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  1. +1 peoples default now is "go on exile for combat". quit yapping reasons people play altis life has been explained frequently in multiple threads. + if you want implement lots of rules for rp need a substantial player base which this server has lost.
  2. think you should be able to eject out of pilots seat of helicopters. at the very least a hummingbird
  3. that's every server that's successful. they all have plenty of combat and the people that play them all have plenty of money and as a result the servers max out. you have to look at whats working for other servers not just what you think would work as its tried and failed and phoenix is hitting stupidly low numbers compared to what It could be. this is a very very narrow view. most people I know get a satisfying feeling for killing large numbers or good players not killing people just so they lose their gear people that do that are known as something else. not only that but a lot of people also let people get revived so they can get another fight as this server doesn't allow people back in redzones due to nlr. which also means that the people that want combat tend to disturb those that don't want combat in order to get a fight. to say this is just stupid. a large portion of people who still play altis life enjoy the style of combat that each server offers which always tends to be unique due to the way servers set up their cartels and their placements of banks apd's and so on. to say cheaper loadouts and easier runs turns it into a wasteland server is absurd and again very narrow minded. like most successful rp servers atm, the combat is more or less kept at cartels, banks and so on allowing those that want to rp to rp. and having these attributes on a server means that far more people are likely to play as it makes it far easier for new players to close the gap to players that have been playing the server for far longer.
  4. the problem with a lot of this is that as pointed out frequently slowly but surely less people are playing arma. a lot of the people playing arma have been playing it for a very long time. this means that the vast majority of them are fed up with runs and cant be bothered to grind them out for loadouts and therefore join factions and don't play rebel unless they have plenty of money already. a big problem of saying it SHOULD be grindy is that few people want it that way as a rebel. why grind out on this server when there are plenty of other servers with easy rebel life which are also full every evening? I know a few people who sit in a faction on this server and play rebel on another. that should never happen.
  5. It was borderline initiation, didn’t think it was valid. Unfortunately I have no evidence to Prove otherwise as didn’t expect it to come to a report.
  6. I’m certain it was a new sit it as it had been well over 3 minutes before we took shots by cp after we where revived. so I can definitely confirm they weren’t breaking nlr.
  7. Guess your taking a break from phoenix now. have a safe one o7

  8. what I meant by that was more of just accepting them if there is a clear rule break fair enough some people still need that pointing out though by staff. the biggest issue is the fact that any new frag tage seems to get left for an obscene amount of time. you see nothings wrong with it accept it don't leave it so long. perhaps they aren't seeing it I somehow doubt this but that could be a reason to let staff accept them aswell.
  9. I agree to this suggestion tends to take on average a month for someone to accept frag tages and that's if they were to be accepted a lot are denied. let staff accept them and be slightly more lenient and if they are denied or removed tell them why.
  10. MeatSlice

    Im ganna go

    have a good one
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