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  1. MeatSlice


    have a good one
  2. MeatSlice

    Carlos Frag Video #1

  3. MeatSlice

    Move Federal Reserve to Domes.

    +1 move bank back to domes
  4. MeatSlice

    Josh . - Phoenix Rp #1

    not too bad xd 👍
  5. MeatSlice

    LUKER | PhoenixRP 2

  6. MeatSlice

    goodbye kiddos - ryan aazim

    cya man
  7. MeatSlice

    taser initiation

    I agree with luca's original post its not realistic having cops running up to armed rebels with tasers and initiating. and from a cop perspective when taser initiation was considered power gaming on an armed rebel it incited new avenues of rp. and with the standard of roleplay rules now being heavily enforced I think this will prevent cops and so on from instantly initiating and actually make cop and rebels talk and find a resolution rather than just gun fight after gun fight. not only that but a lot of cops such as some of the officers mentioned earlier see an illegal gun and will go to the ends of the earth to get it. changing taser initiation may prevent how hellbent some cops are about getting rebels guns and actually bring more rp.
  8. Time Submitted: 10:21:44 PM | 02/03/19 Submitted By: MeatSlice (4591) In-Game Name: Sausage Steam / Player ID: 76561198324694317 Administrator who issued ban: Cyber Freak Date of ban: 12/28/98 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned due as a result of my poor rp and combat logging What reason was given for your ban? standard of role play and combat logging Why should you be unbanned? I made a poor decision and decided not to talk to cops when they tried to arrest me. this in hind sight was a bit stupid and i would like a chance to come back to the server as this is the first time ive had such poor roleplay and I will ensure that I don't make this mistake in the future. the combat log was due to a scheduled restart on my computer, hence why I came back to the situation immediately and continued with the roleplay. in the future I will make sure that I don't set a scheduled restart on my pc and if such a case happens where something does crop up ill make sure to make the people in game now and resolve it in some other way. I was told that I was disrespectful in support the 1 comment I made I shouldn't have made and I will make sure I either mute up or don't say anything to prevent anybody's feeling being hurt. ive also been accused of being unwilling to resolve the case, in my defence after we had discussed what had happened in support and each argued our points scarso immediately chose to go to a player report and when this report came up there was some confusion and it was locked so I could not defend myself and perhaps persuade the admin otherwise. all in all I feel I have learnt from my mistakes and therefore would appreciate the chance to return to the server. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/22040-player-report-tom-slice-sausage-013019-altis-life/
  9. MeatSlice


    bye crraaaaazzzed
  10. MeatSlice

    Cya Kids

    cya buddy was fun
  11. MeatSlice

    PhoenixRP - January 2019 Newsletter

    I must say im honoured to have made it on the first newsletter of the year. but can't believe you've done me like that!!!!! we all make mistakes...……… hope to learn from em…..
  12. MeatSlice

    Something needs to change

    this is coming from an admin that GB'd me cuz I didnt talk to cops +that was the first instance ive ever been accused of poor rp. in my opinion that's ban hungry
  13. MeatSlice

    Something needs to change

    admins need to be less ban hungry. people are getting banned all the time for stupid and unnecessary reasons but get permed cuz the admins feel like it.
  14. MeatSlice

    Ban Appeal - Sausage - 01/31/19 - Altis Life

    'just to make this clear ive been banned because I didn't talk to cops in game and the fact that I apparently combat logged intentionally yet I came back straight away and made it very clear that it was unintentional and explained clearly why it happened in the support case...…………….