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  1. Crazed1

    Server issues..

    imagine topping out at 30 players a day and still getting desync and server lag.
  2. Crazed1

    SCO-19 VS HSOS

    yeh just msg on ts to set up
  3. Crazed1

    SCO-19 VS HSOS

    ik but y not
  4. Crazed1

    SCO-19 VS HSOS

    can we do one. current hsos + me vs sco19
  5. Crazed1

    * Star - Open

    oi go to school u fathead lol x
  6. Crazed1

    ^ ASSENT - Applications Open

  7. im just getting a new one rn 1 sec
  8. Time Submitted: 10:25:53 AM | 11/10/18 Submitted By: Crazed1 (4538) Your In-Game Name: Crazed Who are you reporting?: SandMannen Time/Date of event: 10/11/2018 10 am Rule's Broken: Racism Explain what happened: I was joining the APPA channels because i wanted to speak to them since it was an open channel and they all leave. They come back while i change my name since me and some other mates were having a laugh with name changes and he comes in the channel and calls us "Some little tag abusing monkey" which i am offended by. Also when we joined for support he tried to blackmail me by saying if i report him hes gonna report me for saying the n word which i do not recall but sadly i dont think i have evidence of that. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Roy Lester
  9. Crazed1

    * Star - Open

    too bad your denied tho
  10. Crazed1

    * Star - Open

  11. Crazed1

    Crazed phx 8

    all rule breaks in here were resolved in support
  12. Crazed1

    M320 LRR For Sale

    ill a bid an lrr
  13. Crazed1

    Cobra The OG - Montage

  14. Crazed1

    SCO19 meme

  15. Crazed1

    * Star - Open

    What he ment was denied Your not getting in after you disrespect us straight up on our gang montage https://gyazo.com/757d9c25b307cdf09512a7809beca8f0 Denied