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  1. Aleksej

    M320 LRR For Sale

    No mags
  2. Aleksej

    M320 LRR For Sale

    Price: 3,000,000 It doesn't have any mags, just the gun on its own.
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    Selling my money heli

    6 mil
  4. Time Submitted: 12:40:14 PM | 10/18/18 Submitted By: Aleksej (4539) Your In-Game Name: Aleksej Who are you reporting?: Feyzii Time/Date of event: 1:08 PM Rule's Broken: 1.4 Explain what happened: He was reporting us for breaking rules, which we didn't. Whilst in support, as we were proving him wrong, he started to get agitated and insulting me and my friend Catnip. The screenshot below shows what he typed. I unfortunately dont have a recording of when he said "Suck my dick" in teamspeak as well, and I know my word for it isn't enough, but I just want to mention it. Also the fact he said "Your moms a dickhead" and he was mocking Asgard's voice while Asgard was acting as a neutral party to help us solve the situation as no support members were online. He called us idiots over and over again. Apologies for the lack of evidence. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/68efc5fd26209525f7d9859f4f51c0b6 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?:
  5. Aleksej

    In a bit

    ❤️ many love much heart free dominos pls ❤️
  6. Time Submitted: 10:24:58 PM | 10/14/18 Submitted By: Aleksej (4539) In-Game Name: * Calippo Steam / Player ID: 76561198077948227 Administrator who issued ban: alexander Date of ban: 10/14/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was exploiting money using the meth exploit at drug dealer. What reason was given for your ban? Exploiting money Why should you be unbanned? I came into Teamspeak less than 24 hours after I exploited and admitted to alexander and FoxHound that I had broken a rule. I came clean immediately and apologised for my mistake. I also suggested to my friend Simmo who also exploited that he should come to Teamspeak as well to admit what we had done. If you would rather speak to me in teamspeak so I can justify it rather than read all of this text below, let me know and I'll come on. Furthermore, and I do not wish to appear hostile when I say this, but I think that if this "exploit" is looked at in technical terms, it may be seen as simply a feature and not an exploit. An exploit is often referred to as something that shouldn't be in the game (a bug or game feature malfunction) e.g. sticking your gun through the floor of an impenetrable surface to shoot the person below you. This is definitely an exploit as a gun obviously cannot go through a surface and therefore is classed as a bug or simply something that needs to be fixed. Onto the meth "exploit", I believe that it is very far from a bug or game feature malfunction and I'll explain why. The drug cartels are a feature on this server and not ArmA 3 as a whole; meaning they were implemented to the Altis Life game mode with one sole purpose: to allow players to sell drugs at a higher price. They do not raise the price of drugs on both sides of the equation, they simply allow us to sell them for more. In the process of buying meth low and selling it high, we are not duping, spawning items, or breaking any other kind of rule. We are just buying the meth at the price it is listed in the store, and selling it for a higher price as a reward for fighting for and capturing all three drug cartels. As this is an RP server, I will explain how this may also be realistic. Drug cartel owners in real life obviously set their own prices for drugs as they practically own a monopoly. They may buy them for less and sell them for more. This is how it works in real life and as this is an RP server, why should it work any differently? Also, people may say that an exploit is abusing a game mechanic to your own advantage. Well if that's the case, then if I engage an enemy at long range with a lynx, while that enemy only has a rook, is that considered an exploit as guns are merely game mechanics? If that's not an exploit, then where do we draw the line of what is and isn't an exploit? I think that is what confused most players, myself included. Alongside the fact that a well respected admin, Teddy, also used this method to make alot of money, and when people asked him about it they were told a shortened version of what I've just written, explaining that it technically isn't an exploit. Thank you. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  7. Aleksej

    Gang Base - Auction (October)

    is onle geme
  8. Aleksej

    BIA | Recruiting [Disbanded]

    Age ? - 17 Hours on Arma 3 (350+) (ScreenShot) - 2500+ https://gyazo.com/43ba12b304fcfa7a5ad8b2e7bf89c82c Hours on PhoenixRP (Stats Link) - 21Hours https://gyazo.com/cb1165f7733f6f9e97a9d360b3f730ad Previous Gangs - Liberation Militia (A gang I formed) Why do you want to join BIA ? I've heard some good things about you guys from a friend of mine in the gang(RaT). I'm looking for a gang because I get bored playing alone and I think after playing with BIA for a few hours you guys are real chill but you get stuff done as well. I've made more progress today in 2 hours with BIA than any other day on this server. You're good in combat, great with money making, and overall a pretty cool group. What country are you from? Ireland and Ukraine