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  1. Things dying out and becoming boring

    gowarn Tim
  2. New Transport Chopper for HAVOC

    If I remember clearly, HAVOC do allow high calibre guns through the checkpoint but do forbid silencers on any type of firearm. HAVOC also respond to bank jobs if they are called in by APC, I'm not sure where it stands now but I'm pretty sure HAVOC do still provide backup for them.
  3. New Transport Chopper for HAVOC

    Hmmmm, just like everything else we have
  4. Gang [Tags] needed

    +1 but it would look intimidating for civilians seeing the feed filled with a dozen people with the same tag
  5. Non-lethals for HAVOC

    I'm guessing if this is implemented, then only Drill Instructors are able to distribute the non-lethals?
  6. Mohawk Giveaway

    Name:Aaron Player ID:76561198068691410
  7. Medical Idea's / Bugs

    For #1 make the Medical Marijuana a separate in game item rather than have it just as regular Marijuana: this would stop Medics just filling up HEMTT's with marijuana and just selling it at the Drug Dealer. Everything else +1
  8. Phoenix Recovery Program

    That's why I put accidently.
  9. Phoenix Recovery Program

    Does anyone else get that Phoenix recovery program website whenever they accidently type in PhoenixRP.COM or is it just me?
  10. KOS zone at CHop Shops

    Yeah but you could just run up the dmt with your gun in your backpack, and the defenders can't shoot you. Then you just pull out your gun and just rail everybody from then on as you can't get shot beforehand as you're not showing your gun..
  11. Going to the sun!

    Have fun Thomas!
  12. Taking a break.

    Thank you mate. I hope so aswell Will do Reece Thanks mate!
  13. Taking a break.

    As some of you may know, for the next 6 weeks I will be going on holiday to go visit my family in other countries. I have spoken to @Kayle Ravelle about my break. I hope to see you guys soon, if you'd guys like to keep in touch my snapchat is Aroftw.
  14. Player Report - [A.R.G] SolidKarma - 07/12/17

    I called you an idiot out of frustration. As you can see in your video, I began the initiation as you still had your rifle pointed at the ground. I wanted to give you the chance so I withdrew from shooting you when you didn't place your hands on your head for the first 2 seconds or so. I would also just like to say when you don't have your weapon raised and someone has theirs pointed directly at you, personally I would comply, as in a real world situation you would have been shot before you moved your rifle.
  15. Player Report - [A.R.G] SolidKarma - 07/12/17

    They clearly don't know the rules.