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  1. Oden


    Sad to see you leave buddy, You'll always be my little german schnauzer :*
  2. Oden


    Ofcourse about 90% of his music is great
  3. Oden

    When Matty flies

  4. I'm so proud of my daddy!
  5. Oden

    EYYYYY BIG giveaway

    Bye my brudda! See you again!
  6. Oden

    DGN | Dudes Get Nudes

    Whats your in-game name? Foxhound Junior How old are you? 22 Years young Previous RP experiences? around 4 years of Stratis and altis life. Havoc and Civ? Strengths and weaknesses? Strenghts: Shooting, tactical mapping, driving, flying, rping, dancing Weakness: None - I'm basically Chuck Norris on steroids. Timezone? GMT +1 Stockholm/Amsterdam How many Arma hours do you have? 2917hrs Why do you want to join DGN? (At least 100 hours) I have been in Titan for a while and I'm also in HAVOC. It is more or less that I wish to be able to roleplay as a civ more (like the hobo life) plus people that I enjoy playing with are in DGN so I feel it will be a good civ life for me to be in DGN. Though Moh stole my Tauru (I am so getting that back!) I still wish to join this gang. I have been looking on Streams and ingame interaction with DGN and I feel that I can find someone to roleplay with in DGN. Any previous gangs? TITAN I for real misread hours to Words
  7. +1 More roleplay, less standing in one place for hours and more integrating with the "citizens" from the other side of the border. We are though still a military faction, though we having a greater armory doesen't mean we are less into roleplay. You can actually have both.
  8. Oden

    Role play names

    Lord Nokia3310
  9. Oden

    Role play names

    Imagine that coming from a squeaky little man ;)
  10. Oden

    Role play names

    "Hi, my name is xXQuicksniper200Xx" +1
  11. Oden


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    Fucking @Lil Swizz Can't support at all!
  13. Oden


    I killed one of them atleast
  14. Oden

    Old but gold :)

    Fair point!