a securitysystem, without securitysystem the owner gets no notification when you buy the system you and other keyholders get the notification “your house near laka is getting robbed”
  6. Happy birthday @Harley, first you get tapped by me and later deported 3^ ma boi

  7. @Jamesky time to return to your natural habitat.
  8. Give us CivCraft so we can create some towns. And got pvp every sunday to take over othet towns.
  9. Disband havoc +1 Why are you talking shit? Know the facts before you start talking...
  10. Give us a CivCraft server what @Theo Wright said. +1
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