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  1. Oden


    Sad to see you leave buddy, You'll always be my little german schnauzer :*
  2. Oden


    Ofcourse about 90% of his music is great
  3. Oden

    FiveM on PC Gamer?!

    Would 10/10 never work on PhoenixRPs FiveM, neither on MorningRP. <-- I switched the timename of the server so it's not advertisement
  4. Oden

    When Matty flies

  5. I'm so proud of my daddy!
  6. Oden

    EYYYYY BIG giveaway

    Bye my brudda! See you again!
  7. Oden

    DGN | Dudes Get Nudes

    Whats your in-game name? Foxhound Junior How old are you? 22 Years young Previous RP experiences? around 4 years of Stratis and altis life. Havoc and Civ? Strengths and weaknesses? Strenghts: Shooting, tactical mapping, driving, flying, rping, dancing Weakness: None - I'm basically Chuck Norris on steroids. Timezone? GMT +1 Stockholm/Amsterdam How many Arma hours do you have? 2917hrs Why do you want to join DGN? (At least 100 hours) I have been in Titan for a while and I'm also in HAVOC. It is more or less that I wish to be able to roleplay as a civ more (like the hobo life) plus people that I enjoy playing with are in DGN so I feel it will be a good civ life for me to be in DGN. Though Moh stole my Tauru (I am so getting that back!) I still wish to join this gang. I have been looking on Streams and ingame interaction with DGN and I feel that I can find someone to roleplay with in DGN. Any previous gangs? TITAN I for real misread hours to Words
  8. +1 More roleplay, less standing in one place for hours and more integrating with the "citizens" from the other side of the border. We are though still a military faction, though we having a greater armory doesen't mean we are less into roleplay. You can actually have both.
  9. Oden

    Role play names

    Lord Nokia3310
  10. Oden

    Role play names

    Imagine that coming from a squeaky little man ;)
  11. Oden

    Role play names

    "Hi, my name is xXQuicksniper200Xx" +1
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  13. Oden


    Fucking @Lil Swizz Can't support at all!
  14. Oden


    I killed one of them atleast