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  1. Crazed1

    Catnip #1

    very nike klip men. it is veri good and i like very much so i give plas one
  2. Crazed1

    DGN | Dudes Get Nudes

    Whats your in-game name? Crazed How old are you? 16 Previous RP experiences? Police, Havoc and adapt Strengths and weaknesses? Strengths- Close- Mid range combat -weaknesses- Short temper but improving Timezone? BST How many Arma hours do you have? (At least 1000 hours) 2778 Why do you want to join DGN? (At least 100 words) I would like to join DGN because i like the members and the roleplay and combat and communications you guys produce and I did not have a chance to apply for dgn before because when i joined phoenix they disbanded after like a day and i would like to see how fun and enjoyable dgn is. Also the situations you guys get it in are complicated and i feel like i will be able to handle it and the amount of banks you did before and i think you will do now is good to me and i would like to join in on the fun and enjoyment Any previous gangs? Venom, Adapt, Falcon, skeng, Who can vouch for you? cobra and no
  3. Crazed1

    PhoenixRP Frags 2 | Jackk

    +1 but sorry i copyright you for the song dood i want 3000000000000000 mil comp plz if no i giv u ban
  4. You did not try to resolve it at all and i have a video of me initating so next time im on the ts msg me and we can resolve it
  5. You did not try to resolve this with me. You disputed me once and i went to support and sat in it for 5 minutes and you were not there then you left and i was not disputed later on. You did not try to resolve it so do not take it to a full report.
  6. Crazed1


  7. Time Submitted: 02:55:15 PM | 08/31/18 Submitted By: Crazed1 (4538) Your In-Game Name: Crazed Who are you reporting?: Cake Time/Date of event: 30/08/2018 18:00 Rule's Broken: RDM Explain what happened: I was initiated on by Cake and i Complied and he carried on to shoot me anway. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgZ7maj6Eyk&feature=youtu.be. I could not resolve it because i was banned on ts Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?:
  8. Crazed1

    Ban Appeal - Crazed - 08/30/18 - TeamSpeak

    There was a hacker on the server and i was asking for a car because i was stranded in the middle of nowhere with no car
  9. Crazed1

    Ban Appeal - Crazed - 08/30/18 - TeamSpeak

    Me and 3 of my friends were having fun and they changed their names to my name but because my name on ts is Crazed/Sad sparrow they did crazed/bad sparrow and stuff and then i joined a waiting for interview room for medics and i was told to leave by jack black so i left and after i left one of my friends joined it and left and another joined but they did not know they shouldnt be in their and they didnt know i was told to leave and when i joined back to the waiting for interview room channel because i was going to tell them to move to our gang channels because they are not allowed to be in there one of my friends got banned then i did and then after me my other friend did too. With no warning what so ever. If they were warned they would not be in that channel. Jord didnt warn them and when i joined back to speak to them he banned me too for some reason.
  10. Crazed1

    Ban Appeal - Crazed - 08/30/18 - TeamSpeak

    Also it was not an administrator who banned me it was a support member and there was no admin in the channel at the time with no warning at all
  11. Crazed1

    Ban Appeal - Crazed - 08/30/18 - TeamSpeak

    there were 3 crazed's because me and my friends were having a laugh i joined once and was told to get out so i did and i joined back once after that and as soon as i joined back i got banned without warning and your not a support member so dont post on my ban appeals.
  12. Time Submitted: 02:08:54 PM | 08/30/18 Submitted By: Crazed1 (4538) In-Game Name: Crazed Steam / Player ID: 76561198159764963 Administrator who issued ban: Jord Date of ban: 09/23/01 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Im literally not sure i just joined a channel and i got banned What reason was given for your ban? Trolling Why should you be unbanned? Because It wasnt my fault i literally just joined a channel and got banned instantly. He may of banned the wrong Crazed since there were 3 of us and i got banned instantly What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable): There is none
  13. Crazed1

    Chat Shit ABout Andyys Post

    he gave it back
  14. Crazed1

    Chat Shit ABout Andyys Post

    "times must be tough" indicating his financial situation which could offend him but sure
  15. Crazed1

    Chat Shit ABout Andyys Post

    doesnt give you the reason to call him poor it could of offended him and thats a scummy move too